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Jenella Vadim
« on: December 31, 2012, 10:30:27 AM »
Jenella Liliya Vadim

Res severa est verum gaudium
True joy is a serious thing

Written Name: Жанелла Лилия Вадим
Pronunciation of Name: Zha-NELL-Ah  LEE-lee-ah  Vuh-DEEM
Alias: None
Age [appearance]: mid 20s (She was 23 when claimed)
Age [actual]: 229
Birthday: 31st December, 1783
Birthplace: Saransk, Russia
Siring: 18th May, 1806
Place of Siring: London, England
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Ambiguous
Species: Vampire
Sire: Pierre Jean-Luc DuSang
Siblings: Phineas Kavanagh, Monique Sisika, others

Hair: Her hair is a natural reddish brown color which tends to attract a lot of attention. It has a couple of very subtle waves in it but is otherwise flat, reaching to about the middle of her back.  She sometimes uses a hair-straightener on it. Her fringe is long and has been cut to her eyes.  She usually brushes it to the side, but can wear it straight also. Her voluminous hair is soft and glossy. More often than not, she wears it down, parted in the center. When she does wear her hair up, it is usually in a clip or elastic which is usually weighed down by the weight of her hair.

Eyes:  Light grey, almost silver. The top lid is usually lined with a thick line of makeup under a sculpted brow. Her eyes are narrow and mischievous, hinting at the woman’s true nature behind.

Frame: Her figure tends to be a bit smaller for a woman of her height – 5’6”. Her breasts are on the small side (B cup) and her hips are quite petite, but it fits her well. She believes that he arms are too long and thin for her body, but no one has said anything about it, so it tends not to be noticeable until Jenella herself points it out.

Clothing: Her usual style of dress is a bit edgy and daring, though never shocking. Preferring to be comfortable rather than flashy, she tends to stick to slacks or jeans and a fun blouse when she isn’t working or doing anything particularly important. She is not afraid to break some conventions of fashion though her outfits are always tasteful. While her appearance can come off a bit rock-and-roll, it never seems to be too much or too in-your-face, even for the most conservative of tastes. She doesn’t fear a leather jacket every now and then, but she doesn’t spurn dresses either. Jenella has the habit of looking amazing in almost everything she buys.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Jenella often indulges in Henna tattoos upon her hands and sometimes up her arms to her elbows.  Because of her vampiric nature, her body purges the dye after a few days.

Fiery - She doesn't shy from confrontation, especially if it's over something she's passionate about (like Pierre, fashion, responsibility)
Loyal - As soon as someone is welcomed into her heart as a friend, it doesn't matter if they do the wrong thing to others, she will support them no matter what.  They would have to be extreme before her loyalty will drop.
Reserved - She prefers to observe before speaking or taking action. (She is currently battling this part of her)
Professional - She believes everyone should be able to set aside their emotions in specific environments, and not take things personally.
Spunky - She's not afraid to speak her mind or act when the situation warrants it.  She can be bold and blunt.
Spicy - She doesn't shy from her wicked side, because its the risk-taking part of her and provides her with much-needed balance.  If she wasn't sometimes flirting with danger, she wouldn't be with Pierre and in the position she is now (which she likes very much).

History: An only child born to Russian parents - a scientist and a florist - she inherited her logical nature from her father and her creative flair from her mother, balancing her out between the two spheres.   She was thirteen when they left their home city and travelled to London, because her father had been offered a better job.  They were living well enough but England gave Jenella luxuries she wasn't used to like a big house, a couple of servants, and conveniences that she simply hadn't had in Russia.  They were housed in a neighbourhood of light aristocracy - those who held minor titles and spending money.

Jenella wasn't terribly interested in the political goings on between England and France while she was in her teens, but her parents made sure she was at least educated in current world events so that she was capable of holding a conversation during the social parties that her neighbourhood constantly enjoyed.  It was during these parties that she began paying attention to the fact that a daring and new fashion would often create attention and be memorable for much longer than a witty quip.  It became an outlet for the socially reserved young woman, and she found she didn't have to approach others with conversation if she wore something that made them flock to her.  She has always had a soft spot for avant garde fashion as a result, due to the confidence it gave her in her formative years.

When she was eighteen she travelled to London for study in fashion and met Pierre in London late in 1801.  They had a very passionate and scandalous (unmarried) relationship before he claimed her in 1806.

Awareness of Supernaturals: Vampires, most demons, fae, werewolves. Knows a lot of general info about them but doesn’t have many specifics.  For example, she knows there are elemental demons (water, fire, air, earth) and that they can manipulate their element but not the extent of their powers, nor what their weaknesses are.  She doesn't know all demons have a human disguise form.  She has started being able to discern types of species by their smell (werewolves and fae smell distinct, but demons throw her).

Occupation/Job: Owner of a boutique store called #Lily - the cheapest thing they sell is a $900 blouse.  She's also considering investing in an interior decorators business.
Interesting Facts: She has quite the aesthetic eye.  Interested in haute couture. Speaks perfect Russian.  Fluent but mildly accented in English, French, Italian.
Hobbies: Rearranging furniture, looking through Home Goods and High Fashion Magazines, learning to play the mandolin.

Likes: Well organised spaces, dancing, order
Dislikes: Chaos, loud noises, arguing, fence-sitters

Strength: She is able to rise above the rabble, she considers things at length before deciding,
Weakness/Flaw: She tends not to choose impartiality and is compelled to take sides,
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