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Re: Opposite Stars Align
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Sam followed suit with grabbing her coat, alert but her insides still felt raw and shaken. Jake had praised her a lot tonight, she had found out she was strong in fortitude. Presence was an iffy one but she had something to work towards. Dominate remained untested for the time being, somewhat relieved after seeing the power of presence. Moving out the door as Jake locked up, gazing at his own name. Sam was not sure what to think of his actions for she really saw the place as creepy.

Sam nodded at Jakes explanation as they walked through the halls and stairs. Projecting her inner beast was something she had not done in years, since her childhood. A creature that was a whore for violence, she had worked to be a compassionate person. Knowing what it was like to be alone and be used for your talent in punching people out. It was not a good feeling, not looking forward to using that side of her at all. Perhaps Maria would help her with this conundrum as the exited the chambers.

Sam said nothing as Jake took one long last look at the building; empty and hollow for the time being. Sam took Jakes arm as he led her through the streets, back to the White Rabbit, back to their home.