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Jason Kelly
« on: September 23, 2013, 08:59:28 AM »
Name: Jason Kelly
Age [appearance]: Early twenties
Age [actual]: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair: Jason has dark brown hair which he usually keeps fairly short so that it doesn't take much effort to keep it tidy. It generally sticks up a little but he rarely styles it that way - it's just how it dries after a shower.
Eyes: His eyes are a light brown colour with a darker rim around the iris. His eyelashes are dark but not very thick or long and his eyebrows are quite heavy. If he was vainer he might have considered shaping them a little more tidily.
Frame: Jason is a fairly average build, standing at about 5 foot 10. He keeps fit by going running most mornings (a hobby he has taken up quite recently) but other than that doesn't really work out and so he isn't noticeably muscular.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: On the inside of his right wrist Jason has a fresh black tattoo of a chess piece, the King.
Personality & History:

Jason was born and raised in this city, growing up mainly in a small apartment in the West of the city. His parents had both died in a car crash when Jason was only 18 months old - his paternal grandparents had been babysitting and they took him in permanently after that. As he'd never really got to know his parents Jason didn't especially miss them and his grandparents, Martin and Jennifer, brought him up as though he was their own. They were all he had memories of, although Jason was obviously aware that they were substitutes for his real parents. He tried not to linger on thoughts of his mum and dad though and kept only one photo of them. He never asked Martin or Jennifer anything about them and changed the subject when they brought them up. He was never getting them back so why linger on it? Jennifer passed away after suffering a heart attack when Jason was ten, leaving Martin to raise alone. Jason grieved, but his life carried on as normal, just with a few more ready meals for dinners instead of Jennifer's home cooking.

When Jason was younger he was always a popular kid in his class, the one every boy wanted to be like - well, apart from the fact that his parents weren't around, but most of his classmates didn't know that. He was funny and intelligent, the jock who got the girl, but he was proud to say he was never the bully. Jason could have got top grades if he tried a little harder, but instead he put in enough effort to get by with his school work and spent more time on making sure he was liked by everyone.

That all changed when Martin became ill. Jason lost interest in being the most popular kid in the class, stopped turning up to football practise, didn't show up to the parties his friends invited him to. Whilst his grandfather was well enough to insist he went to school Jason continued showing up to class, but participated only as much as he had to and the teachers often mentioned that it was obvious his mind was elsewhere.

Jason lost his urge to be sociable as he focused on caring for his grandfather. Everyone else in his life had gone, Jason didn't want to lose Martin as well. At first they could handle it, but the Alzheimer's became progressively worse and eventually, when he was 16, Jason stopped going to school because he didn't know if Martin would still be at home when he got back. The old man liked to wander down to the park to play chess - at least that's where he intended to go when he set out, but he would become lost and confused within a couple of streets. Although they hadn't been struggling to meet the bills before, there was no way they could afford a nurse to stay with Martin all the time and so Jason became his carer.

As he focused on his grandfather, Jason's old friends lost interest in trying to draw him out again and they lost contact, moving away to university, or simply forgetting about the kid who had been the star of the football team. He loved his grandfather completely and never complained about the struggles, difficult and exhausting as it was. He took great pains to care for Martin as well as he was able to, taking responsibility for his medication and all his other needs.

When Martin died Jason had just turned 22 and it felt like the boy he'd been six years previously had been part of a different life.

Jason moved into a small studio apartment and managed to find a job working as a cleaner at the hospital. Without any qualifications it was difficult enough to find even that. He has considered trying to make contact with his old friends, but with everything that had changed it seemed easier just to let them get on with their own lives than intrude after paying them no attention for years.

Although he doesn't know many people his own age any more, Jason goes to the park to play chess with a group of older men each lunchtime. Martin had taught him how to play and took him there many times when he was growing up so Jason feels comfortable there. He's not afraid of meeting new people or spending time with them, but with working long shifts to pay the rent and bills Jason finds it hard to find time to devote to it. It's only been two months since Martin died and Jason is trying to get back to some semblance of a normal life. After seeing some of the nurses at work he has considered training to become a nurse, or perhaps joining the ambulance service but he knows it would take years of hard work and more money than he has so for now Jason hasn't looked into it more than the vague idea.
Awareness of Supernaturals: None, anything suspicious he has seen he has brushed off as tiredness or weirdos.
Occupation/Job: Cleaner at the hospital
Domicile: A small studio apartment to the west of the city, not far from where he grew up.