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Re: Damage Control
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At Arutha's words Naoise closed his eyes and almost fell against Arutha in relief and joy. Since the day the collar had been snapped around his neck, forcing him into his animal form and obliterating his human identity, he had given up the idea of being in love, after a few centuries he had also given up the idea of ever being free. Arutha had changed that, changed his entire existence in such a short time thinking about it made his head spin and yet here he was, here they both were and the future lay unmarked and full of hope and possibility before then. he wouldn't look back again.

He didn't know where the others had gotten to and he felt no darkness on the air or through the earth, well, no more then was usual for this city. He titled his head up again and locked eyes shining with all that he felt with Arutha's.

*Let us be away from this place of death and betrayal Mo gra. lets go home*

Home, a place of safety and love. a place filled with life, a place filled with their life.