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Charon was in the attached conservatory, tending to his beloved roses when Hugh entered. His great grand-fledge didn't fidget or waver when he approached and Charon admired the steady and practical nature of him. Felicia might have chosen hastily from their ranks, and angrily too, but she'd still zeroed in on the best person to join their family. Charon was looking forward to Hugh ageing and becoming a force.

Hugh extended his hand and in it, Charon could see an envelope. It had been opened for the wax seal was broken. Hugh had no apologies in mind, though, for there was no name scrawled on the creamy envelope. Locking eye contact, Hugh let the envelope slide out of his fingers as Charon took it from him and opened it, pulling out the single sheaf of paper inside and unfolding it to read it.

     Patriarch of the Sacramentum,

     We haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting.  Might I request an audience? 
     It would be an honor to speak with you soon.


He blinked at it, wondering why a request was made in such a way with no obvious way to contact him. No phone number, no address, nothing. How strange. Of course Charon could divine where this letter had come from, but this Chtahzus'aak fellow would not necessarily have known that. Was this a test, then? To discover how capable the Sacramentum was? Whether it was or not, he would not fail it.

Holding the letter in his hand and closing his eyes, Charon opened his senses to the one who'd penned it. His thumb moved over the indentation of the words. The name at the end gave him the strongest vision, and Charon knew where to go. He opened his eyes to see Hugh watching him with curiosity and fascination.

You felt that? Charon extended.

I did, Hugh said, letting his admiration wash into his communication.

I will start training you myself then, since you were able to glean some of that. Divination is not a skill everyone has a natural aptitude for.

I am honoured. Then, after a moment. Did you wish something to be organised?

I want Jeanne with me when I go to this 'Block'.

I'll come with you and take over her duties at Venture for tonight, then, Hugh suggested, causing Charon to smile proudly at him.

Yes, Hugh was definitely his favourite out of all the great-grandchildren.

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