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13 Broomfield Crossing Description
« on: March 12, 2019, 11:15:03 AM »

Location and History:
At the southeast edge nestled between suburbs and apartment complexes was a little overgrown abandoned house that had a reputation of being haunted.  Astrid stumbled upon this place by chance (thread: The Haunted House) and discovered that this place sat at a nexus where The Veil was thin.  After sending most of the spirits to rest, she discovered that something more sinister had been summoned and bound to this place.  With Saint Sabrina's help, a jar of blackness was destroyed (thread: The Jar), allowing Astrid to continue with cleansing the house (thread: The Cleansing).  The cleansing made her feel more attached to the house, and after spending time working on one project after another she decided to stay.

The house itself was once white, shutters and door are a forest green--all of which seriously need a new coat of paint.  The walkway leading up to the dilapidated front porch is rife with cracks and weeds.  The grass is completely overgrown.  Glass back doors and some of the windows were shattered and now need to be replaced.  The backyard is boarded by encroaching forest.  There are a few overgrown raised-bed plots that once held vegetables, as well as a couple of well-established fruit trees that were planted when the house was first built.

Following a twisted path through a section of the wood will lead to a magically enchanted grove that changes seasonally.  This space experiences vibrant falls, snowy winters, bright springs, and lush summers.

Floor Plan:

The house has been cleaned thoroughly and is ready to be remodeled.

First Floor:

Hardwood floor, dated ceiling light fixture, wood paneling.
You can see a second-floor balcony as soon as you walk in, right above a coat closet nestled against the stairs.

Hardwood floor, double doors, wall-to-wall built-in bookshelves, wood paneling walls (where there aren't bookshelves).
A large solid maple desk sits in the center of the room.  The chair was too broken to salvage.

Dining Room:
Hardwood floor, nice solid wood dining set (chairs need reupholstering though), wood paneling.
Astrid has some paperwork and books scattered across one half the table and various tools and projects on the other.

Living Room:
Hardwood floors, wood paneling, fireplace.

Vintage appliances (early 20th century), dark wood cabinets with glass panes, white subway tile backsplash, green and white tile floor (broken, cracked, missing tiles), white countertops (warped), center island. 
There is a clashing of old and new(ish) style here that suggests it was mid-renovation.

White tile floors, walls are half white subway tile (bottom) and half ghastly yellow wallpaper (top), white toilet (not functional), white sink (leaks).

Laundry Room:
White and green tile floors, white subway tile walls, white countertops, sink, cabinets.
Old appliances have been removed so this room is empty.

Second Floor:

Sitting Room:
Hardwood floor, wood paneling.

Second Bedroom:
Hardwood floor, one closet, blue wallpaper with a white floral pattern.

White tile floors, walls are half subway tile and half plain teal wallpaper, clawfoot tub, white toilet (unidentified stain) and sink (cracked).

Master Bedroom:
Hardwood floor, god-awful dusty-rose colored wallpaper with a gold floral pattern, walk-in closet.

Master Bathroom:
White tile everything, large corner-tub, glass shower stall, white double-sink, white toilet.
Perfectly clean as if untouched, easily the newest-looking room in the house.

Cement floor and walls, exposed support beams, wood shelving on some walls, partially-walled-in closet-sized room with shelves.
Mostly empty, save the secret room with the shelves lined with jars of strange things.
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