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Dios del Noche Woodlands
« on: April 26, 2013, 04:01:23 PM »
Recent History

Far northeast of the city, lingers a section of 800 acres of forest. This part of the forest remained undeveloped since the expansion of the city began. The industrial area has claimed all but 800 acres and has been privately bought and owned over the years. Many have been curious as to why nothing has been done, but there are many theories. The two most popular rumours are either the forest is haunted or is a protected historical ground. 

In a private and legitimate sale, the hands of possession had changed once again. The Dark Wolves Clan has claimed the area as the new owners; for it is here that Akasha has returned. Most of the public is currently unaware the change of ownership took place at all. Quiet and secluded, the cities inhabitants are far away from the forest and away from prying eyes, the Dark Wolves Clan are free to try and rebuild the dying clan.

In past times the obligation to destroy mostly Dark Angels, some Light and Fallen have perished under sire circumstances, this has been the clan’s priority. Now Keynigh has implemented strict rules on hunting any angel, the survival of the clan is now the main concern. Any angel that is reported in the forest must first go through Keynigh, for him to decide the appropriate action to be taken. Keynigh’s focus is now on recruiting clan mates, any angel, supernatural or mortal that is not a threat will be left alone, but carefully watched. Any angel or supernatural that is considered an immediate danger to the clan will be dealt with upon Keynigh’s judgment.

Dios del Noche Woodlands

The forest is largely overgrown due to the lack of maintenance of the forest over the years; select trails have remained in use by the wildlife. Other trails have been hidden from sight due to the overgrowth of the wooded area. These hidden trails are used by the Dark Wolves Clan, keeping the upper hand against all who trespass. Not all those that have the intention to trespass mean to cause harm; the Dark Wolves Clan goal is to rebuild the clan and stay secretive. You get an almost uncanny chill that you are being watched, this alone makes most people leave, on their own accord. Some braver souls venture forward, not all are met with the greatest of kindness if ill intentions are in mind.

In the daytime, you can see the different vegetation types that grow. Such as moss, trees, bushes and shrubs can found in different parts of the forest. Even the amount of sunlight changes throughout the woods, allowing different types of foliage to grow. Even grass, fallen logs, mushrooms, flowers and lichens can be found in some if one venture far enough into the woodlands. Even night-time has its own flora that has thrived and bloomed over the years, along with some peculiar animals. However, venturing too far into the private property is met with considerable risk.

Outer and Inner Skirts of the Woodlands

On the outskirts of the forest lays the entrance of the few select trails into the woodlands. Many types of thick bushes with berries thrive in this environment. Sweet-smelling flowers thrive along the trails as there is ample sunlight to grow. Bright green grass covers the ground floor and some smaller rodents and birds can be seen in this area. The outskirts of the woodlands seem like a nice place for an afternoon exploration.  It also made following the well-used trails easier in leading you further inward.

If you venture inward you will find that main trails start to branch off into less travelled trails. The amount of sunlight starts to change along with the types of plants that grow. The temperature seems to drop slightly and an eerie feeling suddenly falls over the person. Most people tend not to go further but those who choose to proceed should have a background in the track. As you leave the outskirts the trails are harder to follow, having a good chance of getting lost.

The inner skirts of the woodlands are much more crowded and the plant life has significantly changed. Old tall trees with large canopies have grown tall blocking out most of the sun; allowing mostly fungi to thrive in this part of the forest. The air seems almost stale and the trails are harder to find. Moss or fallen trees covers parts of the trails making it hard to see at some points. Mushrooms grow on the moist ground and lichens cover dead or fallen trees. Hardy bushes tangled together allowing animals or something else to hide at ease. If you enter the inner skirts of the woodlands, be aware that you might get lost and you will be watched. Most however people turn back once they have reached the inner skirts of the woodlands.

Heart of the Woodlands

The heart of the woodlands is the least crowded part of the woods; large patches of tall open grassland can be seen. Large bushes bearing berries are the home of many birds, and larger mammals seem to inhabit this certain area. The temperature seems to rise slightly and only a good strong wind can be felt through the trees. That is not the only source of cooling off the heart of the woodlands. Through the tall grass is what appears to be a watering hole. Eerily chilly and surrounded by trees and shrubs, most animals come here to cool off during the day. Not many are allowed to come this far into the forest most are scared away or return on their own.

This watering hole is considered holy among the Dark Wolves Clan, for it is the site where the clan members receive their gifts from Akasha. The clan spends most of their time in this area, whether it is relaxing, training or hunting. If you do manage to get this far you will not be met in kind. If you are not considered a threat you will be brutally chased and herded back towards the outskirts. If you are deemed a threat you will either be given a bloody warning or you will simply not be able to leave; depending on the severity of the threat. Unless you are looking to join the clan it is wise to stay clear of the watering hole and to turn back at the tall grass.