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Xiamara Hadar
« on: April 07, 2019, 08:56:05 PM »
Name: Xiamara Jemima Hadar (zee-ah-MAH-ra)
Generally addressed as: Xia, Xo or Mara by friends, Captain by City Ward employees, Ma'am by citizens
Age [appearance]: 25
Age [actual]: 252
Gender: Female
Species: Dark Imp

Hair: Warm brown and kept long enough to reach the middle of her back, Xiamara's hair is thick with a slight wave to it. She has a few layers cut into it and a cowlick over the left side of her forehead that makes styling fun but it's generally up in a bun at work or left to fall casually from a central point on her head.

Eyes: Rich dark brown, surrounded by thick, dark eyelashes and topped with fairly straight eyebrows (they're not overly plucked or fashionably thin so they can be pencilled in dramatically - if she ever bothers to wear makeup).

Nose: Thin, slightly upturned at the end, cute.

Lips: Full, shapely and sensual; often smothered with lip balm, as they dry out and crack from weather exposure if she's out on the streets too often. Even though she's behind a desk more often these days, the habit of applying lip balm hasn't faded.

Skin Colour: Her skin is a warm golden colour because she enjoys being in the sun and will sunbake naked to achieve an all-over tan.

Height: Above average for a woman, she looks most men in the eye at 182cm (6'0")

Weight: Heavier than most women, as she is powerfully muscled from physical labour, approximately 78kg (172lbs).

Frame: Fine-boned but defined by taut muscle because she works out a lot, Xiamara is much stronger than she looks.

Wings: Dark purple in colour, Xiamara's wings are strong and leathery (extremely sensitive to touch - in an erogenous way), each wing almost as long as she is tall.

Tail: Also dark purple, her tail is 90cm long, prehensile and highly agile; she trains to use it as a weapon in combat and as a different kind of weapon in the bedroom.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: A 7cm wide scar on the front and back of the left side of her ribcage, from when a sword ran her through as a young whelp. Various other - less remarkable - scars from the many combats she's been in, calloused hands, darkened knuckles.

Physical Attractiveness: Xiamara is statuesque and strikingly attractive. Her face is beautiful and lovelier when she smiles but, though she has the looks of a model, she is a warrior at heart and her expression is eternally shrewd. She has a habit of assessing everyone’s words and actions without interruption, her piercing gaze objective to a fault; she intimidates with her silence more than she does with words, leaving people with the impression that she is intelligent and insightful, despite her stunning beauty.

She feels her looks are a detriment - people underestimate her - so she plays them down, choosing not to wear makeup or have complicated haircuts, wishing for her personality and charisma to have a greater impact than her face.  Her limbs are long, highly trained and toned, her shoulders slightly wider than average (to support her wings), her waist small, her hips curvy and her breasts of small-average size (B cup) but well shaped.

Occupation: Captain of the City Ward
Personality: Xiamara is confident, compassionate and discerning. She will usually think before she acts but she is devoutly lawful and will act swiftly and passionately in defence of the law and anyone she perceives to be a victim. She dislikes species conflict being cited as an excuse for violence, she won't tolerate it. In this modern world, she believes in species living co-operatively and does everything she can to enforce the laws of the Ward in order to shield supernaturals from discovery and protect the ignorant and innocent from harm (whether that be physical or emotional).

History: Born in Israel in the late 1700s, Xiamara was never a stranger to strife and conflict. Living in the capital city, her family suffered at the hands of repeated occupations, revolts and banishments until none but she was left. She learnt to use her anger to help her fight for the victims, to defend the downtrodden and find victories in small rescues rather than joining an army or fighting a war that wasn't her own. She drifted across the world, gaining expertise in multiple forms of combat, weaponry and judgment, though she never fell prey to the lure of becoming judge, jury and executioner. She's always had faith in the system because she's always made it her duty to act on its behalf and ensure it worked in the favour of the less fortunate. She arrived in the city during the apocalypse, joining the Oligarchy as a combat trainer once it asserted its dominance. When that fell a couple of years ago, she followed Conner to the City Ward, acting as his second in command. When he disappeared, Xiamara gravitated to the position of Captain of the City Ward, fearful that it would fail in its mission if someone didn't organise it. She doesn't enjoy being in such a prominent position but she's good at it.
Awareness of Supernaturals: High. She's met many different kinds in her travels and feels that there is only a sliver of variety to be found in the city, by comparison.

1) Shroud of Darkness – can summon a mass of darkness to sneak about or hide away in, which only lasts a short while but is long enough for her to conceal herself from enemies and escape
2) Blindness – can send a pulse of dark energy to the target and temporarily blind them.  The pulse comes from out of both her eyes, because that's how she prefers to target
3) Shadow – can make a shadow of her choosing come ‘alive’ for whatever purpose, usually battle. She has learnt it's smart to cast the spell on the shadow of her opponents.

Domicile: Has a four-bedroom, two bathroom apartment on the top floor of the Haven Crest building (it's a very convenient commute to work).

Interesting Facts/Quirks: She can curl the spade tip of her tail into a scoop and sort of pick things up with it. She speaks and reads Hebrew and English, though she hasn't had much of a chance to practice anything but English for the last century as she migrated through English-speaking countries. She has a thing for older beings, the older the better.

Hobby/Hobbies: Working out, watching TV and sleeping. She doesn't have a lot of time off to indulge many of her interests lately, but she enjoys reading, swimming, cycling, camping and fishing (with her tail instead of a rod).
Likes: The law, being in control, helping others, night time, respectful people, cats, ancient beings.

Dislikes: Loudmouths, disrespect, lawlessness, people that litter.
Strength: Physically strong, determined, honest and fair.

Weakness/Flaw: Can become overzealous in her idealism, believes people might dismiss her based on her physical appearance so she can be too aggressive to assert herself, is easily distracted by cat videos.


Career Counselling (Xiamara negates Owen's attempt to quit and decides it's time to meet with Ben Samson)
Captain Of The Ward (Ben visits Xiamara and delivers news that makes her brittle. They have words but end the conversation understanding one another)