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Andrayah Alissa Valerian
« on: April 12, 2013, 09:34:53 PM »
Name:  Andrayah Alissa Valerian
Age [appearance]: 19
Age [actual]:  27       
Gender: Female    
Species: Half Human / unknown
Place of Birth: Somewhere in the Forests of Woaving
House:  Veneficus 
Title:  Student
Level:  Level 2
Occupation/Profession:  Trainee

Hair: Light brownish blonde hair, short and spiky, with longer unruly bangs framing her face, giving her a deceptive look of innocence. 
Eyes:  mesmerizing sea foam green that oftentimes will draw a stranger’s attention, but when upset or angry, they fade to an almost colorless iridescence   
Frame:  Standing only 4’9, she is not only slight in height, but in build as well.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks:  A mark or tattoo, hidden by her hair, oftentimes given to children that are pledged to the Academy   

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral 

Personality: mischievous – stubborn – outspoken - quiet when need be - strange quirks of humor and playfulness

History:  Dray’s father being a Master Assassin, pledged Dray to the academy at birth, but at his unforeseen death Dray’s mother grew fearful and ran off with her. She was on the run for a few months and as she was passing along the edge of the forest was surprised by bandits. Fearing for her daughter’s life she hides Dray in the woods and leads the bandits away to her own demise, leaving Dray abandoned but alive. Dray was found near death by a clan of druidic elves who adopted and raised her, consequently she grew up unknowing about her birth families history or identity. Due to her unusual eyes, her slow growth and ageing rate the druids concluded that at least half her bloodline was not human.   

Andrayah grew up within the tranquil druidic lifestyle and adapted well to their life but as she grew older she become disquiet and found the lifestyle dissatisfying. Due to her disquiet and chaotic nature within the community, Dray was called before the village Elder. Suspecting the mark on Dray’s neck to be tied to the Academy in someway, the Elder felt it was time he sent her to an associate of his who was rumored to have dealings with the Academy.   The Academy spy recognizing the mark on Drays neck for what it was, then sent her to the academy to become the student she was meant to be from birth.   

After arriving at the Academy Andrayah had the mark explained to her, but being used to a life of wilderness and freedom she is finding the disciplined lifestyle of the Academy hard to get used to and finds herself rebellious.

Family:  Ancestry Unknown, taken in and later adopted by Druidic Elves 

Likes:  The outdoors – good food – target shooting – the big cats of the woods, which she considers her 'kitties'
Dislikes:  Being dominated – liars – rules – having to stay inside for long periods – deep water [unable to swim]
Character Strength:  curious - appreciative of her surroundings - ingenuity – speaks her mind – independent – marches to the beat of her own drum 
Character Weakness/Flaw:  defiant – impatient – an aversion to authority and rules – ingrained lack of trust due to being abandoned as a baby – penchant for trouble – dishonest when it suits her
Interesting Facts / Quirks:  Tends to see and take shiny and valuable objects, as she feels she is entitled to them – depending on mood shifts, her eyes sometimes pale to a colorless iridescent  - she finds peace and acceptance in the wild, among the animals, as well as being around those that are able to shift their shape.

Hobby/Hobbies:  being in the woods – playing pranks – target practice with her crossbow

Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status:  Single
Current Financial Status:  a few gold and copper coins
Carried Weapons:  quarter staff gripped in her right hand - crossbow slung over her back - a quiver of arrows hung on her left shoulder – small dagger slid out of sight into her right boot

Known Magick:  Undiscovered ability for animalism; which allows her to summon, bond, and communicate with animals, this also will allow her to telepathically communicate and sense those that are shape shifters. She also has the untrained abilities of a seer, presently manifested as confusing nightmares.  With training, she would be able to predict events or dangers that would affect her or the Academy. 
Skills:  quick reflexes – agility – forestry stealth – natural experience with a crossbow – experienced with a quarter staff – needs improvement with handling a dagger – alert eye for her surroundings – a natural talent for taking small valuable objects around her

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