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Noelle Gainsboro
« on: March 17, 2019, 01:05:21 PM »
Oh, take a chance, let your body get a tolerance,
I'm not a chance, but a heat wave in your pants
Pull a breath like another cigarette,
Pawn shop heart trading up
I Don't Care - Fall Out Boy

Birth name: Noelle Gainsboro
Gender: Female
Sexuality: She uses her looks to her advantage, there is speculation that she might be gay, but she does act interested in men at the very least
Age: 32
Looks: Mid 20s
Date of Birth: November 18th
Species: Smoke Demon
Domicile: The West Side
Family: Her Gang

Hair: Jet black, straight, down to her shoulders, has a bit of a fringe
Eyes: A steely cool gray
Skin: Pale with more olive undertones
Shape of Face: Round
Nose: a straight bridge down to a button nose
Mouth: A defined cupids bow, upper lip is slightly thinner than her lower lip
Glasses or Contacts?: None
Hands: Small, with thin fingers. Normally wears nail polish that matches her outfit, Fingernails are sharpened to a short point.
Frame: An hour glass shape Ectomorph, she is a healthy weight but does have more muscle behind her than it appears, she is 5'9" and 155lbs.
Marks: Has Several tattoos covering her body. Her face, neck, and hands are clear of Tattoos so she can hide them if needed, but she otherwise has full sleeves, and all over her back and torso. There is a lot of color and a lot of them have a very watercolor appearance to them.

Daily Garb: Almost like an old gangster, a fitted button up shirt of some color, sometimes with a thin black tie, black dress pants, a matching black dress up jacket. Her boots are flat to make for easy traveling and come up to right below her knees. Sometimes were wear a black flatcap as well.
Date/Out: A cute black skirt that goes down to her knees, overlayed with black lace with a small fringe at the bottom, and a cute colored blouse of some kind. Shoes tend to be flats that would match the color of the shirt
To bed: Nothing, or very pretty underwear depending on the circumstances
Special: She goes have a very pretty red and black flowy dress that she does wear on special occasions
Makeup: Will always match whatever color she is wearing. She makes it herself actually to get the colors she wants. Although her nail polish, when painting her nails smells questionable, when dry they smell like nothing.
Accessories: She has no piercings but in her nicer outfits she is known to wear matching rings and necklaces. Other than that she doesn't wear anything for practicality.

Education:  'Homeschooling'
Current Occupation: Former Gang Leader
Salary: Enough
Previous Occupations: Gang Member
Intelligence Level: Incredibly street smart, especially in the art of evading.

Socioeconomic Level as a child: Comfortable
Socioeconomic Level as an adult: Very Comfortable

Powers and their Drawbacks: She can turn into Smoke, and she loses her clothes doing so

  • Making her own makeup
  • Aikido

  • Luring men for information
  • Playing darts
  • playing pool
  • Keeping up on bar culture

Health: Fairly healthy, she does actually take care of more than just her looks

Bad Habits / Vices:  Smokes Sobraine Cocktails

Observable Behavior:
Speech Patterns: Does an Audible "Hmmm" noise when thinking, speaks more sultry to those she doesn't know
Eye Contact: Very good at keeping it
Gait: Sometimes quick and short steps, when luring someone she makes sure to walk slow and let her hips sway
Posture: keeps decent posture, it shows off her chest better
Gestures, Quirks or Eccentricities: She will put her elbows on the table, interlock her fingers, and rest her head on her hands while she listens to someone if she knows they are bullshitting her
Mannerisms: Her eyes seem to sometimes constantly scan a room that she is in.

Commonly Seen Holding: A Sobraine Cocktail that matches her outfit

Common Stance: Leaning against something

Likes & Dislikes
Food & Drinks: Coffee, Hot cocoa, really anything that can be drank hot if not warm. Hibachi, Bananas foster, creme burlee, anything else you take a touch or fire to.
Music: Mostly Alt Rock
TV: Prefers comedies or thrillers
Books & Magazines: Read hilariously bad romance novels

Pet Peeves: Being interrupted in her doing anything.
Major Hangups: Not getting her way
Fears/Phobias: Reforming naked in front of someone
Dislikes: Failure

Philosophy of life: Get what you need, no matter the means

Strongest positive personality trait: She doesn't give up
Strongest negative personality trait: She will blame others for her failures

Character Strengths: Is loyal to whom she runs with.

Flaws: Can act childish if things do not go her way, sometimes even acting rashly

Facts/Quirks: She has no less than two weapons on her at all times. A Small gun kept at her lower back, a hunting knife by her right ankle and attached to her forearms are two plastic knives that can slide out and stab if she pulls on a string. They are sharp enough to go through flesh and the entire mechanism is fully plastic/string and thin in order to pass through metal detectors or patdowns.

Sense of humor: Dark, and usually at someone else's expense
Temper: Harsh, and sometimes childish.

Awareness of Supernaturals: Very very very aware
History and Relationships:
Relationship status: Single
Current family: Those from her previous gang
Mother: Dead
Father: Dead
Birth Order: Only child
Maternal Grandparents: Dead
Paternal Grandparents: Dead
Other Relatives: Nope

Best Friend(s): None
Other Friends:  None
Other close relationships: None

Enemies: Anyone who crosses  her

Romantic/Sexual Encounters: She usually uses this to her advantage to get information out of someone, does not get as far as sex before she attempts to kill them.

Relationship Skills: She is very charismatic, and it's at least easy for her to pretend to like someone, or at least get along with someone if she needs to. She has no problem working with others if they share a similar goal as her, regardless of how she actually feels about them.

Basic Rundown of History:
Her 'Parents' A Fire and Air demon, came together to create her. They both co-lead a gang of other demons that would deal high end substances, offer 'protection' services, and had a few pawn shops as fronts. They taught their daughter how to take over the family 'businesses' and how to be a fearless leader, by teaching her martial arts and how to be smart about things. When the Vampires came in, her parents were killed. She thought it was best for the gang to dissipate and go their separate ways so no other casualties were had. Those that disagreed with her did also get killed by the vampires, those that didn't still meet up with her once a week and they play billiards, darts, and other bar games with eachother in her 'Man Cave' of a basement which is basically her own private tavern that she hosts these get-togethers in. She inherited the house she lives in from her parents and hasn't really changed much of the rooms around, except for what room is hers. She still runs those pawn shops but nowadays as legit businesses, and employs her old gang members.