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James "Jimmy" Barrow
« on: March 22, 2019, 01:35:22 PM »

Name: Dr. James “Jimmy” Barrow
Age [appearance]: 25
Age [Actual]: 148
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Clan: Malkavian
Faction: Anarch
Alignment: Lawful/Chaotic Good
Concept: Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde
Quote: “He loves me, he loves me not. He fucks me. God he’s hot.”

Hair: Dr. Barrow keeps his sandy blonde hair neat and tidy. It’s length is moderately short, enough to comb over or spike up, but that’s about it. When at work he wears it parted with pomade, and when at play it is normally cutely tossed to look like he just rolled out of bed.

Eyes: Jimmy has green eyes that are magnified behind his large black framed glasses. His face is fairly expressive, but his eyes are like rocks, guarding knowledge and giving little. They are curious, watchful eyes and seemingly are always on the most interesting thing in the room. He can come off voyeuristic, as if he’s a scientist and his eyes are studying you.

Frame: 5’7, 153lbs. Jimmy is just under average height and has a slim to somewhat toned body. Poor diets in his native England led many boys of his time to be frail or sickly, and while Jimmy avoided that level of anguish he was never able to keep on weight. Still, by modern standards he has a desirable body type, thin but not anguished looking; toned but not overly built. His nails are manicured and painted with clear nail polish each night to make himself look more human and efforts to maintain his presentability are of the utmost importance to him. He obsesses over his appearance, in a way not normal for the moon clan. If the lunatics normally have a reputation that their mental illness makes them forget about their looks, his curse is that his illness makes him constantly aware of his as a way to overcompensate.

Primary Stance 1: Standing with his hand on his chin, eyes inquisitive.

Primary Stance 2: Leaning over to flirt at a bar or anywhere really.

Primary Stance 3: Reading a book on Public Transit

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Dr. Barrow wears a pair of large black framed glasses at almost all times. They only seem to come off at the bar or when actively flirting. He also wears a pewter ring at all times on his left index finger. He fidgets with it when nervous.

Personality: Dr. Barrow has a few convictions that help bring structure to his chaotic mind.

1. Protect the innocent from harm.
2. Stand up for the disenfranchised
3. Don't judge other people's actions.

Jimmy has two dueling and opposing sides to his personality that are the result of his mental health. He believes in compartmentalization as a defense mechanism and lives that way to the fullest. Jimmy’s nature is that of a caregiver. He became a therapist and analyst mainly because he believed in their ability to help people, and works in his professional life to do just that. As such, Jimmy doesn’t kill his victims (except for a few accidents over the years) and donates money to mortal charities. He also volunteers at a grass roots agency for homeless LGBT youth.

His demeanor fluctuates between the caregiver and that of the Bon Vivant. Pleasure seeking is Jimmy’s main pastime, and is reflected in how he hunts and lives after business hours. His derangement is a combination of Histrionic Personality Disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder, and self medication through feeding on drug users.

He is a proud man, so he tries to hide his other half from his patients and mainstream friends. He also doesn’t have a very positive relationship with his mental health despite his profession and attempts to live his two lives separately. Most people either know him as James (at work) and Jimmy (at play). When at play his normal kind, caring demeanor is replaced by a bottomless pit of needy, selfish want.

History: To come out in RP

1. James was born with second sight, and was able to read auras as a mortal. This ability is one reason Clan Malkavian sired him.
2. He was a teenage prostitute for an unknown amount of time.
3. James taught at Oxford at some point in the past.
4. James resents his sire for some unknown reason.

Awareness of Supernaturals: Jimmy is mostly aware of clanned vampires. He is become somewhat familiar with Caitiff, and has met some Fae and witches over the years. He has only a working knowledge of demons, shifters, and Dark Angels.

Occupation/Job: Dr. Barrow sees patients at his office for mental health therapy, specializing in relational talk therapy with focuses in sexual trauma, object-relations and treating personality disorders. He is also known for his work treating vampires and has published research on how to treat beings over a thousand years old. He has strict rules about doctor/patient confidentiality.

Domicile: Jimmy lives in a large open loft in the North District with lots of windows, steel beams and a vaulted ceiling. Jimmy solved his problem of where to day sleep by installing a large panic room, that has a queen sized bed. It's secure from outsiders and sun proof allowing Jimmy to live peacefully in his open style apartment. He has an industrial, art's and craft style look to the space. He has an office in another space called Humane Solutions.

Interesting Facts/Quirks: Jimmy has a herd of gay men he feeds from on a regular basis. They are not pets but more a group of men who he frequently feeds from, with screwing or groups to draw them in. The members of his herd are a well kept secret. He also has excellent fashion sense when Dr. Barrow. James favors a grungy Seattle look.

Hobbies: Reading, Opera, Museums of all kinds, researching, people watching, reading people's auras, fucking , organizing group sessions, drugs of all kinds of all kinds, training his second sight, dancing, conversation

Likes: Men, Academia, screwing, history, theory, intellect, Anarchs, wit, creativity, clothes, books, drugs, thrill seeking, insight, pain, Daniel.
Dislikes: Toxic Masculinity, prudes, moralizers, stupidity, ignorance (especially self induced), the Camarilla, death, sobriety.

Strengths: Dr. Barrow's main asset is his brain. He is very intelligent as well as perceptive and witty. His mental abilities are helpful professionally, making him highly observational and deductive. Even when he's Jimmy he still notices things others would miss, especially about people's personality. He is also fairly charismatic and manipulative.
Weakness/Flaws: Jimmy has low composure, often exploding in whatever emotion he's currently having. He's also needy, selfish and when slighted vindictive and petty.

Be a sadist. Now matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them — in order that the reader may see what they are made of.
- Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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Re: Dr. James "Jimmy" Barrow
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2019, 05:21:47 PM »

Like all vampires, Jimmy possesses certain powers that help him exist throughout eternity. As a Malkavian, James possesses three gifts, and he has managed to learn a single rank of an out of clan gift. Jimmy has always been a natural seer, the ability drawing his sire to him. This makes Auspex his most proficient discipline. Clan Malkavian posses a unique discipline called Dementation that allows them to pass on insanity to others. James has some talent in this area. The moon clan also possess the ability to go dim, otherwise known as Obfuscate, which Jimmy has some limited ability with. Lastly, he has managed to learn a little Presence. He hunts via sex, and has a constant set of test subjects to hone his abilities.

Auspex - Among the greatest gift, and worst curse given to a vampire, Auspex allows the Kindred to know truth from lies, see beyond mortal ability, speak and probe the mind, and even see the future. Clan Malkavian is known for it's instability, but the other side of that coin is wisdom. Mad men throughout time have been known as profits, and Auspex might be the reason why. Jimmy was a seer in his mortal life, and had a natural affinity for this discipline.

A. Sense the Unseen - The ability to see the supernatural in plain sight. This basic form of second sight allows James to see beyond the physical and through illusions. Angel wings, fae tails, demon forms, and glamour spells are all pierced by this ability. It does have it's downsides though. It gives a sense of over confidence and can be countered by more powerful vampires and strong magic.

B. Premonition - The ability to see the future. Jimmy receives premonitions that provide him with information, context, future warning, knowledge of the past, and more. They are random, often don't make sense, and never seem to come at opportune moments. Still, Jimmy has learned over the years to follow the visions and that if he does so things will normally work out okay.

C. Scry the Soul  - The ability to read people's minds, aura, and souls. By focusing on a subject, James can see knowledge from their past, detect their feelings and thoughts and see into their inner nature. Jimmy uses this power constantly, while James is more restrained. He does use this ability when providing therapy. It can be resisted by older vampires or magic.

D. Heightened Senses - Dr. Barrow can increase his natural five senses to far beyond human capabilities. Eyesight, hearing, smell, touch and taste are all affected. Extremely bright light or loud noises can overload him, leading to blindness and deafness for brief periods.

E. The Spirits Touch - By touching an item, person or location, Jimmy can have a premonition of that object, place, or person. This can range from a mere flash to full on memories. This is the most powerful ability Jimmy has, and he uses it to get information, look for danger, or be helpful to others.

Dementation - Dementation draws on the vampire's own insanity and uses it to achieve profound insights or inflict madness upon others. Such powers are one of the primary reasons the Malkavian clan is often considered both insightful and very dangerous. It is impossible to use Dementation without at least one derangement. Jimmy's insanity is what gives him access to this great and terrible power.

A. Passion - Increase the current emotionally intensity of a target. Anger becomes toxic rage. Love becomes obsession. Sadness becomes depression. Etc. A powerful tool, Jimmy uses this ability with care.

B. The Haunting - Jimmy can plant small bits of insanity in a victim, burdening them with haunting visions and unrest. This power can be cured with magic and can be resisted by older vampires.

C. Eyes of Chaos (Requires Auspex) - By combining the power of second sight with the vampire's natural insanity, the Kindred can see patterns in seemingly chaotic elements, often knowing things that simply can't be known. The visions often come out in riddles, or poems. The Malkavian's brain sometimes struggles to know what it is telling itself.

D. Confusion - This ability allows the Kindred to leave a target in a state of confusion, similar to hypnosis. A mind wipe, trance and defensive technique all in one, this ability is how James avoids danger.

Obfuscate - The ability to go dim, Obfuscate allows the vampire to appear invisible. It is actually a low level form of mesmerism. This is James's weakest clan discipline. While quite powerful, James hasn't trained much in Obfuscate and has only a remedial knowledge of how to use it.

A. Cloak of Shadows - When standing still, the vampire can make himself appear dim, and will not be seen by the naked eye. If the user is seen while using this ability it automatically fails.

B. Unseen Passage - The vampire appears invisible and can move freely. If the user makes an attack, or takes an otherwise significant action the ability ends. If the user is seen while using this ability it automatically fails. The ability can be seen through with Auspex or magic.

Presence  - James has what some vampires call, “The Lingering Kiss.” Presence allows Jimmy to manipulate his aura in a variety of ways to create certain effects. James can use this form of supernatural charisma to get information, food, or intimidate an attacker. As an out of clan discipline it is difficult to learn and therefore Jimmy has only learned a single technique.

A. Awe - Jimmy can make himself more physically attractive to onlookers. Those who are not sexually attracted to him would at least find his company pleasing and interesting.
Be a sadist. Now matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them — in order that the reader may see what they are made of.
- Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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