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Thesdea Thane
« on: February 14, 2019, 12:38:10 PM »

Name: Thesdea Thane - goes by Tess
Age [appearance]: 24
Age: [actual]: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Human - Witch
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Sexuality: "Dudes, but like whatever. I tried girls in college."
Quote: "I see dead people... and it's really fucking annoying."

Hair: Tess's hair is medium-length, platinum blonde. It's length is mid back. Thick wavy locks cloak her shoulders. When she casts her magic her hair can sometimes change color with red, black and purple as the most common colors. She often wears it up when going about her day, but when practicing magic, she normally wears it down, feeling it further connects her to the Goddess. She takes excellent care of her hair, including leave in conditioners, dedicated brushing and removal of split ends. Tess values her appearance and therefore is never caught out visually. This definitely includes her hair.

Eyes: Tess has large green eyes that look much kinder than she is in reality. It's a helpful trait for someone like her, and her watery pools draw people to her. They can be cruel and uncompromising or soft and sweet. It depends on her mood. When she practices Necromancy her eyes turn black, and a portal to another world can be seen deep within the blackness. These eyes allow her to see and communicate with spirits, as well as many other odd and uncanny uses. 

Frame: Tess is short and thin, five foot four and a hundred and fifteen pounds. Her overall frame is petite, and her proportions make clothes always seem large on her. She also tends to dress in a lot of flowing fabrics, only making her look smaller. She is normally considered quite beautiful, as long as you're into blondes. She uses her body as a prop, lure, or vessel for Lucifer and often preforms magic nude.

Primary Stance 1: Tess is raising her hands and head in the air, calling forth a blessing and imploring Black Philip, or whatever particular deity she is working with.

Primary Stance 2: Tess holds her book of shadows, eyes closed and lying on her back.

Primary Stance 3: Standing on one foot, the other tucked in at the knee, smoking a blunt and watching someone.

Usually Seen Wearing Tess wears a lot of white. Her clothes tend to be over sized and she owns an obscene amount of black jewelry. Her general style can be described as south Texas meets L.A.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Thesdea has a tattoo of her main holy symbol, the Ankh, on her upper back, and two more on each of her wrists. Made with magic ink, these tattoos are important in her Necromancy. A birthmark is on her left shoulder, and several scars layer her mid and low back. Whip marks, cigarette burns, hot liquid, and more make Tess's back a twisted scar. Her back is often in pain, and it causes her mood to swing rapidly.

Personality Tess has a few convictions that shape how she views experiences and views life. 

1. Death is just change, rebirth, something new.
2. Life is about taking pain, and then being the cause of it.
3. Nothing matters, so why not get yours.

Tess is a thoughts, feelings, behavior kind of person. She often starts in her head, and once inside the unhelpful friend that is her feelings often leads her to bad behaviors. Tess is severely mentally unstable, having a warped perception of death. She views death for others as having no consequences since energy is never destroyed it's merely transferred. This lead to a general disregard for life that has made it easy for her to practice Necromancy. This does not mean she goes around murdering people all the time. Tess understands there are consequences to breaking the rules of society and this is enough to deter from criminality. Her mental illness is borderline personality disorder which means her mood fluxes and she is both very into someone and then also hates them and wants to destroy them. She does go to therapy but it is not currently effective.

Tess is a huge stoner, and grows magically powered marijuana to help her get through the day. Tess needs serious coping mechanisms, as her negative thoughts tell her other people are talking about her, or don't like her. When she feels unwelcome she lashes out, and this has caused conflict for her in the past. She also drinks, does coke, and any substance really. She also enjoys the social aspects of drinking and smoking, and in rare instances will even share her cigarettes. She is a person desperate for connection and seeks out her relationships with her mother and father over and over again. She normally starts by loving a new person entirely, then being disappointed by them for the most minor thing. Then she lashes out and destroys the person in her mind, and sometimes in reality too.

Her base personality is more superficial. She values looks, power, interest in her and not much else. She likes superficial things like shopping and reality TV, and freaks out when people have strong emotions. Called a "mean girl" in high school, she took it as a compliment, and loves to channel her inner Heather Chandler or Regina George. She loves fashion, movie stars, and fast cars, and loves to be taken care off and dotted on. She values only the opinion of Black Philip, and sees him as a father figure. She deep down used to care about people and love, but that capacity has long been eaten away. Still, the Goddess has not fully abandoned her, and so enough light lives in her soul that she could be brought back. Like most personality disorders Tess sees other people as the problem, never her. 

Her most redeemable quality is that she will not harm children or babies, and in general is much happier to torture and destroy men over women. She sees gay men as allies and loves to corrupt them. She is highly manipulative and an excellent actress and uses both to makes people feel sorry for her and gain their trust. She fears the good part of her soul, the Goddess, Christ, and beings with more power than her. She also fears her patron, who is convinced she is a part of his great plan to return to this earth.


The Thane Clan

The Thane Clan originated in Scotland, near the Northern Isles. They once ruled those territories outright, until a barbarian named William the Cruel, a member of Clan McCloud deposed the Thanes in 700CE. They were forced to mouth south and found only poverty and death. The people living in these territories made war on them. Scotland would not be a united Crown for many years, and bandits picked off clan members one by one. The eldest among them was a woman named Thestia Thane, a wise old mariner, who swore the sea spoke to her and that she could make fire from her hand. The legends tell that Thestia was approached by a raven. The beast had intelligent eyes and it spoke to her. It told her it was Lucifer, and that if she took a deal with him he would free her clans people from starvation and death. She was tempted by the darkness, but resisted. She vowed to gain the power to save her clan another way. Her faith in the light was rewarded as a mighty white stag appeared to her and begged the woman to bring others into the forest. She, and her sisters followed the beast into nature, and it helped them commune with Gaia. They were blessed, and drank in the power of the moon and sun, and in their blood went magic, and it would be passed down to a chosen few who bear the name Thane. They were the first witches of the Thane Clan, and with their newfound power they built a new home nestled in the Northwest Highlands.

Lucifer was not yet done with Thestia and her clan of Thanes and made the witch a second offer. He came this time as the serpent of Eden, and woke her as she slept in her bed chamber. If he promised her one of her witches down the line, he'd build her a magnificent home, perfect for practicing magic, and that all the witches could live there. The witch needed such a place, as the mortals of her clan could not see her magic, and considered Lucifer's request. However, once again Thestia's good nature prevailed and she decided to build the home herself. She, and her sister witches, built a mighty castle and hid it from view by magical mist. Thane Manor became the ancestral and magical home of Thestia's people and still is hidden from outsiders by the same spell.

A final time Lucifer would tempt Thestia Thane, and this one was on her death bed. She managed to live two hundred years, more than once draining the youth of another to stay alive. No more would this dark magic sustain her, but it did blacken her heart enough to listen to Lucifer's deal. This time he came as a black cat, and laid in Thestia's lap as they wagered. He told Thestia that her death was certain and that he would not give her eternal life. He did promise to reincarnate her in over a thousand years, and that in this life she would serve him. The old witch did not wish to cross to the other side, and accepted Lucifer's offer. He placed her soul in a jar, and returned to Hell, awaiting the moment when he would unleash his servant. The Thane Clan itself stayed loyal to Gaia and light magic. They passed on the gift of magic to their descendants and became a known and proud coven of witches. The mortal Thanes prospered for many years in Scotland and many Thanes prosper to this day in the Northwest Highlands. The manor is attended by the matron, the oldest and most powerful witch of the age.

The American Thanes relocated to the new world and settled in Philadelphia. Many witches came to the new world and were destroyed at Salem. Some early Thanes had been Puritans and those witches met the hangman. However the Philadelphia Thanes prospered and most make their home in the New England area. Most are simply mortals. Witches became rarer and rarer over the centuries as many were killed, didn't reproduce or didn't study magic despite having the gift. The number of witches named Thane is currently seventeen, eleven women and six men. Thane magic is normally druid like, plants, animals, life and healing.

Satan's Baby

Thesdea was born on Yule of 1993 at her home in Philadelphia. Her father, Thomas, worked in construction and her mother, Prudence, was a stage actress. Her father was a Thane mortal, and told his wife that his line had magical potential. Prudence agreed to meet with some of Thomas's elders and went to a rather large arts and crafts style home in Center city, where several older women showed Prudence magic. Once Prudence believed,  she asked the witches if they could see if her children would be born with magic, and to her delight she was told she'd have a baby girl born with powerful magic, by the first new moon of the following year. Thomas and Prudence conceived a child, and on the day of the moon she gave birth to Thesdea. She was so named for her ancestor Thestia Thane, with only a minor adjustment for individuality.

Tess was considered a finicky baby with a harsh temperament. She was prone to tantrums, biting, aggression and hated to be hugged, or cuddled. Tess did love animals, including Tess's pet dog Riley. They would sleep together every night, and he was devoted to her. When Tess was four, Riley was hit by a car, and Tess wandered out into the street in tears. She placed her hands over Riley and he returned to life, her innocent life magic bringing back her canine friend.

Her mother died a few years later in a car crash. Tess was five, and felt responsible for her mother's death. She'd held her mother up that particular morning by throwing a huge tantrum. She'd have been on the road an hour before if Tess hadn't detained her. She's never forgiven herself and considers it the first life she took. Her father also seemed to blame her, and left the young girl in the care of witches in the family. Tess started learning magic as young as six, and could use telekinesis by the time she was twelve. Her father picked up drinking and began verbally and physically abusing Tess when he was home with her. He blamed the girl for his unhappiness. He was jealous she had magic and he didn't. He had grown to hate his daughter and the elder witches of the Thane line had to take Tess away from him. She then lived with the elder witches for most of her adolescence devoting most of her life to learning magic, and going to mortal school as well. 

The Deal

Tess's powers kept growing and she was showing talent for branches of magic like Conjuration and Enchantment. However, the lead witch, Sister Thimbla Thane saw a great potential for darkness buried in the girl. She attempted to have her exercised but the other witches of the manor refused to let Thesdea be touched. On the day Tess turned eighteen, a black goat appeared before her. It told her he was Lucifer and that he had need of her services. She refused to help him, believing in the healing power of the Goddess and knowing Lucifer was the enemy. The goat told her he'd be in touch and added, "you've refused me before." Thesdea was the only American borne Thane with magic of her generation, and soon the elder witches began to pass on, giving less and less ways to cope with her magic and her past. Her father contacted her about three weeks after Lucifer's visit and asked her to meet with him. At first she had no desire to meet with him but Sister Thimbla of Thane manor suggested she go and get resolution.

When she arrived at her father's home she rang the bell but nobody answered. She found the door unlocked so she went inside. As she entered into her father's bedroom she found he'd hung himself to death. She went into shock and didn't leave the house for seven hours. She eventually called the police and was sent to therapy. Finding her father dead gave her PTSD and warped her ability to connect with people. Her mind began to entertain more insane fantasies including she had done both her parents favors by being involved with their deaths. She had released them from this illusion called life. Her ability to relate to people was handicapped.

Lucifer approached a second time, and promised her revenge on her father's soul. He showed her the darkness of hell he would trap him in. All she had to do was give her soul to him. A second time she rebuffed Lucifer. The Goddess rewarded Thesdea by letting her father be reincarnated so that he would have another chance at happiness. Tess's morality was temporarily restored by the incident. Thesdea went to college in New York and majored in Occult studies at NYU. While at a frat party she was sexually assaulted and the memory furthered shattered her connection to people and life and made her feel more and more as if peple are tools to be used. She killed her attacker by cracking his neck with telekinesis, and it was at the moment that Lucifer came with his final offer.   

If she renounced the Goddess, and agreed to serve him, he would teach her to have mastery over death. Since the connection between life and death had already been a theme of her magic she saw the advantage of learning necromancy. Lucifer told her that she would never be hurt again if she took this deal and that her enemies would suffer for all time. Tess was at the end of her rope emotionally and magically, and so she accepted the devil's offer, and renounced the light of the Goddess. The Goddess blessed Thesdea and told her that a path back existed but only if she saw the error of her ways. Lucifer let Tess keep her soul, finding it funny that she might one day seek to return to the other side.

The Necromancer

Once Thesdea took Lucifer as her patron her light magic went dark and she lost the power of resurrection. However, he was true to his word and taught young Thesdea Necromancy. First he taught her how to speak and interact with the dead. She began to do his bidding in exchange for more and more knowledge. Book's spells began to turn darker and darker and as Tess's soul blackened so did her connection with her book of shadows. She was tasked with recruiting others to serve the devil, and she successfully corrupted three souls within a few months. For her good service, he taught her how to control spirits and bend them to her will. Men were the easiest to sway, their lust for her often being their downfall. Women were often harder, and took manipulation and tapping into their hatred to twist.

Within a few years Lucifer decided Tess was ready for more challenging work. He taught her how to raise the dead, and tasked her with causing chaos wherever she went. At first, Tess delighted in the horrid destruction she wrought, but in the back of her mind another figure called out to her, begging her to return to the light. The goddess still believed her soul could be saved. Tess was insulted. Black Philip addressed the pull to the light with more darkness and taught Tess to see between the lines of life and death and into hidden worlds. Now she could call him when she needed his council, and could look into the nine hells whenever she wished to summon a specific soul. Tess was then asked to prove her loyalty to Lucifer once more and was told to kill a baby. She refused, but corrupted the mother's soul. Lucifer had never seen her be defiant, and began to regret not taking her soul away. To do so now, would require a new deal, and Tess was not likely to give up her soul now that she knew it meant she could occasionally defy her patron.

By twenty-three, she had mastered the path of spirits, the path of bones, and the bath of the hidden, and demanded more from Old Scratch. He taught her the path of rot, and this power made Tess almost invincible when dealing with basic witches and even gave her a chance against things like vampires. This knowledge was not cheap, and required Tess to return home and kill her former mentor. Tess slit Sister Thimbla's throat, and used the path of rot to steal what was left of the dying witch's power. The devil told her that she was now the last American Thane witch, and that she belonged to him. His revenge upon the Thanes was nearly complete. She took all the magic from her Thane manor, and with Lucifer's help cloaked the house. She might return to it one day, but for now it would remain a vacant shell, a reminder of what Tess once had been.

Six months before her twenty-fifth birthday, Tess received a vision from Black Philip. She saw two witches. One was only a young girl, unaware of her great power. The other was a powerful witch, even more powerful than Tess herself. Her patron told her she would need to move across the country and find these two witches. The powerful one had something the master wanted, some oozing pile of blackness at her core. The other he would not tell his champion about, only that she should find her and not harm her. Tess became suspicious and instantly jealous and began to consider defying her patron for a second time. Still, she complied and has recently landed in the city. She has a flat in the North District, chosen for it's lack of representation. Since arriving she has mostly been scouting, learning more spells, and figuring out the best way to find both of the witches. She has recently found a graveyard near her. An idea had finally taken root.


Awareness of Supernaturals: As a witch she already knew about vampires, angels, fae, shifters, and werewolves. Since becoming a servant of Lucifer she has learned about most demons, wraiths, dark angels and darker fae like imps. She is unconcerned with most other species. She simply sees them as vessils of corruption, vampires being the easiest and angels being the dream. She sees Dark Angels as allies.

Occupation/Job: She has no job, other than serving for patron. She does study her craft quite hard, and when not working for her patron is often studying magic. As a cover she runs a fortune telling business, but this is mostly to find souls to corrupt.

Patron: Lucifer, Black Philip, Old Scratch, Satan. He most commonly appears to her as the goat Black Philip.

Domicile: Tess lives in a loft, made from an abandoned warehouse in the north district. She has a fortune teller's parlor downstairs, complete with neon sign, flashing lights, and a traditionally gaudy room with a crystal ball. Her actual apartment is much more stylish with racks upon racks of clothes, an enormous bay window and sleek modern furniture. There is nothing living in the apartment. She has a large stereo and a ballet bar, and practices her dancing in the apartment.

Hobbies: Tess is an avid and graceful dancer. She also enjoys learning new spells and learning new languages. She also enjoys superficial things like smoking weed, going shopping, casual sex, food, booze, partying and excess in all it's forms. She is never satisfied so is constantly looking for things to do to get another thrill. This makes hobbies appealing.

Interesting Facts/Quirks: Tess's apartment's sole other occupant is Tess's undead dog, Riley, which she raised to serve as her companion. A gift from Black Philip, the dog has it's soul inside it and will not rot despite being dead. Tess can also "heal" the dog back to it's original undead state should it suffer damage. Tell also speaks four languages including English, Latin, French and Spanish. Tess is also strangely into fucking ugly men as she likes giving them an unrealistic sense of self worth. She enjoys their inability to repeat their success with her in others. 

Likes: booze, weed, clothes, money, power, men, food, passion, sex, her patron, her undead dog Riley, and Book.
Dislikes: light magic, chastity, charity, restraint, politics, being reminded of her past, losing, people who are more powerful than her.

Strength: Tess's magic, cunning, and beauty make her a force to be reckoned with. She uses charm to get her way, and when that doesn't work starts killing people. Her inconsiderateness for the lives of others means she often strikes first.
Weakness/Flaw: Due to her trauma history, natural tendency towards darkness, and her own choices Tess is a slave to Lucifer and can not get out her contract with him. She can occasionally disobey but is bound to the service of another for all time. She is also only human and can be influenced by older vampires, other witches and other supernatural powers. 

Mystical Object: "Book" - Tess's Book of Shadows was passed down from her mother. It housed centuries of Thane magic and much of it Tess could not read. She always felt the book was alive and began to call it Book when working with it, forming a bond. The tome began to reveal it's secrets and help her cast. She paid it sacrifices and it served her. When she made the deal with Lucifer Book became a black demonic tome. It still serves Tess but now needs payment of blood, gore, and life. Tess still loves Book, and the two share a symbiotic existence. Book's spells will be published in a separate post.

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- Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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Re: Thesdea Thane
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2019, 05:24:19 PM »
Powers/Abilities: Tess is a powerful witch who uses a few different schools of magic. Her main school of magic is Necromancy. Below will be a list of Tess's most common abilities and signature spells. This is not every spell she knows or can learn but should give people who play with her an idea of what she can do, including her limits and weaknesses.

Schools of Magic: Necromancy, Touch of Mirage, Enchantment, Divination, Pyrokinesis, Movement of the Mind

Pyrokinesis - The power to start, manipulate and control fire. She can summon a fire ball about the size of her hand but still has to connect it by throwing it. This is her one and only defense against vampires, and finds merely creating the fire is enough to deter attack. She can also extinguish fires, and manipulate current flames by color, size and shape. 

Weakness: Tess struggles with this school of magic the most as fire is a form of life. It is the igniting of energy, and due to her deal with Lucifer she will only have limited potential.

Movement of the Mind - More commonly referred to as telekinesis, movement of the mind allows Tess to use her force of will to move objects with her mind. A very common form of magic, telekinesis is considered the "bread and butter" of Thane magic. At her current skill, Tess can move objects up to 200lbs, so a person or so. In her bag of tricks is a set of knives she loves to throw at people. She can use movement of the mind to levitate herself about six feet off the ground.

Weakness: Telekinesis is a very physically taxing magic, and too much use leaves Tess physically weak to attack. Also as with all her magic, the more she uses the more shattered her mind gets. She must pick and chose when to use this gift.
Divination - Divination is the ability to see into the past, present and future. Often called second sight, Divination involves a combination of divine intervention and the ability see into other words. Common ways Tess practices Divination includes Tarot cards, runes, receiving visions (premonitions), and fire seeing.

Weakness: Divination is unpredictable and her visions are often cryptic and have multiple meanings. It also requires time and effort, and can depend on how in favor she is with whatever deity she is invoking. Premonitions also exert a horrible physical tole including nose bleeds, convulsions and sometimes she can even stop breathing. 

Touch of Mirage - The touch of mirage is more commonly thought as the magical practice of creating illusions. Illusions can be made to affect all five senses, so sound, sight, taste, touch, and smell. Illusions can be large, or very small. The more complicated the illusion the more of Tess's power it takes to project it. Tess can also make her illusions do damage, and someones weapons in this way.

Weakness: She can not make large illusions corporeal in this way. The scope of this power is vast, but limited in use as illusions can only affect things so much. Characters who had Auspex, Divination or another form of astral sight can see through her illusions. They also require a huge amount of power, leaving Tess drained and vulnerable to attack. 

Enchantment - Enchantment is a delightful form of magic that can charm, intimidate, mind control, seduce, or fear. The basic principle of Enchantment magic is the aura of beings. Similar to the vampire Discipline Presence, Enchantment involves altering the caster's aura to produce effects, and also altering the auras of others.

Weakness: Enchantment spells require a large casting time, and lots of ingredients. Material components are sometimes hard to find, and if the spell is interrupted the time is wasted. Beings with Auspex, Forditude, or other forms of supernatural sight or resistance can have limited resistance based on age, skill level, etc.

Necromancy - Necromancy is the practice of interaction and matery over death, the dead, and the forces that connect this realm with much darker ones. Necromancy is learned in a variety of cultures and is not always a malevolent practice. However, Tess gains her Necromancy from Lucifer, and so it a dark art for her. Necromancy is Tess's most powerful and diverse form of magic and will be broken down by paths. There are many more paths than Tess currently knows, but as she learns new paths might appear.

Path of Spirits - the ability to see, interact with, and control spirits, wraiths, and ghosts. Tess can summon spirits from the afterlife as long as they are not in Heaven and bind them to her service for a period of time. When she casts any spell in this school her entire eyes turn black.

Path of Bones- the ability to raise the dead. This is not to be confused with resurrection as this is undeath and a perversion of life. Typically these spells make zombies, or skeletons. Tess can raise one or many. The more she raises the more power she needs. Souls of those in Heaven are unaffected.

Path of the Hidden- The ability to see into realms beyond the material. Hell, the void, the shadows are all realms that can be seen with this ability. This is also how she communicates with her patron.

Path of Rot- The ability to drain the life force of a living person, or plant and use that energy to cast spells, heal herself (grievous injuries require her to kill), or destroy the target. On mortals it causes aging. Fae and demons are immune. Dark angels age but only temporarily. Vampires rot. It will heal but requires time.

Path of the Screamer- This path channels the necromagic of fallen beauty. Even models become bloated, sunken in corpses, and so beautiful voices becoming terrifying ones. Also called the power of demon speech, Tess can manipulate her voice in a variety of ways, including a hyper sonic banshee scream.

Weakness: Necromancy puts a black mark on Tess's soul, letting powerful seers sense her dark nature. She had spells to hide this from all but the most powerful vampires and magic users. Dark Angels are resistant but not immune to Necromancy.
Be a sadist. Now matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them — in order that the reader may see what they are made of.
- Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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Re: Thesdea Thane
« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2019, 05:25:48 PM »

Something Wicked This Way Comes The Goat And The Witch - Tess makes her grand entrance The First Night - Tess meets the other witches Damage Control - Tess battles six witches at once Pain is Beauty - Tess cures herself of Maria's curse and sends Zoheret a message

Dreams, Demons, and Death;topicseen#msg90477 A Spooky, Sexy Dream Tess meets Wren in a dream The Satanist Next Door - Tess terrorizes her neighbors Fancy Summing You Here - Tess Summons Brael, and gets more than she bargained for Field of Quartz - Tess and Wren get closer. Witch Fight - Tess vs. Sabrina, Tess wins. Sisterhood of the Traveling Hummer - The coven heads towards Tess's childhood home (Mentioned) The Haunting Of Thane Manor - The coven searches for a way to break Tess's pact from Black Philip (Mentioned)

In Captivity: The Rescue Dream - Tess asks Wren for help. Indentured Servitude - Tess negotiates with Saraekiel.
Be a sadist. Now matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them — in order that the reader may see what they are made of.
- Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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