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Club Zero
« on: March 23, 2019, 02:18:03 AM »
Club Zero is the club that doesn’t exist and where zero fucks are given. The only rules are the club’s rules and they are few indeed.

It is advertised by word of mouth only, and those that speak of it do so with secretive voices filled with dark, guilty pleasure. Only supernaturals and/or those who can pass a psychic test may enter the club where the cocktails are delightfully sinful, the fights are to the death, and the party never ends.

The Club is open from 5pm till an hour before sunrise.

Dress code is smart casual during most of the week but cocktail/evening Friday through to Sunday. Dress code is enforced.


From the outside Club Zero looks like any other non-descript, run down, solid metal and brick warehouse. It has two entrances, one out the front and one out the back. Both doors are solid metal and come with a peep hole. The entire building is wound up tighter then a tadpole’s asshole with enchantments to prevent those who weren’t welcome from not just entering the building but also from finding it in the first place. (District Ward, goodie two shoes, snoops and those who mean harm to the club itself) Once inside the wards will suppress and block any mind control and manipulation abilities. This is the only ability not allowed within the Club.


Once past the door guard there is a small checking room where everyone is magical checked for listening and recording devices. These will be removed, ticketed and stored and returned once you leave. Only then may you enter Club Zero proper. Where all glamour is removed, and everyone can be their true selves. (those with elemental powers will have the colour of that element sporadically flow and dance over or under their skin and bodies, turning them into otherworldly, living light shows.

The lighting is intentionally dim. The lights on the dance floor and over the bar consist of very dim, revolving spotlights. All tables have small candle lit lamps of one sort or another. The idea is that it is the patrons that bring the light, be it the glow of their eyes, shimmer of hair or the dance of elemental power along skin or through their veins.

The warehouse has been split in two, with a front and back area. The walls have been left as exposed brick and the floors are dark, polished wood. The expansive dance floor and slightly raised Dj booth/ band stage is of a slightly but distinguishable lighter colour.

The balcony split level takes up quarter of the floor space and is on the right-hand side back wing after you enter from the door. The steps leading up to the lounging area is in the middle of the floor space and has a few tables and chairs lined up along the raised barrier.

Once up the stairs there is another raised area to the left which is the VIP area. The VIP area has its own staff, luxurious seating and offers the best views of the club. There is also a door that leads to the back half of the club which is the only access to the VIP’s very own and very private viewing room overlooking the Cage Fighting arena.

The lounging area itself has tables and booths scattered across the spacious area where people can order their drinks from the fetish wearing, scantily clad, wait staff, and get to sit, lounge and relax amidst the secretive shifting, shadows with their friends, partners and loved ones and do as they wish, 

The rest of the club contains a wall to wall bar lining the back of the club with stool seating and a roped off area with a door and two bouncers that leads into the back room which is on the far right of the bar underneath the VIP area. (Which allows the privileged guests sitting above to see who is entering the back room without being seen themselves) Entry into this are will cost. Most nights it’s a flat $100 per person, but the night of a Death Match will cost a very pretty penny indeed.

The far left of the club contains the raised DJ booth, band stand and dance floor. The music ranges from early rock n roll, blues and jazz, to modern day hip hop, dance and techno.

The Back Room

In the center is a raised circular platform inscribed with elemental, Sidhe and ancient Greek runes. When activated they create a magical sphere around the platform. The top half of the sphere creates the fighting cage, the other half sinks beneath the floor, effectively making a, impregnable, undetectable, unbreakable magical prison for those who dare to enter and pitch their strength and verbosity against their opponents.

Stacked bench seats ascend from the floor to half way up the warehouse walls. The exception is the VIP viewing room. That side of the warehouse has no seat and the viewing glass is spelled to prevent anyone from the outside seeing in.

The rules are simple.

Anyone may fight.

You pay to enter the arena. The victor of the fight gets his opponents entry money and 10% of the bet earning of their fight.

Werewolves can only fight other werewolves, except in the monthly tournament. However exceptions can be made if both parties are willing and it has been approved by management. If you choose to fight a werewolf, then you choose to fight a werewolf. The club waivers all rights of responsibility.

You fight till your opponent taps out or is knocked out. If you accidentally kill your opponent you forfeit all winnings, you get punished by the owner of the club and you are permanently banned from Club Zero. The exception to this rule is the Death Matches.

These are held once a month and you fight the chosen House representative. (These are usually snatched from the streets or are even sometime kidnapped past fight winners.) The price to enter is exorbitant, but then so are the winnings. The winner will wake up with a shit tone of cash and no memory of the night before and the audience will leave with no memory as to the identity of the fighters.

The Arena never closes. If the front of House is closed the Arena can be entered through the back entrance. Club entry rules still apply.