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North District Laws
District Leader Saraekiel

Citizens and visitors of the North and North East Districts are expected to conduct themselves as they wish, as long as they obey the district laws. Anyone found in violation of these laws will captured and restrained, then brought before the District Leader for judgement and punishment.


•   Anyone caught killing citizens of the North will be punished, the killing of birds (Ravens especially) is strictly forbidden. Any such crimes are to be reported immediately to the District Leader.

•   Don't reveal your supernatural nature unnecessarily. Those that endanger the rest of the supernatural community by their reckless behavior will brought to the District Leader for subsequent judgement and punishment.

•   Citizens are required to ask for permission before creating more supernatural beings. Requests are subject to approval by the District Leader. Disregard of this law could lead to termination or exile.

•   Citizens are expected to have the intelligence to deal with their own problems, however if they must be solved by the District Leader, all solutions and judgements will be final.


Shifters: The Shifters are the Eyes of the North. They are a large clan of bird shifters who are led by Shae Nicfaghen.

Werewolves: These are the District's Shock Troops; to be called on when necessary. They are the remaining pack of the former District leader. They have agreed to fill this role with the understanding that they get to freely govern themselves (within the law), they answer only to their chosen alpha who answers directly to the District Leader.  They have been allowed to expand their pack numbers to help fill their role as District Guard.

The Ward: The Ward are welcome in the North, and as long as they are on North District business, they are to be treated with the utmost honour and respect.