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123 Irving Ave.
« on: April 13, 2019, 04:19:23 PM »
123 Irving Ave.

Main Building:
The building is a prewar brownstone walk up with six stories and six units per story. The lobby floor is tile, with two stairwells that led up to the higher floors. Old gas lamp style lighting fixtures combine with grey pant and a marble like floor to create a clean but not overly nice lobby. The facility is well maintained and the super lives in the building so things do get fixed on a regular basis. The area is lower middle class, so not the North's worst parts, but far from the nicer parts of town. One of the building's big selling points is that each unit on floors thee and six have a small balcony. They overlook the North Districts many warehouses but the view on the sixth floor can be quite pretty. The sun sets beautifully against the cold steel and concrete of the surrounding buildings, and it almost resembles Bushwick in Brooklyn.

The average tenet is a young professional who's just gotten their first real job, with some units being occupied by older long term residents. The street is the only place for parking, however, many of the warehouses offer parking permits to residents at a small price. There are a few decent coffee shops and restaurants in the area, however, they don't compare to the nicer parts of town. Crime is decently well controlled, however some residents claim to hear wolves howling on a full moon.

The Units:
The standard units come with a sunken living room, hardwood floors, and a decently sized kitchen. Most units come unfurnished but are about 900 square feet, and based on the area and low rent is a decent size. One, two and three bedrooms are all to be found. Most have only one bathroom. Two units have working fireplaces and both are on the sixth floor. The doors have a standard lock, a deadbolt and a chain. Smoking is allowed on the balconies but not in the lobby. The standard balcony fits one or two people easily, and three or four if everyone is sitting.

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