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Apt 66 Thesdea Thane
« on: April 13, 2019, 04:35:54 PM »
At the top of the adorable but quirky building lives witch Thesdea Thane. Upon entering a small foyer you can either turn left and enter the kitchen, turn right and head towards the two side rooms, or walk straight into a sunken living room. Tess's style is fairly modern, with a black leather sofa, big TV and lots of lights hung from the ceiling. An end table holds a small clay bowl where she throws her keys, and the walls are covered in pop culture posters. Her taste seems mostly B horror movies. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, has a full size poster, as well as one from Killer Clowns From Outer Space. The kitchen has a grey tile floor, white cabinets and and brand new appliances. Tess's kitchen has no perishable food, as it all rots within a day of being in her home. She buys most of her food the day she intends to cook it.

One of the two rooms is Tess's alter room, which will remain a mystery for now. Her bedroom holds a queen size bed, a dresser of drawers and a door that leads to her private balcony. She keeps a a lawn chair out there for her to sit, and has a few fake plants for the look of them. A bathroom is connected to the main hallway between the ritual room and bedroom. Pink tile, a tub, and a toilet are all that await you. Tess's shower catty is filled with products. Tess's walk in closet is overflowing with clothes. Most of them are long, flowery gowns, shawls, scarfs, and peasant tops. Long boots, heels, and more casual clothes are mixed in as well. There is nothing living in the apartment. Plants die in a day. Animals flee. Tess's dog, Riley is present but he's undead and therefore unaffected by the apartments necrotic energy. 

Tess's apartment is protected by magic in the following ways.

1. Vampires must be invited in.
2. She is aware if magic is trying to penetrate the apartment.
3. She has a spell to stifle noise that allows her to practice her Satanism undisturbed.
4. Various charms and protections against spirits.
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