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Lan Bao
« on: September 13, 2012, 11:17:33 PM »

Name: Lan Bao

Age [appearance]: Mid to Late 20s
Age [actual]: 316
Gender: Female
Species: Kuei-Jin
Hair: Long and glossy black, falls to her waist when loose.  Often it is done up in a fancy and time-consuming traditional hairstyle, complete with traditional Chinese hair jewellery.
Eyes: Almond shaped and brown in colour.  Her eyes are the picture of serenity.
Frame: 5'5" and slender in figure.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: She has a tattoo of a yellow feathered crane (link) that fills the right side of her torso.
Personality: Regal and just, she is a very spiritually minded woman.  She's quite cool and collected, but is also elitist and imperious.  She tries hard to remain neutral, but her manipulative nature often gets in the way.  She is intolerant of rebellion and however she interprets the rules is the correct way.  Her way is always the correct way.  She's tenacious when wronged, and revenge is always sweet.  She calls it 'facing the consequences'.
History: She has lived in this city for many years, making a name for herself in Chinatown.  Now that the Oligarchy has fallen, she has decided to make her title more official, and declared herself Leader of Chinatown.  None would dare oppose her, as her people are everywhere, and she seems to know everyone's secrets.  A shroud of mystery envelops her.  Nothing is known about her existence before she came to the city some twenty years ago, and she wishes to share none of it with anyone.
Awareness of Supernaturals: She has knowledge of many supernaturals.  Only the very rare escape her vast knowledge.
Occupation/Job: Leader of the Kuei-Jin
Domicile: To come.
Interesting Facts / Quirks: She follows the Way of the Resplendent Crane.  She often wears traditional Chinese dress, either red, yellow or blue.  She adores fountains, and any water-based artwork - either paintings or sculptures.  She believes her lucky number is one, and that she will always succeed in the north.  She meditates frequently.
Digital: Of this chalice, I do drink
Lan Bao: Of this harvest, I do reap
Cain: Of this instrument, I do strum
Graille Min Sayer: Something wicked, this way comes
Ash: Watch for lightning, watch for rain
Isaac: Watch for a conscience full of pain