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Temple of Shang-Ti
« on: September 14, 2012, 10:32:41 PM »
Temple of Shang-Ti

The Outer Wall

A ten foot high wall of plastered brick and painted cherry red separates the temple and its gardens from the rest of Ching Plaza.

The temple sits at the corner of the North-South, East-West plaza crossroads. Thick black painted posts section the wall every three metres, breaking up the red. There is no graffiti on this wall and it is well maintained. The large wooden doors that gate the wall are always open. Nobody can recall them ever being shut, even the older inhabitants of Chinatown declare it has been that way for decades, and perhaps centuries.

The Temple Gardens
Moving through the gated open double doors, a visitor has immediate access to the gardens. There are multiple paths to choose from.

One crooked walkway takes a visitor over water (a man-made lake filled with varied species of koi) where they have to cross with stepping stones and then a small, arched bridge. It ends at the Temple of Shang-Ti, A large gazebo-like structure with double-angled roofs and with cushions for kneeling on.

Another walkway leads through the centre of the gardens, past magnificent blooming flowers, to the teahouses. There are three in a row and available to rent for small functions. The price might seem steep but it comes with two tea-servers who can prepare and pour traditionally.

A different path circles back to itself after taking the visitor on a stroll around many different, beautiful areas.

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