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The Dark Wolves Clan Q & A
« on: April 28, 2013, 06:58:13 PM »
Questions and Answers

Who are the Dark Wolves?

The Dark Wolves Clan (DWC) is a group of shape-shifters, once a large clan of many different shifters. At the moment only a few shifters remain; their goal to recruit loyal clan mates and allow different species to join. They have chosen to settle in the city. Keynigh has the gift of Air and he had a dream. The age of Êl síla Erin lû (Disappearance of Akasha) has waned in their favor. It was time to stop wandering and settle once again. Through disclosed means he obtained the land near the city, in hopes that the high population of supernaturals would produce obtain some results. It is not publicly known that ownership of land has changed once again.

The DWC past purpose was to destroy mostly Dark Angels. Some Light and Fallen Angels have died in the past under extreme circumstances. That was when the shifters were large in numbers, and before the ritual of becoming a Dark Angel became widely known. Now their leader Keynigh has put that purpose on hold for the survival of the DWC. He alone chooses the new clan mates with Akasha’s guidance.   

How do I join the DWC?

Before the era of Êl síla Erin lû shifters of all types where welcomed into the clan, the diversity made them stronger as a whole. Many leaders before Keynigh would only allow wolves, as their pride dictated they should kill the Angels alone. Keynigh knows they must go back to welcoming all shifters, and for the first time werewolves. Sexual orientation no longer mattered to Keynigh as it did to pervious leaders; he now greets all that are serious in joining.

Please note that the Shape-Shifter template must be used in creating a character for the DWC. The necessary changes that you must make concerning Akasha’s gift are listed below this Q&A sheet. Each clan mate also has a tattoo that has two crescent moons that face one another. With a symbol that has significant meaning to each clan mate between the two crescent moons. In shifter form the tattoo is normally white but can be different colors. There is also an example of an awareness of supernatural’s chart below that must be added to your character sheet. Once that's done you can message me (Idrial) for approval.

Who is the Akasha Spirit?

Akasha is an immortal spirit that reigns over life and death. Life and death are the domains of Akasha and the DWC serve the spirit without question. Many of the clan members have lived hundreds of years before Akasha decided it is time. The DWC is not immortal but they have much longer life spans than normal shifters. However not every clan mate gets to live hundreds of years, injury and sickness play a role in Akasha taking you over into the next life. But the DWC does not measure their life in years but purpose so the issue of living longer is of little concern.

Akasha is also the only one able to use and obtain all four blessings and give Akasha a wide range of abilities to use. To obtain your blessing once must mediate with Akasha, this might take days or weeks. In extraordinarily rare cases Akasha may bless you with two gifts, but you never obtain them at the same time. After a dream to the leader of the clan you then must go through a second ritual. But, this has not happened since the time before Êl síla Erin lû.

What are the blessings or gifts?

Akasha blesses you with a gift in the forms of earth, air, fire and water. Each blessing has its own unique attributes; giving the pack members a certain edge while hunting. However these gifts full power can only be used in shifter form. A lesser form can be used if they are human, but access to the full blessing is only in shifter form. Those born in the clan are trained and combed for this ritual at a young age. Those who were born outside of the clan are deemed ready by Akasha through the leader. Some are chosen soon than others for reasons unknown.

Please note this blessing once chosen cannot be changed, it remains with the person until their death. There is a list of the blessings and what they do below:


Those that have been blessed with Air are known as the communicators in the clan. Nothing gets past a wolf aligned with this element, they are in charge of relaying everything back to their clan mates. They ensure that the clan is two steps ahead of their enemies and that the clan is well informed. When they speak their mouths move but they never match the words they are speaking telepathically.

They also have extra senses that go beyond mental comprehension, they can sense things that others cannot like a disturbance in the forest. They can feel them at a distance and usually tell what is wrong by focusing their energy. Akasha also communicates in dreams of those with the blessing of air.


Those that have been blessed with Fire are the scouts of the clan. They patrol the woodlands with lightening speed, none can out run this wolf. In addition they are in charge of wearing down the angels, almost like playing with their food. These wolves also trap and set them up for the hunters of the pack.


Those that have been blessed with Earth are hunters of the clan. They have super human strength and are able to regenerate their wounds. However they can not regenerate lost limbs but they can still stop the flow of blood if a limb is torn off. These are the wolves that close in for the kill because of their strength, they can tip over an angel just by pulling on the tip of their wings. Then those teeth go for the throat for a quick kill or they will tear him apart in a slow and painful death.  


Those that have been blessed with Water are the healers of the pack. They rarely engage in fighting the angels rather they heal pack mates that get hurt. They also have a sixth sense on an emotional level, none can hide what they are truly feeling around these wolfs. They can sense emotions as well as what one is truly feeling in their heart.

They are also able to heal their pack mates using their empathy. This works on using their high level of sensitivity to emotions and converting it to energy to heal their pack mates. Although the more they do this the weaker they become and they can die if they use their healing too much.

The Awareness of Supernatural's Example List:

Awareness in Human form || Awareness in Wolf form

Superior: Can recognize on the spot exactly what it is.
High: High recognition, takes more time to figure out exactly.
Moderate: Feels as though there is "something different" about the particular being.
Low: Feels as though there is "something different" about the particular being, but can easily mistake it for something else.
None: No awareness whatsoever.

Akari/Zalmric- moderate || high
Angel- superior || superior
Cheshire Cat- moderate || high
Demon- high || high
Dör Unicorn- none || moderate
Faerie- none || low
Gorgon- low || moderate
Human Beings- high || superior
Imps- low || high
Incubus/Succubus- moderate || high
Nightmare- none || low
Pindae- none || low
Shape Shifters- high || superior
Sidhe- none || low
Skvaders- none || low
Spectre- none || superior
Vampire- low || moderate
Werewolf- high || superior
Wraiths- none || low

How does the ritual for a blessing/gift work?

Only the Dark Wolves Clan alpha male and female knows the intimate details of their special ritual and it is only revealed to those who come of age to be blessed with their element. No one outside of the DWC knows of this ritual and those that try to spy to gain knowledge about their secret ritual are killed. You will have to join the DWC to find out or if you are already a member please PM me (Idrial) for details.