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Past History of the Dark Wolves Clan
« on: April 28, 2013, 06:59:52 PM »
Past History

For generations the Angels and Shape shifters have tolerated each other’s existence for an exceptionally long time. The Angels tended to their flock of humans while the shifter’s paid no mind to human affairs at all. But these shifters were not like the others and like the Angels they had their own “God” to follow. Since the time of their creation “it’s” name has only been revealed to the shifters as the Akasha Spirit. This was long before the name of The Dark Wolves Clan came to existence and for generations it would remain uneventful. Until one day a special interest would take place ensuring that both worlds would cross paths.

Averllin was a rising star in the kingdom of heaven entrusted to now look after his own human flock. A calm man with a strong will to bring his comfort and wisdom to the human race. But while Averllin had happy beginnings it was not so for the shifters. The female Alpha of the shifters Lahlaia, had witnessed the Akasha Spirit call the other Alpha, Lahlaia’s husband to his passing. His dedication would not be forgotten and now she was faced with the difficult decision of finding another to wear the title of Alpha.

Now, most shifters stayed away from human habitats. Nonetheless, the luscious forest as her home brought her too many memories of the past. She needed time to herself and perhaps viewing the human’s inner workings would-be the change she needed. However, she would be noticed by Averllin as she wandered into the hamlet that he watched over for a few years now. He was curious as to why a shifter hidden in her human form would come to mingle with humans. As the weeks grew by with Lahlaia`s frequent visits Averllins curiosity grew to fascination.

Angels were at the time, forbidden to socialize with the humans they have charge over; but this shifter was no human. So each day after tending to his humans he would follow Lahlaia for a short while. She felt his presence, but Averllin caused her no harm. This went on until Lahlaia returned home, thus pulling Averllin into her homeland. His appeal not quite cured and his interest unquenched. As he explored the shifters homeland of mass green it was now Lahlaia's turn to watch this mysterious stranger.

The first meeting was a standoff as Lahlaia met Averllin in her shifter form; a large black wolf, grey eyes and a white tattoo. Not one spoke a word as the two studied each other; Lahlaia had taken the gift of Air to communicate with others. It would only be after several meetings that they would speak. Amazed Averllin became dedicated to learn more, however Lahlaia refused. Averllin had a natural persistence that secretly rubbed Lahlaia in a good way. In time, she proceeded to educate Averllin little by little. At least, what she could teach him without giving away the important secrets of the Akasha Spirit.

However the Arch-Angel grew disappointed in Averllin as his responsibilities to his humans was lacking miserably. Finally, after much warning he was banned from visiting the shifters or he would be thrown from heaven. Averllin for a time followed the Arch-Angel's orders and in time Lahlaia grew worried, but she had no way of finding him. After awhile Averllin would return. Lahlaia would see what he had sacrificed to learn about her heritage. Averllin’s white hair and golden wings had been replaced; dull grey hair and ashy wings replaced his form. On the other hand, he was still the same man she had unknowingly fallen in love with all along. Averllin was made an honorary clan member and was the first outside of a shifter to be given a gift from Akasha. He chose the element of Water for the gift of healing.

Fast forward a couple of decades, where happiness and wrath thrived in two different worlds. The two mates had one daughter named Averla who took the gift of Fire from Akasha. The pack had flourished and their daughter had taken interest in an Earth cougar shifter. Averllin and Lahlaia were even having private talks about trying again only this time, she wanted to have the children in her wolf form. Averla was born as in her mother’s human form, a request of her fathers. It was a joyful time for the pack but things were not same back in Averllin’s homeland.

The Arch-Angel had grown bitter and resentful about his star pupil making him look like a fool. As it was he who took notice and mentored the young Angel. Only for Averllin to abandon everything the Arch-Angel did for him. His resentment turned into wrath as he watched Averllin live a full life, without the constricting confines of an Angel. Being a Fallen Angel was not a good enough penalty for Averllin; why should he act so free? Why was he not miserable? The Arch-Angel would let his obsession consume him with an appalling wrath. So much that he would even read the forbidden rituals that release the dark side of an Angel.

Unaware of the situation the pack could not prepare for the eons of battles that were about to begin. The Arch-Angel did not want his title with heaven anymore and he found others wrathful of Averllin. In an obvious breach of trust the Arch-Angel shared the forbidden knowledge of the dark rituals. They each needed a sacrifice and with such dark thoughts the Arch-Angel and others approved to fall from heaven. They would lure weak humans that they once guided to their deaths; believed to give up their life for a greater purpose.

The other Arch-Angel’s did not want Averllin harmed for he had paid his dues. In kind the shifters were given a headed warning for them to leave. Averllin asked for more help but was denied, all he would get is a word of warning. Lahlaia would seek counsel with the Akasha Spirit and she found it too would be wise to disappear. This was not their fight. The shifters agreed to follow Akasha and relocate in an effort to survive. However, the Dark Angels would follow in time. The question would later arise later if the Angels of Light had done enough to curb this threat? Some shifters were seeded with the thoughts of mistrust towards the Angels, which would sadly be passed down through the generations.

Numerous bloody and brutal battles wiped out both Dark Angels and shifters on each side. Even important bloodlines tied to the pack started to dwindle among the shifters. Their efforts in finding a permanent home with Akasha grew slim and it was decided they would become wanderers. With no stable home they could not perform the rituals that gave them their gifts from Akasha; without those gifts their own sons and daughters could not defend themselves. In a small and brutal way the Dark Angels had the advantage for a long time, entering the age known as Êl síla Erin lû (Disappearance of Akasha).

Currently only two lines of ancestry could be found that can be traced back to the beginning; Dios del Noche and del Lobo Oscuro. Both lineages are also gradually in decline and after several eons its current Alpha has decided it was time for a change.