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Monet Pak
« on: April 08, 2019, 09:00:34 AM »
    "All hell can't stop us now."

    Name: Monet Jae-Seong Pak (Moh-NAY JAY-say-UNG Pahk)
    Alias/Nicknames: Jae (Jay)
    Age [appearance]: Early 30's
    Age [actual]: 71
    Birthday: March 30th, 1948
    Species: Weather Demon - Storm Bringer
    Race/Nationality: Korean American (2nd Generation)
    Gender: Feminine
    Sex: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual, demiromantic, monogamous.
    Relationship Status: Single

    Permissions Given During Reasonable RP
    Feeding: Yes
    Wounding: Yes
    Killing: Yes

    Hair: Thick strands, deep rich browns with lots of volume. Modified pixie cut with the right side shaved short. Hair on top swoops to the right and is worn with product to produce a better tousled effect. Roots are firm to the touch without much give.
    Eyes: Almond with heavy top lids, slight natural creases beneath her eyes. Dark brown irises.
    Face: Oval face with full, stern eyebrows which create the impression of anger, even at rest. Cheeks are wide and cause the impression that her features tend towards being flat. Thick lips with defined cupid's bow, a neutral pink-brown. Gentle smile creases that extend from her nostrils to her smile.
    Frame/Build: 5' 10'' and 130 lbs, thin with long limbs and neck. Her core and arms are tone and strong, though still very slender. Boyish (by Western standards) and passes easily as masculine. Her breasts are small and allow her to easily pass for a man. Hips and ass are unremarkable.
    Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Scattered tattoos across her body. Left forearm has a few botanical illustrations, a crane, and mushrooms, all in black and white. A long branching rod of lightning on her right medial (inside) forearm, from elbow to thenar (thumb pad). "I am the storm" in Korean ( 나는 폭풍이다 ) on the back of her neck in a simple font. Two bold, solid black bands around her upper right bicep, roughly two inches in width each. One bold, solid black band around her left shin. Beneath her breasts, a tight yet feminine script reads "Hope lies in the smoldering rubble of empires."
    Typically Seen Wearing: Fitted clothing with a bit of a flashy edge. Fond of crop tops and sleeveless tops with leather jackets. Her clothing trends towards a harder side of feminine, soft patterns or designs mixed with leathers or sharp angles or cuts. When trying to pass as masculine, she tends to go towards urban streetwear - baggier jeans, sweatpants, sweatshirts, looser clothing.

    Common Stance 1: Staring someone down, arms crossed over her chest.
    Common Stance 2: Tapping her foot, jiggling her leg, or fidgeting in some way, especially while waiting.
    Common Stance 3: Both arms outstretched and arm muscles flexed, pulling in the weather.
    Visual Habits: Glaring, fidgeting, picking at her fingernails

    Personality: Sharp and perceptive. Hot tempered. Fierce. Will fight you. A bit flashy. Stubborn. Straight-forward. Blunt. Impatient. Deeply suspicious. An over-thinker.
    History: Monet was born of two other weather demons through conventional means in 1948. Her parents, Jae-Seong Kim and Kevin Pak, lived in the city of Tampa, Florida, where storms were an everyday occurance. Monet had many cousins growing up as her parents were each one of five children. Much of her family lived on Florida's west coast, scattered between Fort Meyers and Spring Hill, though some of her cousins decided to move back to Korea and Japan. Growing up, Monet was never lonely or starved for attention, and much of her childhood was spent growing up amongst her family, learning skills like cooking, fixing vehicles, manipulating storms, and dancing.

    Her sister Valerie was born in 1964, and her brother Kevin was born in 1969. She became fiercely protective of her siblings, but especially Valerie. She often showed her love in rude ways and was a terrible older sibling - teasing and sometimes physically hurting her younger siblings until she got in trouble from her parents. This calmed as the children grew up and could fight for themselves.

    During her early years, she was often teased for being Korean and for never being able to stay in school for too long before moving around districts (due to her lack of aging at the same rate as the other children). There were several times that she was accosted by other children in schools about her strangeness, which usually ended up with weird stories about Monet pushing people from across the room, or rain suddenly pouring down from the sky on a sunny day. She began to hate her family, her cultural traditions, and her self. She would often express this through acting out in class or at home. Monet began learning to control her powers at age ten due to the diligence of her aunts.

    Always impatient and headstrong, Monet would constantly find herself in some kind of trouble with authorities. While she never did anything justifying arrest or imprisonment, she was constantly threatened with being sent to juvenile schools. These behaviors subsided as she got older.

    Upon graduating from high school (finally, in 1982 after hopping around from school district to school district), Monet found work in a cousin's diner waiting tables. After a few months of degradation and frustration, Monet quit and found work at odd places, including an auto repair shop part time. She found that she loved working with her hands and fixing things. She became fascinated in making cars work, making them go faster, and ultimately building them. This became her obsession for years to come, something she would turn to when the stresses of life plagued.

    In 1995, she was accepted to Johnson and Wales University, a prestigious culinary school in North Miami and began her fascinating love story with cooking professionally. After graduation in 2000, she worked her way up into some small scale modest restaurants, gaining experience as a dishwasher, busser, server, and kitchen hand.

    In 2007 she decided that she was going to leave Tampa for a culinary pilgrimage in the hope to eventually set up her own restaurant. She backpacked around much of the culinary world - France, Italy, China, Morocco, India, Cuba. It was during these years that she developed a sense of solidarity with other cultures and countries and especially their foods. She began to understand food as political texts and socially important to the fabrics of these communities. Capitalism and the industry of the West became a threat against cultural authenticity of oppressed, non-Western countries. Upon returning to the States, Monet began dedicating her time to grassroots organizations and startups dedicated to ending cultural and economic oppression. She still participates in these types of events.

    In 2011, she moved into the city with a close cousin - Min-Ji Pak - after hearing that the city was a haven for immortals. After moving, Monet dedicated herself towards the betterment of legislature that ruled immortals in the city. Much of her free time was spent organizing protests against bills and producing literature for consumption that suggested a more fair and balanced rule for the supernatural life in the city. She familiarized herself with the structure of the Oligarchy and the roles of each Luminary since entering the city. She is very suspicious of any government establishment.

    Recent History: Monet was in Tampa with her family at the time of the invasion of the West. As soon as she heard about it, she flew back as soon as she could, only to find her cousin Min-Ji slaughtered in their first floor apartment, exsanguinated. She suspects Jake McCloud's vampires. Homeless and grieving, she was found by a friend who brought her to the Block. She demanded justice from Zeus as a once-representative of the government who allowed this to happen. Surprisingly, he agreed with her. She now waits to see what Zeus will do about McCloud. She is currently living in the Block.

    Education: A colorful mix of public, private, and home schooling in Tampa. Spent six years at Johnson and Whales University (North Miami campus). Graduated in 2000 with degree in Culinary Arts (AS).
    Occupation/Job: Chef de Partie at Echelon
    Current Living Situation: Lives at The Block
    Current Financial Status: Content, without much financial struggle.
    Interesting Facts / Quirks: She has been practicing street dancing since the late 80's and finds it very grounding. She has a soft spot for roller discos.
    Hobby/Hobbies: Cooking for others, working on cars. Anything with her hands, really. Break and Street dancing with friends. Going for drives, racing cars. Visiting her family in Tampa.
    Political Alignment: Anarcho-Socialist. Currently loyal to the demon cause.
    Religious Beliefs: Agnostic; former Christian (Presbyterian)
    Likes: Sports cars, fireworks, fighting, going fast, dancing, interrupting business as usual, Socialism, all kinds of activism, coffee, storms of all kinds, rain, 90's and 2000's hip hop, 80's new wave.
    Dislikes: Weak people, introverts, excuses, waiting in lines, political establishments, the government, common systemic ideologies which give rise to inequalities, capitalism, reading, metal and industrial rock.
    Strength: Strong willed. Wiley. determined. persistent. Ambitious. Always concerned about the general good of "the people". Will fight as long as there is strength left in her body.
    Natural Talents:
    • Can summon a lightning strike where she wants to with enough focus. She can only do this once in a great while (several weeks) and it is extraordinarily exhausting.
    • When outside or close to it, she can summon rain clouds. Rain is imminent, though not always immediate.
    • Due to her demonic nature and familial concentration with electricity, Monet can survive a direct lightning strike.
    • Can produce winds up to 70 mph (113 kph, 61 knots)
    • Can slow winds down by half.
    Weakness/Flaw: Headstrong. A bit arrogant. Unforgiving. A bit closed-minded. Gets frustrated easily. Loses her temper easily. So passionate about her ideology that she forgets to live in the moment. Her directness often puts people who aren't familiar with her on edge. Gets terrible road rage. Poor loser.
    Interesting Facts / Quirks: Knows some basic Korean, but she understands more than she can speak. In her family it is tradition to make the mother's name the first daughter's middle name. She still has a very close relationship with her family, despite the distance.
    Awareness of Supernaturals: Extremely familiar with demons of all kinds. Would say that she "knows enough" about vampires. Knows that other immortals exist, but would only be able to tell that they are not human unless the differences were blatantly obvious.


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