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Shae NicFahgean
« on: April 12, 2013, 01:14:56 PM »

Name: Shae NicFahgean
Age [appearance]: 23
Age [actual]: 423
Gender: Female
Species: Sidhe - Shifter (Raven)

Hair: Long black glossy  wavy hair
Eyes: Dark brown, almost black
Frame: Medium/small height, seductively petite
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: A tattoo on her tailbone of two ravens about to take flight in opposite directions, with a dark blood red rose in the middle of them.

Personality: Loyal, intelligent, sneaky, mischievous, sensual, independent and strong willed

History: Born to extremely wealthy Raven shifters, Shae was orphaned at age 23 when her parents were murdered by a sorcerer who captured them in the hope of obtaining their shape shifting abilities. This left Shae with an obscene fortune and a craving for vengeance which she used to track down the sorcerer and kill him. She then sold his soul to a necromancer for immortality and magical abilities, namely telekinesis, telepathy and the ability to summon wind, mist, and fog.Afterwards she took her family seat as the head of her clan. Shae met and befriended Saraekiel before his current transformation and has been with him ever since.

Interesting Facts / Quirks: Is obscenely wealthy and is obsessed with anything shiny especially jewellery. Is highly allergic to silver and depending on the amount it has the ability to weaken and or block her magical ability’s, which includes shape shifting. (If captured while in raven form and placed in a silver cage or leashed with a silver collar she would be stuck in that form with no magical ability's to help her. If chained with cuffs and collar in human form the same would apply). Shae was also born with the innate ability to sense other peoples strengths and weaknesses both in character and ability.

Supernatural  Awareness: Has a strong sense of whether someone is human or not but can only identify supernaturals she is associated with. (So far Shifters, Vampires, Fae and Angels)

Supernatural Abilities: Shift into raven form, can tell if someone is strong or weak (Character and abilities) but cannot identify individual talents. Telepathy, Telekinesis and can summon and control wind, mist and fog.Shae also dabbles in Voodoo and spell-casting.

As a Morrigu shifter, when transformed into her animal for her psychic, mental and physical energy reads as just an ordinary animal, her true self in undetectable unless she wills it otherwise. She like a select few of her clan was born with the gift of being immune to mental and psychic manipulation and controll. This was a gift granted to her clan by the Morrigan and those born with this gift were often her chosen ravens. This gift is what has made the Morrigu clan members able to offer their services as very exclusive, loyal and very expensive spies. It is also what has kept them safe, hidden and protected.

Hobby/Hobbies: Collecting antique’s, mystical items, books, jewellery and shoes.

Likes: Strong men; good and bad, expensive clothing and excitement/danger
Dislikes: Goody two shoes, hypocrites and needy clingy people.

Strength: Her self-confidence, Her curiosity and open-mindedness and her conviction, will stand up and fight for what she wants and believes in .
Weakness/Flaw:  Materialistic and slightly vain; if it looks good she has to have it, doesn’t care how she gets it as long as she gets it. Indifferent to a point; she’s not overly concerned for the feelings and suffering of other but isn’t completely heartless. Also tends to be willful and defiant, works with others if it suits her is also an adrenaline junky; does things for the rush which tends to make her impetuous.


A Moonlit Stroll Shae accompanies Saraekiel and meets Sam
A visitor come a calling Shae invites Sam to her house. (Current)