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North-West District Laws
District Leader Zoheret

Citizens are expected to manage themselves in an appropriate manner at all times when within District and City limits. Citizens are required by District Law to report any wrongdoing. Anonymous hotlines have been set up directly to the offices of the District Leader to encourage such reporting. Citizens are required to report any law breaking to the offices of the District Leader as soon as possible. Any citizen found in violation of this agreement - such as harboring a criminal or hiding a criminal offense from authorities - will be subject to punishment and fines.


  • Killing any persons of any species is a punishable offense. The District Leader determines the severity on a case-by-case basis. Citizens can expect firm and fair punishment. 
  • Outing yourself or another supernatural, accidentally or purposely, to an unwilling party is an offense punishable by law. Offenders may be exiled from the District or city, depending upon the severity of the crime.
  • All citizens are required to ask for permission before creating more supernatural beings. Requests are subject to approval by the District Leader. The District Leader alone has the right to approve or deny any creation for any reason.
  • All supernatural citizens must be registered at the District Leader's offices. All illegal supernatural citizens will be subject to appropriate punishment and pay fines not greater than $2,500. In order to be registered, all supernatural beings must have a permanent residence in the District. Registration may be done up to 14 days of moving into the district. Moving residences within the district also requires a re-registration with the District Leader's offices.
  • All inquiries should be directed towards the District Offices at [COMING SOON]. All fines must be paid in full and in person within 14 days of sentencing. Sentences are served promptly after a short, intimate trial with District Leader Zoheret as judge. Fines gathered supplement ongoing supernatural projects in the District and City. Citizens can expect hefty fines for most offenses short of killing, dismemberment, and exposure.

Human followers: There is a human police force of about fifty men who are employed by the District to spot potential safety issues, help humans and lesser supernaturals in need, and otherwise contact the Angelic force or Ward when necessary. These are the main patrollers of the District. They dress and act as regular police officers of the area, only with specialized training to handle a supernatural situation. Please note that they will not engage in escalated supernatural situations, but herald the Angelic or Ward forces. If you commit a crime openly, expect them to be at your door the next night. They are, however, limited to what they know and experience as humans.

Angelic Containment Forces (ACF): A small - less than 5 - private force of Dark Angels who are skilled in damage control. They are called rarely, only if the human force needs help containing a supernatural situation, such as a demon or vampire out of control. They will commonly show up quickly to an escalating situation. They can be summoned only by the District Leader or by the human Captain of the police force. Zoheret is not one of the force.

The Ward: Police the District as regularly as they deem necessary. Often called in when situations have escalated past containment or a dangerous immortal is involved. It is common to see both the Angelic Containment Force and the Ward appear to the same conflict. The two groups typically work peacefully together and can contain any situation within reason.