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A quaint yet spacious two story, flagstone building nestles neatly in between the other store fronts and apartment buildings lining the old narrow cobblestone street

Street stalls selling anything from fresh fruit and vegetable to watches and homemade handy crafts are interspersed haphazardly along the pavements lining the storefronts and although there are a few spaces for cars the winding narrow street is usually filled with foot traffic only.

An old cobbled ally runs down the right side of the store to the street behind. Half way down the lane is a high wooden fence with a locked gate that leads to the back of the store and its garden.

The front of the shop is under cover due to the extended top floor which comes out over the pavement. The support beams are covered with the climbing vines of night blooming jasmine. There are three large, glass, lattice pane windows found on either side of the wide, oaken front doors and its brass door handles. The pane windows give fractured glimpses of a coffee shop decorated with lounge chairs and sofa’s scattered around polished wooden tables.

In the left side doors window pane is a sign that reads Open.


The walls are flagstone, the far left has a fireplace build into it and the right wall has lattice pane windows which look into the side alley of the café. The back of the room has a long ash wood serving counter with an old world looking cash register complete with metal filigree, on either side of the counter are glass displays filled with cakes, muffins, tarts and an assortment of pastries. The back wall has shelves displaying different types of coffees and coloured bottles and jars of syrups, herbs and spices. Beside the shelves is a door that leads to the kitchen, storage and the stairs which lead to the upstairs living quarters and entrance to the private back garden

The floors are polished light oak and gleam with a warm shine. Round ash wood tables are scattered haphazardly around the space and each round table has two or three comfortable cream coloured lounge chairs, each table has a small potted plant on it holding some sort of micro herb. Some hold basil or thyme or rosemary. Some have mint or even lavender along with the usual assortment of cutlery, menu and salt and pepper shaker. There are also a few rectangle tables with three-seater sofas as well as lounge chairs for larger groups of people. The window sills and door frames are made from rowan wood which are heavily engraved with an endless knot-work of softly glowing mystical runes that is viewable only to those with a trained and discerning eye. ( To those in the know the runes and script are for protection, safety, health, happiness,  well being and money)

On the counter beside the register is a small sign that reads "Help Wanted"