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14. Dreki's apartment
« on: April 13, 2019, 01:49:07 PM »
It is a decent sized two bedroom apartment, with wood floors and dark gray granite countertops in the kitchen and bathroom, and a warm cream colored walls.

When walking in you're met with the kitchen and dining areas on the left and the living room area on the right. in between them was the hallway for the back, which lead to one bedroom on the right with a decent closet, a Bathroom on the left and a Bedroom with a Walk-in Closet in the back of it all.

Living room Area:

A black TV stand with a 55' smart TV inside of the middle section as the two outer section were bookcases, filled with books and some board games that were blind modified to work for both sighted people and Dreki at the same time. There was a Playstation 4 Pro attached to the TV that he uses as a Media center, and has all 5 of the Jackbox Party Packs on. He oddly has played through of the "You Don't Know Jack" game thats on One as that was basically just a single player trivia game. He seemed to like Trivia Games. He also had Netflix, Hulu, Vrv, Youtube, and Spotify all set up on his own accounts.

He had a Dark Gray Sectional that could sit about 5 people that one part of it that had it's back facing the kitchen while the other back faced the wall. It was comft enough to fall asleep on. In the corner he had a two person Yogibo and a 6 foot Yogibo roll thing that also sat on it. There was a stack of books next to it indicating that Dreki likes to relax in it to read. There was a side Table between that and the Yogibo that matched the TV stand in color that had a candle on it.

Dining/Kitchen area:

In the dining here there was a long table that sat 4 people that was black in color. It lead into the kitchen where the countertop seemed to loop around in a U shape, enough room for 2 people to comfortably cook two separate dishes in it. Plenty of counterspace, There sat a black Keurig with one of the K-Cup Spinny holders that held various flavors of tea and some coffee. The Tea had a lot of flavors, almost a little of everything, the Coffee was either French Vanilla or Butter Toffee Flavored. Next to that there was a mug holder with some generic looking 16oz mugs on it. There was also a Rice Cooker, Crockpot, and Toaster that sat upon the counter space.

His Fridge, Dishwasher, and Oven all matched and were black in color. The fridge had nothing on it, and the stovetop was a gas stovetop. All of the food stored in the Cabinet space, which was all black, seemed to be organized in a certain way

First Bedroom:

There is nothing remarkable about this room except he seems to possibly rent it out via AirBnB from time to time. The door had it's own lock on it and could be locked with a key from the outside. It felt very clean in there.


Has a large tub that Dreki could easily sit down in, and the showerhead itself was high enough that Dreki could stand under the water without issue. Other then than it was unremarkable.

Dreki's Bedroom:

He had a California King sized Memory Foam bed with a nice comfy looking Duvet with plain black Jersey Sheets. It was incredibly soft and comfortable. He had an L shaped computer desk with a Laptop and Printer that sat on it as well as a decent sound system that he could hook the laptop up to. He had one of those shorter but long dressers with 6 drawers also black in color much like the computer desk. On the bedside table sat a phone charger and on an empty wall space sat his keyboard, it's stand, and chair. Inside of his walk-in closet just sat his other instruments and some really nice shirts hung up.

Around the Whole Apartment:

And just about in every room and even in the hallway sat a small round speaker attached to the wall. All were Echo Dots, as Alexa has made a lot of things in Dreki's life much easier, plus listening to music and record mental notes wherever in the Apartment was incredibly nice.