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Ties That Bind
« on: January 02, 2014, 01:08:20 PM »
Sadness had plagued much of Keynigh and his now small clan of Dark Wolves. They had lost many of thier pack mates in the hunt of eliminating angels. The first to go was his beloved wife Tala whom had been dead for many years now. She had survived the attack from the Angel of Light, badly wounded it was her time to join the Forest Spirit and she was taken. Keynigh mourned for her loss for many weeks, she was more than just his wife. Tala was his friend, his lover and ultimately his life.

Then more began to die at the hands of the Angels, Scorpid had died along with his granddaughter Writmo. They had died within mere years of each other, Scorpid died first being ripped apart by a Dark Angel. Keynigh believed Writmo had truly died of a broken heart and had given up on life, she died and was returned to the Forest Spirit. Now Writmo and Scropid would be together in eternal bliss forever. Their heart ache however did not end with Keynigh, his beloved daughter Extasis and her mate Wrage were still devastated by the loss. Keynigh wondered if the pack would ever be the same again.

It was at that moment Keynigh decided that they would travel back to the city where they once flourished. Buying a portion of land in the city he lead what little pack he had left to start a new life and to hopefully recruit new members for the Dark Wolves Clan. It would be a lengthy process and if the clan was to survive it was vital that they started to look for suitable candidates.

Tonight however Keynigh and Wrage would remain close to home. Wrage ran through the woodlands like the good scout he was, most times. Keynigh however stayed close to the heart of the forest, seeking guidance from the Forest Spirit. Most nights had been calm and peaceful, a few times some human stragglers ventured into the woodlands but were dealt with promptly. No one had died just yet but that day would come soon. Bowing his head once again he spoke to the Forest Spirit in low and concealed tones.

Wrage however scouted the territory in which the Forest Spirit was strong and alive. Over the years he to had been burdened with the lose of family. He would never forgive the Angels for what they had done, the death of his daughter was a huge blow to Wrage. Even though he was still capable of having children he had not brought up the subject with his wife. His pace slowed into almost a stand still, he missed his daughter and the others. This new lease on life should be what they needed to put a spark back into the clan, but his emotional wounds were still fresh.

The forest remained undisturbed for now and Wrage wallowed in his own thoughts. The future of the Dark Wolves was bleak at best. However they would triumph over the loss of thier pack mates and they would make the clan strong once again but this would take time. Emotions were still running high and the loss of life was still fresh in their veins.