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Bianca Triboletti
« on: January 10, 2013, 09:50:45 PM »
Notation: This is an Admin created character.  This character is immediately approved for RP.

Bianca Triboletti

Age [appearance]: Mid 20s
Age [actual]: 30
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Hair: Naturally a light brown, she usually dyes it blonde, never keeping one favourite shade.  She's dyed her hair all manner of colours, though keeps it to the more natural spectrum - she'd not dye her hair pink or blue, for instance.
Eyes: Heavy lidded, large and wide-set, her blue eyes are well framed by long lashes, and lend towards her youthful look.
Face: An impish and narrow face, with a pointy chin, she has a doll-like appearance, especially when combined with heavy makeup.  Her nose is small and well-defined, her lips shapely but unremarkeable until she draws attention to them with bright colour.  Her eyes are her most prominent and notable feature.
Frame: Tall and slender, she moves between 'slim' and 'skinny' often, depending on the look she has chosen for herself, and the difference is usually 5 to 10kgs.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: She has a beauty mark on her right cheek that she normally chooses to cover up with makeup.

Personality: She has an escapist attitude, and hides her true feelings behind multiple facades.  She considers her different looks (makeup, clothes) to be an extension of her personality, but in truth she uses them like colourful and elaborate masks.  She is quite detached, and isolates her emotions so that she can't be hurt.  She shields away her heart, and has a great fear of abandonment.  She will tend to leave people in her life before they can leave her.  She lives in the moment, and enjoys being spontaneous and living dangerously.  She will put her life in peril for a cheap thrill, because she's not really happy with who she is; she struggles to identify herself because the masks she wears are starting to be all that she has.
History: Born the fourth and last child into a well-established crime family, drug money has kept Bianca well.  She's grown up taking material possessions for granted, but never people, because of the violent ways she's lost her oldest brother, her favourite uncle and some of her cousins.  She was the baby of the family by a great deal, with a ten year gap between the youngest boy and herself.  She was raised by nannies but does have some good memories of her parents - mostly on holidays around the world.  She has never held down a job nor managed to stay in a school without being expelled.  She has a high school diploma only because of her father's money, buying her out of trouble as usual.  She never bothered with university, but has pursued studies/lessons in things that she finds interesting, like rock climbing, photography, hang-gliding, motorcycling, snowboarding, etc
Awareness of Supernaturals: Vampires, Spirits (ghosts), Ash Wraiths, Demons (Air, Fire, Mimic, Winged)
Occupation/Job: Socialite and risk-taker
Interesting Facts / Quirks: She hates looking at photos of herself, she is a human chameleon, she always has a man in her life but rarely do they last more than a few months at a time because she always leaves them for the next one.  She can ride horses and motorbikes, she can shoot handguns, rifles and shotguns, she is quite fit and athletic.  She eats more than people expect, because she exerts a great deal of energy.
Hobby/Hobbies: Fashion, photography, partying, casual drug taker.

Something to note when playing Bianca: She is intent on joining the ranks of vampires.  She is a young looking 30, but knows her looks will fade.  She doesn't care who sires her, as long as someone does.  This is her single goal and she will pursue it until she is either sired or dead.

Likes: Art, parties, clothes, fashion magazines, flattery, thoughtful gifts (or expensive ones), vampire culture
Dislikes: Being ignored or overlooked, being underestimated, wearing the same thing as someone else while at the same party.

Strength: Challenging and physically brave
Weakness/Flaw: Easily bored and an emotional coward

Other looks for Bianca: