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Human Beings - Altered
« on: January 22, 2019, 07:40:27 AM »
Altered Human

Classification: Human

Origin: Most Altered Humans were created by Project Twilight using advanced scientific procedures and sophisticated indoctrination protocols, but it is possible that similar techniques for human modifications exist in the world. Altered Humans created by lesser programs likely have less effective modifications and more severe drawbacks.

Little is known about Project Twilight. Some rumors claim that it is a shadowy government initiative geared toward creating super soldiers and policing the supernatural. Others suggest that it is the byproduct of medical and scientific research into the supernatural by big business. Whatever the case, in recent years, strange reports of men in black have begun to surface.
Appearance: Altered Humans look for the most part like any other human beings. Some modifications do create visible changes (for example, transplanted vampire fangs, or demonic skin grafts) that must be hidden. Most modifications are visible to advanced medical screening or thorough biopsy (or autopsy). Some modifications are also visible when in use but difficult to spot when dormant.

Creation: The exact nature of the processes used to create Altered Humans are not well-documented, but those who have stumbled onto the nature of Project Twilight have begun compiling information based on events linked to the organization. Universally, subjects appear to have been surgically implanted with organs and features of supernatural creatures in order to grant them superhuman capabilities. Most are difficult to detect visually, but early test subjects recovered sometimes have incredibly grotesque changes made.

Reports also indicate that subjects of Project Twilight exhibit mental instability that suggests behavioral modification techniques such as brainwashing or even neuro-surgery. 

Lifespan: Altered Humans have a normal human lifespan unless a modification would extend it.

Characteristics: There are very little commonalities to Altered Humans beyond the fact that they have all been modified with supernatural biology. Those created by Project Twilight often exhibit signs of mental duress associated with behavior and memory alteration.

Powers and Abilities: Altered Humans can have a variety of powers and abilities derived from the supernatural biology that has been introduced to their bodies. Angelic eyes might convey the ability to see auras; werewolf muscle fibers might convey enhanced strength; dryad sap transfusions might augment healing capabilities. Typically, the ability in question is less powerful than that of the original species.

The human body can only bear so much tampering, though. Particularly healthy subjects can undergo multiple modifications without succumbing to severe health problems. Most Altered Humans discovered have one or two modifications; no subject has been documented with more than five.

Liabilities and Weaknesses: Each modification that an Altered Human had comes paired with a weakness. The aforementioned angelic eyes might be especially susceptible to bright lights. Werewolf muscle fibers might cause the subject to suffer severe irritability. Dryad sap infusions might cause the individual to suffer penalties during nighttime.

Additionally, Altered Humans created by Project Twilight are particularly susceptible to mind control and similar effects as a result of the mental modifications they undergo. Notably, they also experience extreme agony when they attempt to communicate anything about Project Twilight.

Lifestyle: Some Altered Humans live relatively normal lives, keeping their modifications a secret from their loved ones. Many are broken people, living on the fringes of society. Most are in the employ of Project Twilight, though little is known about the particulars of such individuals.

Common Personality: Altered Humans have personalities as varied as normal human beings. They often have symptoms of mental duress stemming from trauma.

Vampire Interaction: Because Altered Humans are of various species, they will have a blended blood with muted effects from each species. At your discretion. When making Altered Human characters, please inform on the character sheet what vampires will smell, taste and feel upon drinking their blood.