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Ari Hrafn
« on: February 18, 2019, 07:09:30 AM »
The Huntsman

The Basics:

Name: Ari Hrafn
Age [appearance]: 34
Age [actual]: 1477
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Clan: Sacramentum Et Res
Sire: Valerius (Deceased)
Childer: Royce Ambrose
Alignment: Lawful Good
Status: Low, although higher in the East District due to family ties.
Sexuality: Queer, Male leaning but Pansexual
Quote: What is the point of eternity if you don't learn anything?

Hair: Ari has platinum blonde hair, that is long that reaches his upper shoulders. He most commonly wears it up and out of his face, but has never cut it to fit in better with the times. When it's down it's normally messy but washed and untangled. He often only styles it for parties or at Jeanne's insistence.

Eyes: His eyes are oval shaped and a striking blue, and seem to reflect the image of the person looking at them. They are also mysterious and steely, often unnerving people who stare into them for too long. They are often scanning the room he's in, doors, windows, the people within the space.

Frame: 6 Feet, 6 Inches tall. 218lbs. Ari is very tall, and as a result seems leaner than he is in reality. He led a mortal life of physical labor and so has a strong looking figure. His skin is mostly smooth, and his blonde body hair is neatly trimmed, and at distance his torso can look smooth.

Primary Stance 1: Standing in the back of the room, scanning the crowd and looking grave.

Primary Stance 2: Leaning over to care for the various animal familus of the family.

Primary Stance 3: Sitting in lotus form, mediating and centering himself.

Usually Seen Wearing: A gold ring, and lots of bracelets on his right arm, some with stones, others with beads. The ring is rather thick, and was a gift from his fledge on Ari's 1,200th birthday. He hasn't taken it off since.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: He is always a little dirty, his hands often sporting dirt under his nails. He washes up for parties, but vampires would always smell the earth on him. He can't shake it.

Ari has a few convictions that provide structure to his personality, and order to his mind.

1. Nature is the world's true master. We are guests of a greater god.
2. Calm, focus, and thoughtfulness are the secret to survival.
3. Royce is my love, and I will do anything for him.
4. The Sacrament is my family, and I will do anything for them.

The last two convictions are sometimes in opposition, and create moral conflicts for Ari. He respects and reveres Charon, the traditions of his family, and his fellow third generation sacrament members Jeanne and Felecia. He feels the closest with Felecia since they share a sire. He often does whatever Charon asks of him, and has been called by Royce "a yes man." His sense of duty comes from the fact that Charon has largely kept the family together. He knows how few vampire families have made it, and feels the Sacrment would fall apart without his grandsire's wisdom. He doesn't enjoy Charon's sometimes temperamental nature, but does his best to let his own calming nature sooth the family.

Ari has never been a highly emotional person, being chosen for the family precisely for his steady mind. His detachment was one reason he waited so long to sire, and why Royce hit him like a ton of bricks. Royce unlocked an emotional core Ari didn't know existed, and became almost like a drug. Ari only feels strongly when Royce is near. He covers up many of Royce's messes, and feels like this is partially his job as Royce's sire. He would do anything for Royce, including laying down his own life. He fears Charon sees his love for Royce as a weakness.

Ari spends much of the day with animals, as he likes them much better than people. He has learned to gain nourishment for them beyond most vampires, and can be seen feeding from horses in the stables on occasion. He never kills, and deplores violence. He sees it as a path towards death, and that immortals can not live for ever if they have weight on their souls. That said, he has broken his no kill rule if it meant protecting the family, and especially Royce. He grieves for the Sacrament members who've perished, especially Catherine.

Mortal History

Ari was born in the East Frisia section of Scandinavia, the first born son of a strong Vendel merchant.

Meeting Valerius
Becoming A Vampire
The Call Of The Wild
A Boy Named Royce
A Knack for Spying
More Tragedy
The Beastmaster
Family Ties
The Existential Crisis
Royce's Return

The Rest:
Awareness of Supernaturals: Most everything.

Occupation/Job: Works for the family in an unknown and important role. Within the family seeks to help solve conflict should it arise and is more talkative with his family than with others.

Domicile: Penbrook Church and Estate

Interesting Facts / Quirks: To deal with the boredom of being an ancient, Ari is secretly into mindfulness, meditation and eastern spiritual practice. It helps keep him in the moment and control his angry side which is buried deep down. 

Hobby/Hobbies: Animals, hunting, spending time with family, hanging out at Venture, arts and crafts, and spiritual practice.
Likes: Animals, especially horses and wolves. Royce. Family. Nature. Books. Hunting. Meditation.
Dislikes: Violence. Vampire hunters. The destruction of nature.
Strength: He is a very loyal person and despite not being an "I love you" kind of guy, he deeply cares for his kin and will work to advance their goals with devotion.
Weakness/Flaw: He is often too timid and also doesn't stand up for himself.


Be a sadist. Now matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them — in order that the reader may see what they are made of.
- Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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