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Re: The Solitary Hunter
« Reply #15 on: November 20, 2013, 06:27:27 AM »
Mitchelletto watched with pleasure as Jake pushed the blade slightly into his chest, a maniacal laughter escaped his lips. His laughter was short lived as an unfamiliar sensation became to fill his chest, this was unlike any poison he had encounter before. His arms started to go limp very slowly, he recognized the effects of someone being paralyzed but beyond that Mitchelletto had no clue what had been on the blade prior to it entering his chest.

The grip he had on Jake's neck had loosened and the rage within Mitchelletto consumed him, how could he lose? His knee's started to weaken as Jake kept hemorrhaging at his mind. Grinding his teeth he desperately tried to break free of Jake's mental hold on him but alas it was no use. Mitchelletto was at disadvantage at this point, he could not use his sorcery skills and soon he would have to succumb to Jake's mental advances and his unusual poison. As soon as Jake removed the sword from his chest Mitchelletto had no choice but to give in but he would not admit defeat even though it was clear he had been outsmarted by this boy. 

Mitchelletto had no choice but to give into Jake's Dominance and he could feel his world go dark, his body no longer nimble and light. His last thoughts were, he would escape like he had done so many times before when captured by the enemy, this time was no different and he did not worry. He had his coke stashed on several parts of his body for later and he was looking forward to meeting Jake's daughter, that is if he got the chance to find her as he still hadn't a clue what she looked like, yet.

An eerie silence filled the alley way and the battle was no more, his dead weight of a body hurdled towards the ground with a large 'thump' as he fell, a grin stained onto his lips.   

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Re: The Solitary Hunter
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Jake heard the word escape as it was thought, and although bloody, beaten and tired he smiled for the first time since this encounter began. Jake watched as the miserable wretch fell like heavy stone, with that sick grin stretched across his face. Once he was sure it was not a ruse that his opponent was incapacitated, Jake fell to his knees. He was completely exhausted. He looked to his hands and saw the burns and blisters. He could feel his blood clotting and healing itself inside his body. The pain of that process made him want to vomit what little blood he had left. His mind was the only part of his body that felt strong. He had survived this encounter because of his mental ability, and he was thankful to the time he'd put into becoming a master of it. After a pause of about five minutes, Jake shakily rose to standing. His blade was placed on the ground, still hot and red from the fire. Jake knew it would take a few minutes to cool.

He pulled out his iPhone and called the District Headquarters. The call was routed to the upstairs bar where he knew Lisa-Joe Hampton would be mixing drinks. The receiver end of the phone suddenly filled with the sound of heavy metal and a lot of yelling. Jake liked The White Rabbit just fine when he was in the mood to dance, but at the moment the sound of all the commotion annoyed him to no end.

"Jakeie poo," a soft, southern voice answered. "And what do I owe for the pleasure of your call?"

She was being sarcastic Jake knew, but at the moment he scoffed at her playfulness.

"I need a pick up now. I need you to lead it, and I need muscle."

"Jake darling what hap-,"

"No time for questions. I'll explain when you arrive. You come now by foot. Tell the others to role out."

"Understood," Lisa said, all the charm from her tone evaporated.

"I also need a donor, a really good one."

He gave her the location and cross streets and the instructions about the alley.


With the call placed Jake sat down and stared at Mitchelletto. He was an ugly bastard. At least Jake thought he was. However ugliness aside, Jake sensed evil coming from this personage. If not for the fledgling Jake had seen in chains, he would've brought the true death right in that moment. In a few minutes a blur came down the alley and Lisa-Joe stood there; horrified by Jake's wounds. She was instructed to watch the "prisoner" which she did without objection. In a physical fight Jake knew Lisa was capable of tearing his head off before a single spell could be attempted. It was why he'd asked her to come first on foot. He'd been afraid the trance would wear off.

Another twenty minutes passed and then cars began to roll up. Vampire enforcers that Jake called Deputies stepped out of cars and provided support to Lisa-Joe, while other district employees began canvasing the areas for signs of supernatural leakage. The fire ball scar was erased by magic. The psychic energy was drained by telepathy. No mortals were found, but had any been discovered there minds would've been wiped. Jake was taken to a donor who'm he fed on often, a cute young man with dark ebony skin and soft brown eyes. The poor mortal, who normally welcomed Jake's fangs looked horrified at what he saw, but allowed Jake to feed anyway. Jake drank as much as he could without harming the boy.

His hands began to heal, his blood began to return to equilibrium. It was a start, although Jake knew it would be a few nights before he was back to one-hundred percent. Lisa-Joe approached Jake after the mortal had returned to his car.

"You ready to tell me what happened," she asked. Her tone was part question but also part command, and since the post of Sheriff had yet to be filled, Lisa-Joe was about as close an adviser as he had.

"When we get back to headquarters," Jake said, his tone more of an apology than an answer. Lisa nodded. "Take that thing," Jake said indicating Michelletto and put it in the wolf cages I built for those who wished to remain in our district. Post the strongest of the deputies outside of it. Nobody goes in except for me."

She departed without a word. Jake retrieved his now much cooler blade and  got into one of the black SUV's that had come to the scene. He instructed the driver to take him back to the Rabbit where he would  rest for a few days.  Once he had recuperated Jake would begin the interrogation...
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Re: The Solitary Hunter
« Reply #17 on: December 15, 2013, 04:37:04 PM »
Darkness lifted itself slowly from the alley, bringing a rosy tint to the pre-dawn sky. The warming asphalt began to steam, slowly baking away the remains of last night's rain. A delicate, creeping mist gradually rose with the sun and hung thinly in the air, waiting patiently to melt away come the morning proper.

She was in her mid twenties, her small body swaddled in several old cotton sweaters against the elements. A thin ray of light teased the side of her face, lending a blush of colour to pallid, grey skin and ran like golden fire through the wire of her blond hair. Upon a bed of soggy black plastic and cardboard, her dull emerald eyes stared statically into the rust eaten wall of the dumper. As inert and bloodless as a stone. The corpse, folded like a crumpled piece of paper, was as invisible in death as she had been in life. Lonely and loveless her passing had gone by unnoticed, the young woman might never have existed except for the one brutally violent instant of her own death.

Whether it was the fast approaching dawn, negligence or her own microscopic value in the eyes of the Deputies, the woman had been left behind buried amongst the garbage. Abandoned except for the haunting dirge which now echoed up and down the alleyway, wailing sorrowfully from the metal lungs of a harmonica.

A tall figure walked leisurely down the length of the back street at an odd halting pace, it's gnarled hands pressing the lamenting instrument to it's face. The creature stepped right up to the dumpster, still playing, and the woman rose to receive him. Her cadaver hung limply in the air like a rag doll. Unperturbed, the dirge player with his face hidden beneath the broad brim of a black felt hat, gave a small tilt of his head and the woman did the same, exposing her savaged throat while still staring vacantly into the abyss with glassy eyes. Satisfied, the strangely thin figure flew the woman over his shoulder as he pocketed his instrument. Silence once again reigned over the alley, far heavier then before.

Reeves flicked up the brim of his hat with a thumb and locked onto the woman hanging over his shoulder, her blond hair falling across her face and hiding the worst of the damage. He then turned his crooked gaze toward the lighting sky and cracked a smiled, saw like teeth splitting his face in half.

“Ain't you lucky then miss. Not to worry- I'll see to your belongings.”

And with that the alley was empty.
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