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Lacy Velez (Detective)
« on: November 20, 2013, 04:10:44 AM »

Name: Detective-Sergeant Lacy Maria Velez, C.P.D (City Police Department)
Age [appearance]:30
Age [actual]: 34
Gender: Female
Species: Human - Witch
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Status: High among mortals due to badge, non existent or threatening to supernaturals due to badge.
Sexuality: Lesbian
Quote: "Nobody's above the law, not even you Fangs!"
Hair: Lacy has shoulder length, black colored hair, that when working is in a pony tail. When she is out socially, which isn't often, she wears it either up or resting on her shoulders.
Eyes: She has dark brown eyes that are round in shape and big in size. They are searching eyes, always investigating and curious.
Frame: Lacy is small, standing at only 5'3. She weighs 130 lbs soaking wet. She has womanly curves but her femininity is subtle, an undressed sort of beauty. When clothed her body looks almost androgynous.   
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: She has a mole on her neck that she refuses to remove and a tattoo on her wrist of her sister's initials and birth date she wears to remember her.
Personality: Lacy has a guarded, tough exterior that has served her well in her service with the City Police Department. She has faced a large amount of male opposition, especially since being promoted to the rank of Detective-Seargeant. She has no issue barking orders, handing out discipline and never backs down from a fight with an equal. That being said, she values the input of her junior officers as well as her Captain. She values justice and the law more than the concepts of good and evil and places her faith in the courts, evidence and juries. She has a logical and calculated mind that has helped her in many investigations as well as in her personal life.

She doesn't have much of a sense of humor, but she does enjoy episodes of "Family Guy" and "American Dad" on occasion. She runs the gang task force with an absolute iron fist and deals with any internal issues as quickly as possible. It is hard to trick her, or play games, for she  can usually spot a liar. She respects an honest opinion but also expects those under her to trust her experience and do what she says when she says it. To say she has control issues would be an understatement.

She fears attachments. Her few friends on the force feel like the barely know her, and her even fewer friends off the force fair only a little better. She does have an Aunt that she is especially close with, and that she tells her every feeling. Her guarded nature has caused her to have difficulty dating seriously in her life. She's had a few boyfriends and even a girlfriend but none have lasted more than two years. All of her relationships have ended the same, with her partner telling her that they felt like she didn't trust them.

Despite her mistrust and fear of connection, Lacy is a kind and generous person. She donates ten percent of her income to charity anonymously every year and became a cop partially to help under privileged communities. She is a loyal, bull of a friend who is always chasing away bad boyfriends, sleazy lawyers and bad egg family members. She is a pit bull of love when she chooses to care about a specific person. She is curious about the world and feels like people are never done learning. She is a realistic optimist. 
History: Lacy Maria Velez was born in the city. She has spent her whole life here and has never wanted to live somewhere else. She grew up in the Brazilian Quarter, although she is actually Puerto Rican and Caucasian in background. Her mother and father met a needle (heroin) party and were married within six months. Lacy was born only four months after the wedding, being conceived almost immediately after her parents met. When her mother, Stacy Stewart, found out she was pregnant she went to rehab and for the large majority of her pregnancy remained drug free. Lacy was born without complications. Her mother had wanted to be an artist, but worked as a waitress in one of the low income diners in the area. She loved her child but never felt like a good mother and often made decisions that were not in young Lacy's best interest.

Lacy's father, Antonio Velez, did not stop using drugs when he found out his girlfriend, soon to be wife, was with child. He figured as long as Stacy was clean the baby would end up alright. He worked as a truck driver and delivery man for various moving companies but also dealt drugs on the side. He mainly was involved with marijuana and heroin but also sold coke and when PCP became available he began to deal that as well. He did not keep this a secret from his wife, but both agreed to not expose Lacy to such things.

When Lacy was five, her mother once again got pregnant. Her sobriety had been short lived and she could not commit to it again. She used heroin throughout her second pregnancy and became HIV positive during that time. She didn't know this until after her baby was born positive. She and her daughter were some of the first people to be covered by the Eliza test, and subsequently knew there fate. Lacy's mother died two years later from complications due to AIDS. Her sister did not die and although closely monitored and slightly mentally delayed due to her mother's heroin use grew up just fine. Lacy became a mother to her little sister, Regina.

Her father was arrested for dealing drugs multiple times and during his jail sentences Lacy and Regina went to live with there father's sister, Aunt Daphne. Daphne did her best to teach the girls the values of right and wrong and although she loved her brother she eventually took him to family court and took permanent possession of the girls from him. He did not fight the decision and when Lacy was fifteen he went to prison for life for unloading a loaded gun into a police officer's face.

When they were developed and made safe, Regina began ARV therapy for her HIV and remained undetectable for the remainder of her life. Lacy always worried that one day her medications would stop working and always made sure that Regina made it to the doctor. Lacy was a good student, always making high marks and being on the honor role. Her favorite subject was Math, always liking the universality of it. If not for joining the police force, she might have gone to collage for mathematics. She was also on the swim team and was even a junior varsity cheerleader for a year. She did that for Regina who also wanted to cheer.

Life was hard growing up in the Brazilian quarter. Although Aunt Daphne did her best Regina fell into the wrong crowd and began using and dealing drugs just like her father. Lacy was in collage for criminal justice and a rookie officer at this point, but even she could not reach her wild fire sister. Eventually, Regina stopped taking her HIV meds and started to inject crystal meth. Lacy drug her to rehab twice before deciding to leave her to her own devices. Even still she always gave Regina food and shelter on the nights when she asked for it.

Lacy was put on foot patrol for her first two years before applying to work in the gang task force street crime and narcotics unit. She applied three times before they accepted her. She served under Sergeant Daniel Kiss, who is now her supervisor Captain Kiss. He took to Lacy right away and helped her improve her reports, shooting and other skills that would help give her an edge. Once Lacy graduated with a degree in criminal justice she applied to be a detective and was promoted to that rank. She stayed on in that role until her recent promotion, serving most of that time in the gang task force street crime and narcotics unit.

After a lengthy battle with HIV and Hepatitis C (Which she got through a dirty needle) Regina died and Lacy was absolutely devastated. She vowed to help the kids of the Brazilian Quarter and other poor areas escape a similar fate and began using her position and influence to help fight poverty, poor schools, and most importably keeping drugs off the streets. She led this crusade with Sergeant Kiss's permission and when he was promoted it was the 30% drop in drug related crime that got Lacy promoted to be the leader of her unit. She has spent the first few weeks on the job rotating bad members out and bringing good, talented, trustworthy cops in. She wants the task force to make a difference in crime but also in the community.         
Awareness of Supernaturals: Lacy has lived in the city her whole life and as a result has believed in the supernatural all her life too. She has seen vampires and demons, saw the print of a lone werwolf and even shot an imp she thought was a mortal thug. She has little real interaction with the supernatural, but she is one of the people in the city who remembers the little coming out party that Lazarus threw a few years back. She's found bodies of vampire victims that the Oligarchy didn't get to in time. The official protocol is to call them murder by stabbing. Most of the officers on the force believe in vampires and even the few skeptics are curious about the subject. Lacy is both afraid and in awe of the supernatural and wishes they too fit under her code of law. 

Occupation/Job:Detective-Seargeant of the C.P.D. Director of the GTFSCN unit. Supervised by Captain Kiss, Director of all street based units. 

Domicile:Lacy lives with her Aunt Daphne in a poor part of the Brazilian Quarter. She chooses to stay there to care for her Aunt who is beginning to get too old to be self sufficient.

Interesting Facts / Quirks: Lacy smokes cigarettes like they're going out of style. She is also trilingual, speaking English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. Her favorite book is "Where the Red Fern Grows." 

Hobby/Hobbies: Lacy's main hobby is guns and the shooting range. She is a crack shot, although not the best on her team. She also likes the bar life and likes to read. She is also a skilled card and billiards player.
Likes:Lacy has simple tastes. She likes cheese fries, downtime, justice when it's due, cuddles, and again cigarettes.
Dislikes: Lacy despises laziness, children, drugs, people who sell drugs, and romance novels.
Strength: Lacy is a skilled tactician and expert investigator. Her best strength by far is her sharp mind and intellect and her ability to almost without fail see if someones lying.

Weakness/Flaw: Her natural mistrust of people has made it difficult to have long lasting connections. She is vey lonely.

Weapon: Lacy carries a Glock 21, .45 Caliber semi automatic handgun that is her duty weapon.

Powers and Abilities: Lacy's inner magic was unlocked by the druid Wren. She feels a connection the Virgin Mary as some kind of deity and the small amounts of magic she's channeled have been through a Catholic lens. Saint Sabrina has theorized internally that Lacy may be a "true believer." As her magic develops more specific information will be added.
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