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Evening Citizens,

I am writing a revision of our laws and standards of conduct to better represent our changes in philosophy and demographics. Most laws will be the same as before, however note that there are a few laws now off the books and a few new ones added. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to District Harpy, Lisa-Joe Hampton.

The Black Prince


1. Do not violate the masquerade, otherwise understood as the revealing of your supernatural nature to the ignorant. This can be interpersonal exchanges, grand displays of your power, or any such action that attracts the attention of the uninformed. If you wish to bring a mortal into this world, it is your responsibility to ensure they keep the secret as well.

Punishment: The matter will be investigated by the sheriff and evidence will be submitted to the District Leader for judgement. Depending on the size of the breach punishments range from a small fine, banishment, or community service.

2. Do not kill ANYONE! Listen, we get it. Sometimes a dudes an asshole and you just want to punch his skull in. However, killing people sets a bad standard for others in our community, attracts mortal law enforcement, media attention and is frankly morally not good for us. Now sometimes shit happens, and we're not out to get you. If an accidental death occurs, feeding related for an example, report it to the District for clean up.

Punishment: An investigation will be done by the sheriff and a trial will be held to determine guilt. Actual punishments range from supervised feeding for accidental feeding deaths, to most often banishment and sometimes death for  serial killers, or mass murderers. If you come into our house and set it on fire, we will ash you.

3. Sometimes called the tradition of hospitality, come check in with us if you're moving in or staying a while. We don't want to get into your business, but we do like to know who's around. Drop by the White Rabbit and speak to either the Keeper or Harpy. I will also happily speak with any new arrivals. 

Punishment: If you don't report in and we hear about you don't be surprised if we come say hi. It won't be a long check in, but like I said, we just want to know who lives and does business with us. Think of it as a census.

4. Vampires should not feed from the favored humans, or pets, of other vampires. They have formed a bond and violating that is a no no. If you would like to registrar a favored human so that they can gain this level of protection please drop by the White Rabbit and speak with the Keeper. You are not limited to a number of pets but all humans must consent to be bonded to you.

Punishment: The accused and the victim (human and vampire) will present their case before the Harpy who will make a judgement. The most likely penalty is a minor boon owed to the victim by the offender.

5. When creating a member of a new race (vampire, dark angel, etc.) please report the creation to the Keeper of Elysium. Good for you and hope it saves your marriage, but let us know. See law three if you are unsure why. You have one month to inform the district before it is a problem.

Punishment: The creator will stand trial for making the creation in secret. The created will suffer no consequences. If a verdict of guilty is reached, the creator will be banished and the created will choose to go with their creator or not.

6. While I'm officially calling this law "Obstruction of Justice," lets actually call it don't be an asshole. If the District is investigating a matter, especially for public safety, and you either stonewall, mislead or actively oppose them in completing their investigation you will be arrested. I have decided to remove my previous reporting clause as another way to say if we want to talk to you just work with us.

Punishment: Fines, community service, minor boons, banishment.

7. Sex crimes are still crimes. So not to get too woke, but sexual violence isn't cool, and as a District Leader I'm happy to prosecute it. Rape, sexual assault, physical assault, or anything beyond annoying flirting could be reported. If you have been the victim of a sex crime please come in and trained counselors will be available to work with you.

Punishment: I don't have much of a sense of humor on this one. The sheriff will conduct an investigation. If convicted guilty at trial punishments range from life boons, permanent banishment, or other punishments as to be determined by the district.

8. Guild Services are offered through district headquarters. Does your coterie represent a group in the district? Let us know who you are and how you'd like to work together. We are currently home to the Anarch faction, clan Brujah, a small group of clan Nosferatu, the Council of Bastards and the Duskwalkers (thin bloods)

Punishment: None. We can't force you to work with us but are happy to try when you're ready!

9. Civil Complaints go to the Harpy who holds court twice a week for such purposes. The Harpy will hear the complaint, the defense and then make a judgement, assigning a fair boon to the loser in debt to the winner. Examples include disputes over hunting ground, rights to an unbound human, petty disputes and other such shit that we want to help with but not that much.

Punishment: Warning. The Harpy's decisions are final and enforced by the sheriff if need be. She keeps all the debts owed and when someone comes for yours be ready to pay. So when deciding to bring that annoying neighbor of yours to court, remember that she might decide in his favor.

10. Think of it as housing first. If you need a haven come to the White Rabbit. We have space to house those who are not on their feet yet. Also, you can registrar your haven with us to make sure others can't claim it. A high rise apartment or an abandoned sewer pipe, we will make sure it's yours and nobody else's.

Punishment: No squatters. We'll come escort you out if need be. Otherwise you're off the hook.



Security Forces - The security forces report to the Sheriff. Their job is to ensure safety in the district. They normally patrol in plainclothes and look for signs of law breaking or intruders. They are trained to deescalate threats and arrest suspects. Clan Brujah make up the largest part of Jake's security forces. The rebel philosophers are young vampires with combat training, weapons and who use team work to accomplish tasks. What they lack in age they make up for in ambition and modernness, and unlike many elders they don't see eternity as the goal. They see the here and now as the only reason to have the blood. Caitiff, Thin Bloods, and even a few from Clan Gangrel make up the rest of the security force. They number over a hundred vampires. On any given night, Jake has an average of twenty agents active in the Central District and about fifteen active in the West District. For larger missions, or in the case of an emergency, the members of his security forces are trained to be on standby just in case.

Spy Network - Jake's information comes mostly from the work of talented Nosferatu hacker Benny. He spent years connecting himself to every camera in the city, and has a massive hard drive where he watches hours of footage to gather information for the district. He also has computer programs that track conversation patterns searching for information important to the District Leader. The Nosferatu are also effective spies, masters of Obfuscation and silent as death. While Clan Brujah is the body and Clan Ventrue is the heart, Clan Nosferatu is the brain of the operation. Jake has about fifteen Nosferatu agents with Benny heading the project.

The Ward - The Ward is welcome in the Metropolis and West. Jake values their work, their support and their goal of supporting the districts. They are always welcome at the White Rabbit, with drinks of their choosing on the house when they're off the clock. Jake encourages them to mingle with his people and will always encourage cooperation between the two groups.
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