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Locus poenitentiae
A place of repentance


Sexuality: Asexual

Species: Mimic Demon
Human Form: African Male

Age [actual]: 142
Age [appearance]: 30
Date of Birth: 1st October

Hair: Bald
Eyes: Black
Frame: Athletic / Muscular - 6'6"
Tattoos / Piercings: None
Distinguishing Marks: None

Notable relationships: Loyal follower of Zeus

Around the house: White tee or black tee and jeans with chucks
Doing errands: Three-piece suits, black or navy, and sunglasses
To bed: Nothing

Observable Behavior
Speech Patterns: Formal speech. Few inflections. Hardly uses slang. Very precise.
Eye Contact: Direct, unwavering.
Gait: Long-legged walk, quite fast, has a slight slink
Posture: Excellent posture. Often folds arms across chest or loose at sides. Always stands rigid (to attention).

Likes & Dislikes
Sports: Enjoys watching football, ice hockey, boxing and other full-body contact sports
Food & Drinks: Loves all kinds of burgers, hotdogs, sandwiches. Anything with bread. Doesn't drink alcohol.
Music: Metal, hard-rock, hard alternative.
Movies & TV shows: Doesn't watch any television or movies. Pop culture references are lost on this one.
Books & Magazines: Likes flipping through fashion magazines. Always reading a Mills & Boon romance novel.

Fears/Phobias: Grasshoppers freak him out.
Awareness of Supernaturals: All of them.

Generally stays out of trouble but unquestioningly follows orders regardless of their legality. Is a sucker for a good romance; 'how they met' or 'proposal stories'. Will often ask this of couples. Completely loyal to Zeus. Will do anything for him. Often confused by the differences of his own culture and the one in this plane of existence. He is a sharer of news and doesn't ever lie, and still can't grasp the concept of whimisical untruths or white lies. He managed to understand lying to save oneself from hurt or punishment though.

Enemies: Any enemy of Zeus is an enemy of his.

Relationship Skills: Minimal. Awkward.

Sexual Background: None. If there's someone in his bed, they're his cuddle partner.
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