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« on: March 13, 2019, 07:27:04 AM »
East District Laws
As Per The Sacramentum

You are free to use your own judgement when it comes to living or visiting the East district.
We are not your keepers, but we will remove you if you make trouble. Judgment will be immediate and applied swiftly.

  • Don't kill unnecessarily. Report any deaths you participate in. (Send us a text)
  • Don't reveal your supernatural nature unless you are prepared to contain a negative reaction.
  • If you wish to create another superior being (human to vampire, fallen to dark angel, human to magic-user, etc), let us know so that we can record them in the database. (Send us a text)
  • Passing on the werewolf curse is a crime. Before every full moon you must report to the Kerr Galvin Academy for your safety and the safety of others.
  • If you can deal with it yourself, then deal with it yourself. (Werewolf curse excepted).
  • If you need to talk to us, visit the Penbrook Church and wait.

Mortal Followers: The Sacramentum have a few businesses (shops) as well as mortals on staff who live in the East District if not on the estate itself. They are the eyes and ears of what is happening on the district streets. They are difficult to detect and they are plentiful.  They are only to observe any trouble during the day for Sacrament to deal with at night. Around a thousand are earning wages, and half of them are extremely loyal to the Sacrament on top of that. They are well looked after, but none are in the know of Sacramentum secrets in case they are bribed, captured and tortured, or have their minds read.

Vampire Followers: Some younger vampires have been accepted into the Sacramentum circle, but not sired by the family themselves. They are 'adopted' or have been sent by vampires friendly to the Sacramentum from around the world on diplomatic exchange, but mostly for mental training plus how to run a vast vampire organisation. Sacramentum are allied with the vampiric Brotherhood, an old organisation. At the moment they have eight younger vampires living on the estate, aged between 50-200. These vampires have their own areas in the East to patrol at night. They are not dressed in uniform, but look like regular civilians. They change their areas on a rotation basis for purposes of boredom and not to be recognised as always in the one area.

The Ward: The Ward are made to feel welcome in the East, and are often given free meals and/or discounts at any of the businesses the Sacramentum owns. They have free entry and access to VIP areas at Venture, including when they are off-duty.
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