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Dreki Arach
« on: March 09, 2019, 04:07:50 PM »
night and day, I think of you and sing.
the rose is shut in, in this winter with the moon.
it’s totally like heaven. the truth goes far away.
all along, they didn’t come over to take care of my little flowers.
I fall my love, never, how do you feel no more to wanna gain my mind.
garden - wac

Birth name: Dreki Arach
Aliases/Nicknames: Dreks, Dragon Walker
Namesake: His parents wanted a dragony sounding name, but felt that Drake or Draco was too common or too basic.
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual, in his own words "I can't see anyway, so what does it matter?"
Nationality: His parents have a very European background, Dutch, Scottish, and Irish being most prevalent
Age: 29
Looks: Early to Mid 20s
Date of Birth: October 15th
Species: Altered Human
Domicile: A basic one floor two bedroom apartment within the City
Family: Parents (Both Deceased), Adoptive Father (Deceased), Adoptive Sister (Deceased)

Hair: A light soft blonde that tends to be more on the long side for a guy, usually hitting his mid neck, but sometimes gets long enough to go a little past his shoulders. When it gets that long, he usually has it in a low ponytail.
Eyes: A deep blue, but they almost look scarred. There are cool grayish-whitish swirls and speckles within the blue of his eyes.
Skin: Pale with under-shades of of peach and pink tones, fairly smooth skin. His arm and leg hair equates to peachfuzz, and cannot easily grow facial hair
Shape of Face: Oval
Nose: From brow-bone to tip there is a slight curve, then goes straight to connect to his face.
Mouth: Fairly proportionate lips with a noticeable cupids bow, the ends of his lips have a slight curve upwards.
Glasses or Contacts?: Sometimes Sunglasses
Hands: Long fingers, almost bony but not quite. The larger veins can be seen through his skin giving light lines of blue across them.
Frame: At 6'2" and 180lbs he is athletically muscular, but is able to generally hide that under his clothes.
Marks: Has a line burn scar on either shoulder blade as well as the entire palm of his left hand.

Daily Garb: Black boots that zip up on the inside side of his feet, black crew sock, Black cargo pants, a white under t-shirt, a white button up shirt with the first two buttons unbuttoned.
Date/Out: Almost the same but with Black dress Pants, his shirt buttoned all the way up, a simple black tie, and would likely add a black vest to it as well
To bed: Boxer Briefs
Special: His wardrobe is devoid of color because he wouldn't be able to see anything to match things properly. Instead of looking like a fool, he'd rather stay with simple things he knows that works
Accessories: He does have both of his parents wedding rings on a necklace, but he keeps it at home after he almost lost it once.

Education: Has an MA degree in Education.

Current Occupation: German/Music Teacher in local high school, and The Myths and Cultures class at the Kerr Galvin Academy
Salary: 122,000 a year both jobs combined
Previous Occupations: None
Intelligence Level: Is an A+ 4.0GPA student. While his booksmarts rank pretty high, he has googled things such as "How many calories does soap have" and other such weird things.

Socioeconomic Level as a child: Upper Middle Class
Socioeconomic Level as an adult: Middle Class

Powers and their Drawbacks:
Since he was altered hes has gained a few powers, and has become decent at using what he is aware he has access to. Some things he is unaware of.

  • Sight (aware) - His sight has changed from total unending black, to objected being outlined in white. He has a bit of a lack of depth perception and can occasionally come off as clumsy, but can otherwise get around without the use of a seeing cane. His clumsiness is 100% most noticeable if he has consumed enough alcohol, lost enough blood, or otherwise in a lot of pain as his vision will slowly start to deform and go away.
  • Healing Abilities (aware) - He has the ability to heal physical injuries and illness as the risk of his own health. The Severity of how sick he gets depends on the severity of what he has healed. He of course cannot cure things like vampirism or lycanism, but can with average human illnesses. He won't take on wounds but will get a physical illness of some sort. He also cannot heal himself. This has only ever been tested on other mortals or altered humans, may have mixed results with other species.
  • Savior Mode/Angel Form (aware) - A mode in which Dreki would have to be badly wounded in order for it to activate on it's own, but he is able to activate it himself if he wanted. If badly injured, whether by his own hand or another, it will heal him back up. Cuts and wounds will heal up pretty quickly starting from the outside to stop bleeding and vital organs to keep him alive standpoint first, but a bruise will remain while it fully heals internally. In this form, he does gain wings that are white in color with glimmers of gold and silver depending on the light and angle you're looking at them. They are physically attached to his back, and touchable. They used to not be and would burn his back, but that changed with the last augmentation. He's also able to grab an ethereal sword upon command while in this form as a way to defend himself. He can have is disappear and appear at will provided his wings are out and as far as he is aware he reacts like a normal sword otherwise when against mortals or other altered humans. There are notes from the Facility that altered him saying that this may need to be tested on other species to confirm that this is fully the case. He is able to fly, and is much faster when flying than he is on foot.
  • Physical strength and agility (aware) - Due to his last augmentation, he is faster and stronger than most mortals and younger vampires. Vampires who are roughly about 100 years or older will be stronger and faster than he is. The only time he might be faster is if he is flying, and then he'd likely only be as fast as around a vampire roughly 150 in age. Even when not in angel form he does have more muscles in his back than a normal mortal due to his wings, and these muscles do help affect his arm strength as well, but he does come off as athletically built rather than that of a body builder.
  • Lifespan (unaware) - His alterer, Dr. Hofflan, suspects that Dreki may no longer have a mortal's lifespan and will likely live longer. However it is too soon to fully confirm that, and if that is the case, there is no telling for just how long it's been extended for. Dreki himself is unaware of this beyond comments that Hofflan has made on "You still look like you're not a day over 25" in the past, of which Dreki just chalks up to good genetics given how his actual age isn't that far off.

  • Instrument playing - He's able to play several instruments. List includes Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Trumpet, Violin, and Cello.
  • Languages - He loves learning how to speak other languages. He's Fluent in English, Spanish, German, Japanese, and French and is currently learning Arabic.
  • Singing - Part of him playing so many instruments also sometimes he'll sing along as he plays. His singing voice is calming, soft, and velvety. (An example of the type of tone of voice I'm going for is here: )
  • Studying - He loves learning new things and will devote time to just studying.
  • Playing in Bars - Sometimes as a break from life he'll get a gig at a local bar or something and play the piano and sing sweet nothings into the night just for tips. Usually this is enjoyed by most bar goers at the places he plays at.

Health: PTSD from several things in his life, Non-24 hour Sleep Wake Disorder from being blind, and sometimes forgets to eat.

Bad Habits / Vices: 
Biting his fingernails, he'll do this when deep in thought or stressed. Also when reading, whether it be in a book, or listening on his laptop, he'll just stare straight forward. Sometimes almost looks as if he is staring at someone or something, but really he isn't, he's just tuned everything out except what he is focusing on.

Observable Behavior:
Speech Patterns: Accent seems to have a hint of Canadian with how he says his "-out" sounds.
Words/Slang/Jargon: Uses the word Yo to say hi to those he is close to
Eye Contact: Sharp. Almost as if it is cutting through you or looking past you.
Gait: Long even strides, tends to walk quickly based on his height and leg length despite not usually being in a hurry.
Posture: Fairly perfect due to years of playing the Piano
Gestures, Quirks or Eccentricities: Left Handed
Mannerisms: When typing on a computer he has a habit of not even looking at the screen, or looking down at his book as he feels the braille inside.

Commonly Seen Holding: A book, his laptop, or sometimes an instrument.

Common Stance: Leans up against walls a lot if just standing around. Usually with a book in hand.

Likes & Dislikes
Food & Drinks: Tea, Rosemary and Olive Oil Bagels with plain cream cheese, cheesecake, lemon flavored sweets, grilled salmon
Music: Everything.
Movies & TV shows: The Fix, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Reservoir Dogs, The Man Who Fell To Earth, and The Big Lebowski
Books & Magazines: Anything that he can learn from really.

Pet Peeves: People abusing those who cannot fight back and being treated as if he is lesser than someone else
Major Hangups: Dealing with his past
Fears/Phobias: Finding another dead body or dealing with death.
Dislikes: Red Meat, energy drinks, things that are overly seasoned

Philosophy of life: The more you know, the more useful you become.

Strongest positive personality trait: Determination
Strongest negative personality trait: Coldness

Character Strengths:
  • Fiercely Loyal
  • Can be a father like figure
  • Fantastic Strategist
  • Loves teaching and learning alike

  • Can come off as timid or cold if he wants to be left alone
  • Will react rashly
  • Sometimes overly tired and not mentally sharp

  • Always Early
  • Can find the beauty in most things

Sense of humor: Sarcastic and dry
Temper: Cold and Quiet

Awareness of Supernaturals: He is aware of supernaturals existing and has only physically encountered Angels (Not dark or fallen), Vampires, Nymphs, Familiars, and Demons.
History and Relationships:
Relationship status: Single
Current family: None
Mother:  Dead, but felt it best that Dreki spread his arms and explore what life meant to him
Father: Also Dead, but felt it best that Dreki remain safe from the large open world outside
Birth Order: Only child
Maternal Grandparents: Dead before he was born
Paternal Grandparents: Dead before he was born
Other Relatives: Adoptive Father (Jonathan Hofflan) and adoptive sister (Emma Brandt), both dead.

Best Friend(s): None
Other Friends: Probably his coworkers, he's friendly with them all and jokes with them, but doesn't hang out with anyone outside of work
Other close relationships: His students. A lot of them see him as a secondary Father figure that they can go to if they cannot go to their actual parents about something.

Enemies: None

Romantic/Sexual Encounters: He's had a lot one night stands with people of multiple genders, but nothing deeper

Relationship Skills: He's good at appearing friendly on the surface if he needs to, but most of the time treasures his alone time.

Basic Rundown of History:
He was born blind, and as a child his parents had two very different ideas on how to raise him. His dad, who was also blind, wanted to shelter him and protect him from the world, his mom, who could see, wanted him to explore the world and not let him feel limited. They clashed about this, usually after they put him to bed. They didn't want him to hear their arguments, but he would from time to time. He tried not to clash with his dad too much because he knew his dad did what he did out of love, but he did not like being sheltered and did find it frustrating. His parents both still loved eachother and thus stayed together. At school his life was not great, he was bullied for using a walking cane and wearing sunglasses all the time. At first the teachers would do something about it but over time, they just kind of stopped. As a result he closed himself off from others and generally didn't talk much to others. While sometimes he'd try to take things into his own hands, being as physically weak as he was he never won a fight or anything. His dad refused to allow him to sign up for any martial art class. He explained to his mom in depth why he needed it, but she told him that this was one of the few things she couldn't do behind his dad's back as it would be too noticeable. He had just kind of given up on interacting with his peers at that point and went head first into his studies and thus became book smart over anything else. He also delve deeper into learning how to play music. Since he was young it was noticed he had developed quite an ear for music, so once he felt comfortable with one instrument he'd move onto another one and so on and so forth. It ended up being his escape from the perceived negative parts of his life.

While he was 16 he had lost both of his parents. His mom had died in a car crash, and not long after his dad committed suicide. He had found his father's body after coming home from school one day, and it scared the boy. The Foster system was having a hard time finding someone who could properly take Dreki into their home given how his blindness labeled him as special needs. Eventually this caught the interest of the facility that created altered humans and offered to flat out adopt him provided he agreed to allow them to experiment on him. When he asked what the point of the experiments would be, they promised to cure his blindness and make him stronger, and he had 100% jumped on that offer. He was tired of being made fun of and wanted to be able to stand up for himself and others at this point. When the Adoption went through, he was taken out of public school and became home schooled. They decided to alter him with Angel DNA, he mentioned he didn't want his eyes flat out replaced because he was tired of wearing sunglasses all the time as it was once told that his new eyes would be very sensitive to light, so they decided to take a more passive approach in regards to his eyes at least. After some time of them experimenting with his genes and Angel Genes, they came up with a mix they felt would help. While homeschooling, this is where he picked up his love for languages and being able to speak them. He heard so many while at his time in the facility that he wanted to start learning them and after it all he never stopped learning and just picked up another language when he felt confident in his skills the the other one he learned.

Once Dreki turned 18, he was placed under for the experiments to happen, they didn't go as planned however. He was still blind, but now he could in general sense where objects and people where, almost as if there was a thin white outline around everything. It hurt at first and took a while to get used to, but after a couple of years he could get around on his own without the use of a cane. New places still get to him a bit but he is better about it. Also he learned he could now heal others at the risk of his own health. Whether it be a physical injury or illness, he would get illness like symptoms, the severity depending on the severity of the wound he healed. They trained and tested him to see all what he could do, one day these tests went out of control, and stabbed through the stomach. The transformation of this Savior mode that was noted was kept secret from Dreki, all he remember is that he passed out and when he woke up he was fine. They explained to him that he simply just had a bad dream after passing out from touching a red hot sword handle and that he actually had the training day off. He didn't remember that but didn't verbally question it. Not long after that event they let him decide what he wanted to do with his life, figuring that it's best not to push him much further. He went to college and studied to become a teacher, and eventually got his MA's in Education. He got hired at the local highschool after being a substitute for a year, and due to his love for languages he also moonlighted as an ESL teacher on the weekends. As a teacher is he generally well liked by his students and really treats them with respect as he expects to be treated by them.

Feeding: It's fine if he isn't actually being bitten/turned, but donates his blood in some way or form
Cursing: Discuss with me first
Wounding: Yes
Killing: No

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Re: Dreki Brandt
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2019, 06:41:38 AM »
In Depth history
Will be written in Dreki's perspective of the more harrowing things he'd put up with that he currently remembers. Content warnings for child abuse, rape, death, and overall violence.

That day, I'll never forget that day. I was 16, in English class, listening to the teacher read part of a book. The Great Gatsby, what a bore. Yes you go throw that pool party, go impress the dumb blond who doesn't seem to understand who you are. The phone on the wall rang, the teacher paused the class to answer it, after all he couldn't tell the kids to read on their own because I existed. The school didn't have the money to look for audiobooks for just me, or even rarer to find, a braille version, so here I sat, among the chattering kids waiting for Mr. Bogen to continue. Instead of, his voice called out.

"Dreki, Principals office." The kids 'oooooo'd' as if I were in trouble or something, in trouble for what who knows. People tried to blame me for their misdoings a lot. I got up, grabbed my cane, and walked for the door, a stone cold look on my face as I did so, but hard to see behind my sunglasses. The kids didn't try anything as I walked by, after all our teacher was watching, no one would risk the instant detention he would give them for it. It seemed like he was the only one who cared sometimes, most of the other teachers turned a blinder than me eye to how kids treated me. The sad thing is that I'm totally blind, born that way. All I can see is a solid color, I knew what colors are what what things were what colors, but the concept of colors in general still blows my mind. The same thing with Lightness and Darkness. I couldn't even tell you what color I do see, if it is light or dark, or anything of that. My basis of comparison was skewed since the beginning. The walk there was nothing special as I sat down on one of the chairs near the door to the main office. The principal's office was attached to the main office, and not long after I sat down, the lady at the main office desk, got him and he ushered me into his office.

"Please, sit down" He spoke as I walked in. He closed the door behind me and went to sit at his desk. The Smell of Leather from the seats filled the room, the squeaks of his chair as his weight hit it, little did I know these would be my last great memories of this place, or at least, last memories as a student anyway.

"Look Dreks, I'm just going to go right into it ok?" He said and I was about to speak up and say that I didn't do anything but I think he caught wind of that based on my expression and tapped his hand down on his desk a few times so I could hear it.

"Stop, look it's nothing that happened at the school. But, your Mom died." I remember not believing him at first and just shook my head, but he spoke again before I could.

"She was on her way here to pick you up like usual, but was hit by a drunk driver, she died instantly. We're arraigning to get you a ride home now." And I just start crying, I don't remember when I stopped but it was before I woke up the next morning. I just had no tears left to cry at that point.

The next few days were fuzzy but I remember my dad and I not really talking much to eachother. It hit us both hard. Little did I know that it was the start to the end. I never know that I would miss their arguments that much, on how to raise me. My dad was terrified of the world and what it held, he didn't want me to get hurt. My mom realized that getting hurt was apart of life and would encourage me to live a little. It would always be about little things about what I could or couldn't do, Piano? Martial Arts? Somethings my mom could convince him that it was good for me, but she was no longer here to do that. I always had a hard time sleeping but these few days I get very little. In a sense I was waiting for my Dad to tell me that I couldn't do the many things that my mom told him that I should be able to do but I never did get that. I had to start taking the bus, which was a terrifying experience. I always made sure to get on last, and get off last so I couldn't be tripped on those deep stairs.

When I came home that day, a few days of my mom being gone, it felt different. I chalked it up to it being real, that she was really gone and it finally hit me. While that was true, thats not what happened. It was too quiet at home tonight, I began to call out for my dad for him to not respond. I rush around the house trying to look for him, and remembering my cane hitting a lump near the stair banister. It was a cloth knot, and my dad was hanging from the other end. I don't remember what happened next other than it was a few days later and I was riding in the back of the police car. I'm not sure if I even moved or went to school in those few days from me finding my dad to the police finding me, I'm not even sure where they found me, but chances are someone tipped them off that I wasn't doing well.

I was put in the foster care system, what a god awful place that was. It took them nearly a week to find a home suitable that would take me. Apparently being blind labeled me as special needs, there was nothing special or needy about me for fucks sake, there was no reason for that. Anyway they find me a home where the parents had one other kid they were taking care of, their daughter Emma. She was 7, but had the mentality of probably a 3 year old. They were a very religious family and home school the two of us. I was taught how to help take care of Emma, mostly changing her diapers. She hated it, particularly when it came to use the wipes, but getting a rash would be worse, you know? I tried to make it easier for her by having her 'help' and it seemed to work. She enjoyed helping. It was a very awkward living situation because I was never raised to be religious or anything, I didn't want much to do with all that, but I was respectful and pretended to at least, to get the parents to continue to take care of me. After about a month of this, I'm coloring with Emma like usual. She would hand me colors and tell me where to color, She was probably better at staying in the lines than I was, but she still like helping teach me how to color.

"Dee, play hide and seek tonight?" She asked in her very innocent way of speaking. She spoke very much like a young toddler too. "But no seek, only you hide. I'll show where"

"Well whats the point of playing like that?" I had asked, curious to what she was getting at.

"Please!" She responded, sounded as if she was started to get upset, I looked in her direction and smiled, remember putting my hand on her shoulder.

"Ok fine, I will." I told her with confidence, trying to keep her happy. Dealing with a 7 year old having the tantrum of a toddler was not something that was fun, as I had learned very quickly upon living here.

"Bedtime ok?" She said giving me a time on when she wanted to hide me.

I nodded and continued to color with her. Dinner time came and went, told the parents I was going to bed early because I was tired. They nodded and said good night, they seemed to trust me which was nice. I went into my room and set up my bed like I was asleep in it. Not terribly long after, before it was Emma's bedtime, she came in and got me, and lead me into her closet. We were both quiet, and my thin frame made it easy for me to hide under a pile of clothes and stuffed animals in her closet. I was nearly 6 foot tall, but was pole thin nearly. Her mom came in and read her a bedtime story, seemed like usual night. However roughly an hour later someone else entered the room, it was the dad. The mom usually did take sleeping pills but this was weird, the noises I heard next disgusted me. Finally it made sense as to why she hated getting her diaper changed, why she wanted me to hide. I came out from hiding and attacked the dad, I couldn't just sit and hide while he violated Em, she didn't deserve that. No one deserved that. I think I ended up getting violated instead, I don't remember what happened after I ran at the Dad and smacked him with my cane and him not being happy about it. I was told I was found in a gas station parking lot, bleeding from my feet, ass, face, looked like I had gotten the shit beaten out of me. But I also had Em with me, she was crying and freaking out that I was hurt, eventually the police were called and we were both taken from the home.

It hit the news very quickly, 'Orphan saved girl from getting abused by Dad' was the big gist of it. I was forced on the news a couple of times by the Foster care place to talk about it, but I wasn't very up for talking. It was disgusting, someone taking advantage of someone who couldn't even mentally understand what sex was. Apparently when the news hit, there was a group of people very interested. They were some facility, I still don't know the name of the place despite going back there every few months or so. A Doctor by the name of Micheal Hofflan from them ended up adopting me and taking over my care. He took over Emma's care too, had a special team of nurses and everything to care for her. He promised a better ability to fight back, to protect her, to be able to finish high school and go to college if I so choose. All I had to do to repay them was to take part in his experiments. I agreed.

My time there, I don't remember much of beyond studying languages and playing music. Those were the two things that kept me sane and grounded, besides the occasion I got to play with Em, but it felt more like they used and are still using her to get me to play nice with what they want. They allowed me to choose what kind of creature I wanted to become modified with, they attempted to teach me to fight but I'm not very good at it, Once they modified me I remember being very very sick for a few months. I had a high fever and it felt like my body was tearing itself from the inside out, over and over again. Once I got better, they began to test my abilities and tried to train me again. I still wasn't much of a fighter but things also felt different. I could see, I guess if you could call this seeing. I have no depth perception but people and things are outlines for me. I can also sense people and who they are by whatever energy the put out. Some people felt really really different, almost otherworldly, but I paid no mind to that nagging feeling really. I learned I could heal others, but I would get sick by doing so. There were points where I'd have moments of extreme amnesia, where I'd wake up in spots that I didn't remember falling asleep. I had a mental break at somepoint, I don't remember what happened but they allowed me to leave and live the life I currently live now.

I do have to go back when Dr. Hofflan requests me to. Mostly for doctor checkups, I can't have a normal doctor anymore. Apparently I've stopped aging the past few years according to him. He always requests that if I heal someone and get sick that I am to see him, luckily I don't do that. Beyond that I don't actually get sick anymore, even with the amount of casual sex I have I don't even seem to get STDs. The Skin on my left palm has felt funny for since before I left, I was told I burnt it on a stovetop. I somehow don't believe that, but I don't push it much. Sometimes he forces checkups on me. Gives me vaccines, or what he calls them anyway. Not sure if thats true or not, however, if I don't go, they'll hurt Em. My mind feels fuzzy if I try and deny him too beyond the usual threats. I wish I wasn't apart of this anymore, I don't want to be but I can't let someone innocent get hurt on my behalf. I don't even know who I am anymore, as a result I tend to keep away from others. I don't want anyone else to be held against me like Em has been. My students I suppose are at risk but I care about all of them the same amount, it would be hard to kidnap several hundred kids at once.

However... I'm tired of being alone. I'm tired of living this life as I am. The Alcohol and Casual sex is even losing it's fun, no matter if it is with women, men, intersex, whoever else, it's all boring now. But, what can I even do about it? I can't go up against an entire secret facility with 0 ability to fight, they would just kill Em on me anyway. I want to be free, but, I honestly don't even think I could die no matter how much I may want to. Em needs me, and for now, I will live for her, to maybe one day get her into a good group home that can take care of her.

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Re: Dreki Arach
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2019, 11:34:03 AM »
Roleplays: All are in order of happening - With Drew Learning about Vampires and other supernatrual - With Drew, learning about how he reacts to the bite - With Lacy, an insight to his present and how he's treated at the facility - With Sam, A meeting of someone new - With Sam, An Intimate enjoyment - With everyone, Grand Opening of the Academy that he works in, later spends it with Sam - With Sam, Enjoying a nice dinner date - With Sam, Intimacy enjoyed then promptly ruined by Dreki's past closet skeletons - With Archie, Inquiries about a blind friendly watch to celebrate his new job. The inquiries lead nowhere and thus never did get a watch. - With Drew, Begging for help, wanting to be free - With Drew, Telling Drew more about his life and the facility - With Astrid, Asking for some help, any protection she could give to help keep his thoughts away from Hofflan. - With Drew (sorta), Followed to the Facility and further altered - With Ash, making of a new friend - With Ash, Cafe drinks and attack leading Ash to know about Supernatural creatures. - With Ash, in the privacy of his own apartment, explains what he is, and that others of different species exist and what supernaturals are. - With Sam, Facing his emotions for the first time in regards to Sam - With Rohan and Theo, Looking for an outlet - With Nox and Drew, Gaining of a new roommate after being sick and Drew wanting to make sure Dreki is safe - With Drew, Ari, and Jeanne, Learning of his past and the start of becoming free - Open, After freedom returning to work, is concerned about his now missing roommate and wants to better learn about angels to better equip himself with life without Hofflan - With Ash and Maybe Sam, and open for others to join, At the Carnival Wanting to have a night where he can forget what he is sad and enjoy himself actually being free for the first time in his life.