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About the Lovebite App
« on: April 03, 2019, 01:08:28 PM »
Do you love the bite?
So do we.



Lovebite is an app that you can download onto your phone, and will make it easier to find exactly the kind of bite that you're after.  :licklips: Whether you're into a simple drink or a hot hookup, Lovebite can match you up with the perfect partner. Don't waste time searching through a pile of duds to find someone that excites you... just scroll through our list and send winks  ;) or kisses  :blowkiss: to connect with the one you'd like to get to know a little (or a lot!) better. You could also use our Personal Message feature to write up a note or arrange a meeting spot.


If you're a vampire looking for someone to drink from, you're a Lovebiter. Finding willing donors has never been so easy. No more lurking in public spaces or hanging around clubs waiting for the right person to approach you. We started with a hundred donors straight out of the old Oligarchy records, so they've been vetted and know what the go is... and more are joining us every day. There are a few meeting spots that support the app, such as at Venture and Luminescent at Lovebite HQ (formerly the Oligarchy Chambers, the building is now known as The Luminary - the club is on Floor 21). While at these spots, just 'check in' and see if you strike a match to someone who meets your preferences. If you're looking for a Pet, simply use the keyword in your search. Also, if you're looking for someone to be a companion in eternity, there are also Scholars seeking Mentors... which as the latter, you would be.

SWEETS (Mortals)
If you're a donor wanting to experience the bite, you're a Sweet. You must categorise yourself into one of three types of Sweets. Zen Sweets relax during the bite, Spicy Sweets react erotically, and Surprise Sweets are those who are in the middle or do not yet know which category they fall into. You can choose to call yourself a Surprise Sweet even if you know you are Zen or Spicy but want to mix things up. Another category you can put yourself into is as a Scholar (Seeking Mentor). This means you want to be sired into vampirism! If you'd like to be a companion to a specific Lovebiter, though, say 'yes' to the 'Pet' category and interested parties will find you.

Sweets are at the mercy of those who like to suck them. There are multiple safe spaces where you can arrange to meet up with your Lovebite connection. There is Venture, in the South. Luminescent (at Lovebite HQ), in City Central and Penbrook Church in the East. Keep an eye out for more safe zones near you.

1. Download the Lovebite app
2. Opening the app will present you with a form to fill in your real name, email and phone numbers. (Note; accounts will be vetted before approval due to the nature of Lovebite so there will be no duplicate or fake accounts)
3. Press 'submit' to take you to the ID number message box.
4. You will be emailed and texted your ID number. Type it into the box and then your account is created.
5. Enjoy.

Do not share your ID with anyone. When two members sign up with the same ID, both accounts will be frozen.
Do not call yourself a Zen Sweet or a Spicy Sweet if you are not that. Bad information will be reported and your account will be suspended.
Please keep yourself safe by always meeting in a designated safe location.
Always seek permission from your District Leader to register your pet or before siring a fledge.
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