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Re: The Garden of Everything
« Reply #45 on: April 25, 2019, 05:32:09 PM »
Samuel's usual nature - around his own kind, anyway - was subservient. He'd played the opposite role with Dreki thus far but this change delighted him; it felt right. Dreki's teasing strokes as they walked slowly back into the bedroom were maddening, causing him to grin and lick his lips repeatedly. Their towels were gone, left on the chairs? It didn't matter. His mouth was watering and his body kept shuddering so much it was like he had a vibrator inside him; Dreki was his sole focus.

When Samuel was thrown on the bed, he stretched out, luxuriating in the comfort of being able to wriggle around on the soft surface, his needy dick poking straight up. He return the kisses happily, his hands roaming Dreki's body. When Dreki's fingers entered him, he closed his eyes and moaned happily, flinching every time the tip of his cock tapped against his entry. Fuck, it was good. Dreki was good.

"Badly," he answered eagerly, trying to push himself down and impale himself. He whimpered deep in the back of his throat, frustrated with the teasing. "So fucking badly," he sighed, wrapping his legs around Dreki's ass and trying to compel him to do what he wanted. What they both wanted. He loved that Dreki resisted, even if it didn't last very long.

Sam's entire body strained when the mortal finally slid inside him. When he pushed all the way in, there was a sweet, sharp pain that had him gritting his teeth until he adjusted and then after that, everything went like silk. They did their best to delay the inevitable - savouring the sensations of slippery bodies, stroking hands and passionate kisses - but, in the end, the release was again mutual and twice as sweet as the first time. They had another functional shower and then collapsed on the bed, hugging as Dreki fell asleep at last.

Before he crept out of Dreki's place just before dawn, Samuel made sure their numbers were in each other's phones then he kissed his sleeping angel goodbye and disappeared into the night, unable to lose his smile.

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Re: The Garden of Everything
« Reply #46 on: April 25, 2019, 05:46:19 PM »
When Sam spoke that he wanted it badly, he of course made his way in, allowing Sam to get used to it before continuing. To Dreki it felt it was just as good, if not better, than the first time as they finished together, took a less sensual shower and relaxed on his bed. He cuddled to Sam, feeling safe and comfortable for the first time in a long time, he fell asleep fast and peacefully.

Dreki's phone didn't have a lock on it, thus making it easy for Sam to sneak his number on there before he left. Everything about Dreki's phone, which was a galaxy note 9, seemed generic, like he didn't change any of the settings. However it did speak as to where your finger was and if you just opened an app. The noise from it didn't wake Dreki at all, as he slept well into the morning getting up for work at his usual time. Slightly upset he didn't think to grab a way of contacting Sam after the fact, until he looked at his phone and realized the contacts app was opened. He smiled noticing that he now had a new contact in his phone, it was now one of two personal and not work related contacts he had in there. He headed to work like any other day, but sent Sam a simple message.

"Thank you." Was all it said. It was for a multitude of different reasons, but mostly, because he didn't feel so empty after last night as he had been feeling after most of his other one night stands. Something to him felt different about Sam and he wanted to see Sam again sometime in the future.