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Lucas Westmoreland
« on: December 10, 2013, 02:31:41 PM »
Name: Lucas Westmoreland (He has no middle name)
Age [appearance]: 23
Age [actual]:23
Hair: Lucas has long bright blonde hair that is just above shoulder length. Lately he's taken to wearing a bandana to keep it up and out of his way.
Eyes: His eyes are a deep charcoal color, slightly too close together but round in shape and large. They exude relaxation most of the time and are often bloodshot and dilated from smoking weed.
Frame: Lucas stands tall at 6'4 and about 200lbs. He is well muscled from all his time surfing and gyming it up pre zombie breakout. He still works out in the hospital's gym and values keeping his body in pristine condition. 
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Lucas has grown a light blonde beard that is almost invisible from a grew distance. He's done his best to keep the scraggly parts under control with a pair of tweezers. He has an ankh tattoo across his chest that stretches all the way down to his bellybutton which is an outie. His nails are well manicured, another product of his L.A. lifestyle. He has a deep tan and when he can he wears sunglasses.
Personality: Lucas is a California boy if there ever was one. He is the most relaxed person in the room and almost never gets anxious or confrontational. He defuses situations with humor and is usually well liked enough to get what he wants without resorting to extreme measures. He loves a good practical joke and once considered himself to be a great prankster. He makes friends with most people he meets and has been called a chameleon. He doesn't take it as an insult and refers to himself as people versatile. He likes the beach and the outdoors and before the zombie breakout he spent most weekends on some kind of nature hike or on a surf board.

Lucas is skeptical of western medicine and prefers holistic and spiritual methods of treatment. He is a big marijuana smoker, and can often be found citing the medicinal benefits of the drug. Some are clear facts while others are simply Lucas's experience with the drug himself. Other than open heart surgery and appendicitis Lucas thinks marijuana can fix just about anything. He wears his stonerness as a badge of honor and is the first to admit his reliance on the drug. Lucas smokes at least two bowls a day. Ironically, or maybe not so ironic, Lucas detests alcohol and never touches the stuff.

Musically, Lucas is a fan of classic rock. His favorite bands are Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Led Zeppelin and David Bowie. Music is an extremely important part of Lucas's life. He prides himself on having a song for literally every situation and keeps his musical devices off at all times to conserve battery life. He scavages for double A's to keep his old CD Player running with the few CD's he still has. Among them are “Let it Be” “Rumors” and “Hotel California.” Lucas plays guitar and sings. He has never written a song though.

Lucas has often been accused of being too nonchalant and not taking life seriously. His greatest difficulty is a lack of ambition that has held him back from several opportunities in his life. He often sets goals he does not go through with.

He is gay, but sees sexuality as a constrictive box anyways. His utter lack of an interest in women has led him to be alright with the definition of being gay, but thinks of himself as an extreme case. He often states that 80% of people are bisexual on some level. He loves to have sex but has not found any partners currently. He is a very passionate lover who likes to take his time and really connect with the person he's having sex with. Lucas has never once had a quickie. Even his casual sex was passionate and well executed.   

History: Lucas

Occupation/Job: Before the outbreak Lucas spent his parents money but did consider becoming a marijuana farmer. He's never worked a day in his life.
Awareness of Vampires:  He knows nothing of vampires but would probably see them as an underserved minority.

Knowledge of Zombies: Once the outbreak hit Lucas learned a lot about zombies rather fast.

Interesting Facts / Quirks: Lucas took archery in high school and was actually a decent shot with a bow and arrow. He hates guns and so when the zombies started attacking Lucas quickly put his high school sport to use. He misses about a fifth of the time, making him a decent but not fantastic shot. He will not shoot a gun. He also fights better when high. He is a vegan, but has broken the rules only in the interest of survival.

Hobby/Hobbies: Lucas has turned the conservatory on the roof of the hospital into a farm where he grows fresh veggies for the group in addition to a few strains of marijuana. He is the group's resident botanist.

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