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« on: March 18, 2019, 12:39:01 AM »
Name: Alena
Age [appearance]: Late teens
Age [actual]: 18
Gender: Appears female in human form
Species: Electricity Demon
Human Form(can vary if needs be, but the below is her usual human form)
A thick main of dark chestnut hair, with a few hints of red running through it. It falls in waves and the ends curl a little. It can be a little frizzy and is very prone to static, which she usually seeks out.
Eyes: A very pale blue, large and frames with thick dark lashes.
Frame: Alena is definitely best described as petite, with a slim frame and standing at a fraction over 5 foot.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: On the inside of her wrist Alena has a small Pikachu tattoo in bright colours. Her skin is pale, with hardly any flaws (although you can’t usually tell under a layer of dirt). Her favourite outfit involves wearing a battered leather jacket which is too big for her but keeps her warm, a gift from Ekaitz.

As a demon Alena is somewhat embarrassed by her small frame, but it does come in useful at times – an imposing figure is not always the best option to go with. Her demon skin is alabaster white and her batlike wings have the slightest tinge of blue to them.
Personality: Alena is a very energetic young creature, who rarely thinks things through properly before acting. Through thorough training she knows how to keep quiet when she needs to be, but she does find it difficult and would rather not to. Alena is passionate and can easily get carried away with things. She gets worked up easily, whether than be with anger or excitement.

There’s not many people Alena cares about, but when you get on her good side she would give her life for you, given the chance. If she doesn’t know you she’ll be visibly wary around you and can be rude and snappy. She doesn't much see the point in going out of her way to help someone she doesn't know if she can't see what benefit there is for her.
History: Alena doesn’t know much about her early years, other than vague memories of being taught about some of her powers by a male power demon she assumes was a parent. She can’t remember much about losing him, but she was told by Ekaitz, the leader of her newfound family, that her guardian had been killed by a hunter and they had found her because they had taken down the hunter not long afterwards. She had been only eight when Ekaitz, a weather demon, took her in to join their gang. A few people came and went over the years, but there were rarely more than 5 or 6 of them, fiercely watching out for one another.

Ekaitz helped Alena develop her skills and made use of her for his… entrepreneurial ambitions. Alena could travel through power cables into buildings, before deactivating alarms or locks to let the others in to take what they wanted, or hurt who they needed to. Alena loved being a part of the family, feeling useful and a key member of the team, despite her youth compared to the others. They moved around a lot, finding squats to shelter in, looking after one another. Fortunately (for Alena at least) having a weather demon as their leader meant that the rain which would have been torture for Alena rarely came, but localised dry thunder storms were a common occurrence when they were in the neighbourhood. Alena loved her life and always felt safe with her adopted family until only a few weeks ago.

The scumbag vampire leader of the Centre invaded West, where everything had been running so smoothly (in the opinion of some). Ekaitz told Alena to flee and hide and she had watched through a security camera as McCloud’s army slaughtered her family. She followed McCloud's people through the powerlines to watch as they murdered others, then back to the vampire’s headquarters to learn of his location and his family. She had been tempted to try to strike him down, but he had an army, Alena had nothing, so she retreated to look for support elsewhere.

Alena knows some other demons who had spent time with their gang, but she hasn’t been able to find them after everything happened as so many went into hiding and she’s been keeping herself scarce as well. She knows there used to be an Oligarch for Demons, who may be able to help her.
Awareness of Supernaturals: Aware of vampires, demons, angels, witches, werewolves, imps etc
Occupation/Job: None
Domicile: None

Weakness: Water & other liquids, especially she she’s using her powers.

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Re: Alena
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Where Is My God - Alena breaks into the Oligarchy Chambers to search for clues about Zeus, the missing last Demon Oligarch
Drenched with a Soaking Joy - Alena visits the Block to look for Zeus
Carry on Spying - Alena meets Sam to try to get more information on Jake.