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The Museum
« on: January 20, 2013, 04:50:50 PM »
The Museum

It is an impossible for one to see and properly take in all exhibits in a single day. Seven stories of magnificence, directly opposite the Municipal Library.

The first floor has dinosaur models and history, with skeletal remains put together in a manner to awe, inspire and even frighten those that enter.

The second and third floors are where the annals of mankind can be discovered.  From humble beginnings of neanderthal man, plunging into the dark ages and emerging to the golden ages, as well as touching on medieval, renaissance and industrial eras.

The fourth floor holds the natural resource exhibitions, such as geological history, minerals, precious stones and even a meteorite section.  There is also a wing of the museum on this floor dedicated to temporary exhibitions - such as the internationally recognised Egyptian Culture, Peruvian Gold and Glory of Space exhibitions.

The fifth and sixth floors are where the items of natural history are kept - mostly species of plants, animals and insects from the local region.  There are also rooms for travelling exhibitions here too, though the rooms are smaller and usually free to the public.  They tend to swap more often also, but can be a delight to those with specific interests.

The seventh floor shows the history of music and art.