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Name: Tyler
AKA:The Traveler
Age [appearance]: 19
Age [actual]: 587
Gender Identity: Male (Non Binary)
Pronouns: He, Him, His, or They, Them, Theirs
Species: Vampire
Clan: Brujah
Generation: Originally 8th, Now 6th Through Diablerie (dēˈäblərē)
Faction: Anarchs
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Sexuality: Asexual, Homoromantic
Quote: "I wanna live in a world without borders, without distinctions, without princes, or Oligarchs or Republics. I wanna live in a world where the strong protect the weak, and the weak are allowed to grow and get stronger. I wanna live in anarchy, for only in anarchy is there real freedom."

Permissions Given in reasonable Roleplay:
(Yes = you don't have to ask before acting in RP, No = you ask first)
Feeding: NO
Wounding/Cursing: YES
Killing: YES

Hair: Tyler's hair is a side fade cut up higher on one side than the other. His length is then combed back to the side, and often pomaded down with a form of product. The color is a dark brown, almost black and because of the pomade a sheen is visible in light. Tyler also wears a lot of hats. Baseball caps, beanies, and fedoras are all worn depending on the outfit in question. Tyler once had long flowing hair, that formed ringlets. They cut if off once they embraced their gender nonconformity.

Eyes: Tyler's eyes are round, and equidistant from the bridge of his nose. The color is a deep green, like the color of an evergreen tree. While Tyler's eyes can look kind and open, they often look pensive, contemplative or angry. His eyelids and lashes feminize him, and so he wears a lot of sunglasses to hide his eyes. He also obscures them as he knows they are the window to the soul.   

Frame: Tyler is five foot five inches tall, with a slim frame, weighing 135lbs. They wear a chest binder to make their body appear more masculine, and sometimes wears a packer for the same reasons. As Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) was invented long past Tyler’s birth, he is unable to biomedically transition. Clothes, the undergarments mentioned, and his Presence discipline is how he manages his physical transition. Despite their small stature and low weight, Tyler’s body commands a room. He stands as tall as possible, and his chest is puffed out and up. A severe expression is often crossing his face, helping him to appear more intimidating. 

Primary Stance #1 Standing against a wall, his arms crossed over his chest.

Primary Stance #2 On a rooftop smoking a cigarette

Primary Stance #3 Pacing back and forth, throwing their hands up and whipping a crowd into a frenzy

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Tyler has several tattoos across his body. All of them were done with mystical ink, and while they grant him no powers, the sheer amount of magic hums to those who can detect that sort of thing. Each one was aquired purposefully, and has a meaning. Some meanings are obvious, while others are so personal they can't be interrupted. Tyler otherwise has no distinguishing marks.

List Of Tats:

1. The word renegade on his right forearm.
2. A diamond on his upper right arm.
3. The words “Just love” on his knuckles.
4. A full sleeve starting on his left shoulder and working down to his hand. The images are of gallows, a yellow bird, the words “liberty of death” in French, and an iron cross.
5. On the small of his back is the symbol of Clan Brujah; a circle with a capital A upside down. The style is that of graffiti street art.
6. Wings stretch across his upper back. They are black in color.
7. A rainbow across his upper chest with the words, “Love is Love,” written underneath.

More to come…

Personality: Tyler has a few convictions that help bring harmony to their mind and provide a philosophy for the clan and Anarch movement.

1. The universe is a random and chaotic place.
2. Order is an illusion. The natural order is anarchy.
3. Rebel against those who keep others in bondage.
4. Mercy is a limited resource, to be weighed out and given only to the deserving.   

Tyler is first and foremost an observer. They are not often the first to speak in an exchange and spend the time gathering information about those in the room. There’s an intense and serious nature to them that can chill some to the bone and intimate others. Tyler seeks to cultivate this intimidating image, understanding that fights are sometimes won not by who’s stronger, but on who feels stronger. He is thoughtful, curious and introspective, although not personally insightful. He is often better at reading others than himself, and is honestly afraid to turn his gaze inwards.

At his core, Tyler is a kind person. He is deeply affected by the suffering of others, and feels compelled to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. He hates lots of attention though and so does most of his kind acts anonymously. Even within the Anarchs, he’s preferred to be a shadow, a folk hero, and a whisper as opposed to the real person he is. He fears that he’s not good enough. He believes if people saw the real person then the legend would die out and that then he’d be useless in bringing about change.

Tyler wishes he had a way to physically transition to a more masculine body to affirm his gender identity, but has made peace with his dysphoria. He also likes some feminine things, and feels more non binary than strictly male. The tension between wanting to appear more male, but not outright rejecting his femininity causes him a huge existential stress. He behaves overly masculine at times to compensate for his appearance and constantly feels like people don’t see him as a man.     

Tyler is a life long rebel and can be violent. If killing a tyrannical prince is the only way to bring about freedom he has no problem doing the deed. Revolutions are bloody things, and he makes distinctions between personal violence and political violence. Still, brute force is a last option. Tyler prefers to use diplomacy, political activism, free and fair elections and putting forward good policies. They are highly political, and resent those who don’t think politics are important. They see staying involved as a civic duty to whatever community they belong, and are never apolitical.

Tyler sees no grand plan for the universe. He thinks the world will return to the natural state of chaos one day, and hopes to live long enough to enjoy it. In fact, he blames the structured, civilized world on vampires, who once ruled humanity outright and provided a guiding hand. He thinks people would be more moral if they didn’t have governments, religions and property to make them selfish, afraid, and territorial. Tyler even questions the use of the Masquerade, feeling like humans and vampires could learn to coexist if they had proper time to get to know one another. That being said, Tyler does uphold the Masquerade, not wanting to jeopardize other supernatural's safety.   

History: Tyler is a myth. They don’t exist and therefore their true history is unknown to any in the city. Below are a set of myths, legends, stories, folk tales and circumstantial “sightings.” Which are true and which are just stories, only Tyler knows!

From the folk song the Ballad of Tyler :

*A guitar and Harmonica keep a soft but consistent 4/4 beat.
A prince walks in the room,
And he shows his golden ring.
Heading towards his tomb,
Not worried about a thing.
But Tyler watches, waits and plots.

A sheriff walks into a bar,
And he demands fealty
He takes it to far,
He takes it too seriously
But Tyler intervenes, and fires the first shots.

Made of Ventrue nightmares,
Fueled by Toreador tears,
For the Anarchs he truly cares,
His is the face of Camarilla fears.
Tyler ties their prince’s tummy’s in knots.

Oh! Tyler! Come save us Tyler
Tyler, light the flame,
But hey there Tyler, or is it Skyler?
Does anyone really know your name?


"Oh I knew Tyler for sure," the drunk man said, his lips a chilled pink as he eyed the bottle of whiskey I held. "Tell me about him," I instructed, testing the poor wretch.

"Oh, ummm, well for one he is a she. The real Tyler is a chick." The man grabbed for the bottle but I punched his throat as punishment. "Not until you tell me everything," I scolded. "What did Tyler do here?"

He was still clutching his throat. His eyes were large like a frogs, and I imagined popping them. "She killed that feller over there, well what's left of him." He pointed to a smoldering pile of blood, hair, and ash. He'd been my sheriff. "How did it happen," I asked.

"Well Tyler was living with us for weeks man. She gave me her blood and it made me really strong. I used to be a philosophy major and Tyler loved to debate with me." I doubted this man had a high school education, but for the moment I made no insult. "Go on," I barked.

"Well the dead guy came around and said that we all had to bow to some ass hat called Hamburg. He killed a friend of ours, another vamp." He pointed to a second pile of ash. "Skull was his name. He wouldn't bow to nobody he told the other dead guy. Well, then he was dead. Tyler got super mad and just tore the guys head off. I was so wasted I thought I imagined it at first."

I moved my eyes to the man's. "My name is Otto Hamburg, Prince of this city. The dead man is my best friend. Tyler seems to have slipped my grasp, but you won' be so lucky." I drained him, snapping his neck for good measure. I called a blood hunt, but by the time the Kindred of this fair city were on the prowl, Tyler was once again in the wind. The Anarch boogeyman, or someone pretending to be her, had struck again.

-Otto Hamburg, Former Camarilla Prince of Denver Colorado in a letter to his sire, 1995.


"He's very intimidating to share a room with," Jake McCloud said to me as I recorded his experience with the great Tyler. The bold Black Prince sat on his sofa, looking at me with serious eyes.

"During the events that took L.A. for the Anarchs I was a front line kind of guy. I fought with all I had, but there was just something about Tyler that made me feel like a baby. It wasn't age. It had to be confidence. I've never seen someone so in control. I just don't understand why he doesn't stick around. I mean, he's possibly the one person who could get everyone who calls themselves Anarch to agree to one agenda, but instead he hides away and only shows up when the shit hits the fan. It's kind of annoying actually. Here I am doing the daily grind, and yet he's easily more famous than me... Not that I'm jealous or anything."

"Of course not Mr. McCloud, excuse me Prince McCloud," I playacted. "What's the one thing about Tyler you think only people who've truly met him would know?"

McCloud seemed to think for a long while then said bluntly, "he's a fucking tease." Well! I wasn't expecting that answer!

- From his book The Anarch Hereos by Brujah Historian Swade Wade Jenkins


Tyler is every Brujah. I don't understand this desire to find the real Tyler. To me, Tyler doesn't even need to be real. All they need to be is a symbol for our clan. As long as the Brujah have the image of the wandering rebel they don't need the person behind the legend. Would we really want to know the real Davy Crockett, or Louis and Clark? Is the memory of the Greek great thinkers preserved because we can't see that Plato was a pedophile? Don't get me wrong. I don't think Tyler is some awful person just waiting to be exposed. I think a person named Tyler helped found the Anarchs and I bet a ton of young Brujah call themselves that name. I just don't buy the idea that an Anarch bedtime story is our savior. I do like that the Camarilla fears the idea of them though. Tyler, the radical Brujah just waits to destroy the Ventrue clan. It's a sweet thought indeed.

-Lisa-Joe Hampton's Journal, 1972

Awareness of Supernaturals: Tyler's travels have allowed him to see several types of supernaturals. That being said, his experience has mostly been with vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, and fae (imps, nymphs). He is aware of demons and angels but has limited experience with them.

Occupation/Job: Traveler, drifter, vagabond, folk hero, professional rebel without a cause (also has several causes). To functionally make money, Tyler does carpentry, shop work, metal work, pluming and electrical. he acquired these skills from craftspeople he's met during his many travels.   
Domicile: Nowhere and everywhere. Tyler travels from city to city helping the local Anarchs and then moves on. He plans to live in the city and settle down, but currently does not have a flat to call home. He is most likely to be found with other Anarchs at the White Rabbit.

Interesting Facts / Quirks: Tyler is a literal mystery, so a lot of what people know about them is based in rumor. People often argue over their gender, and whole papers have been written in history books about if Tyler was a man or woman. His sire is rumored to be Robin Hood, a claim that might not be as ridiculous as it sounds. 

A quirk of Tyler's is getting crushes. They are normally school yard, and he rarely has sex, but he can get deeply infatuated with someone, usually men.

Hobby/Hobbies: Tyler enjoys playing cards, smoking, reading various philosophy, seeing the world, nature, arm wrestling, organizing protests, and he enjoys working with his hands.

Inspirations for Character:

1. Bob Dylan - folk singer
2. Davy Crockett - folk hero
3. Arya Stark - Game of Thrones, book
4. Kareem Said - Oz, HBO
5. Tyler- Waiting For Tyler, short story V5 Book
6. Joan of Arc - folk hero, religious figure
Likes: Anarchy, traveling, Relaxing, weed laced blood, playing guitar, playing the fiddle, singing, arguing, the Anarchs
Dislikes:The Camarilla, Governments, settling down, transphobia, technology, money, capitalism, the spotlight, clan Ventrue
Strength: Tyler is a charismatic leader who has sparked hope, creativity, and literal victories for his people. He has a passionate commitment to his ideas of justice, and never backs down from a fight, no matter how scared or intimidated he might be.
Weakness/Flaw: Tyler's greatest flaw is he feels inadequate as a leader. His insecurity has kept him from taking charge of his people, and being the leader they need him to be. He has decided he has no other choice. The movement in this city needs them now more than ever, and they have decided to answer the call. His fear and general dislike of the spotlight will prove to be challenging for him, but he hopes he can rise to the occasion and take his people into this new era.

Vampiric Disciplines:

Potence - Tyler has supernatural strength and can channel that strength into various situations. While at a base level Potence just demonstrates the overall strength of the vampire in question, Tyler has worked towards the mastery of specific techniques. At their age and level of blood potency he is beyond the basics.

A. Soaring Leap - By channeling the power of the blood, the vampire can leap to heights beyond that of a normal mortal. Tyler can leap a five story building as well as jump between roof tops with ease.

B. Lethal Body - Tyler is stronger than any mortal and most supernaturals and his base strength is so high that even a friendly fight can do them serious harm. Only older vampires or stone demons can withstand his fists. 

C. Prowess - Tyler can temporarily draw tremendous strength for a single activity. At his age and  level of mastery this might be crushing a diamond or punching through a titanium door. After preforming such an act, Tyler is drained and needs to feed. Otherwise he becomes weak.

D. Spark of Rage (requires presence) Tyler can use a combination of his Potence and Presence disciplines to pull the rage of a person to the surface. This ability is often used during fights to make his opponent sloppy, or to whip up a rebellious crowd of malcontents. This technique was originated by clan Brujah, and one folk tale says Tyler invented it. He is proud to use the technique of his people.

E. Brutal Feed - Nicknamed by the Giovanni "The savage kiss," this unholy ability allows Tyler to drain a victim of blood at a rapid pace. The effect is almost always fatal to the mortal, and is used only in the heat of battle if it all. He would never use this to feed. This ability allowed Tyler to commit the act of Diablerie. 

Celerity - Sometimes called "blurring" celerity is a form of supernatural speed. It is said that all vampires begin to develop this ability at some point, but those of clan Brujah study it and learn it's craft. Tyler has learned some techniques of Celerity and is currently training this and Dominate.

A. Cat's Grace - Tyler has excellent balance even when intoxicated. He can run across ledges, tightropes and other slim surfaces with ease.

B. Rapid Reflexes - Tyler can perceive actions moments before they occur and can quickly react. This ability is commonly used to dodge bullets. 

C. Fleetness - The most basic form of Celerity. This ability allows Tyler to move at dizzying speeds up to 75 MPH.

D. Blink - Nicknamed by Theo Bell "Sneak Attack," Blink allows the user to stop directly in front of an opponent, attack, and then retreat all in the blink of an eye. Tyler has won a lot of fights by never being in the same place long enough to get hit.

E. Traversal - Tyler can move with such grace and elegance that they can run up walls and along liquid surfaces. He must be moving at top speed, so he can't walk on water exactly, but he can run across a lake as long as he never slows down.

Presence  - Tyler has what some vampires call, “The Lingering Kiss.” Presence allows Tyler to manipulate their aura in a variety of ways to create certain effects. Tyler can use this form of supernatural charisma to lead their people, inspire the masses, or placate the angry. Tyler has sacrificed much of his training in Presence to focus on Dominate. He does know a few techniques.

A. Daunt - Tyler can create an intimidating aura that deters attackers, makes him appear handsome, masculine and savage. He uses this ability when facing down tough opponents or whipping up an angry crowd of protesters.

B. Dread Gaze - Tyler can for a brief time show his fangs and spark terror in mortals and and send an intimidating message to supernaturals.

C. Entrancement - This ability allows Tyler to cause a single person to become obsessed and infatuated with them. This more intermediate ability is how queens made kings bow to them, and how Mata-Hari was a whore for spying. People have died while under the effects of entrancement, making it a risky ability to use. 

Dominate - Normally a Brujah would not have this power. However, Tyler has a dark secret that explains his acquisition of this power. He is currently training this and Celerity, and has sacrificed mastery of his Presence discipline as a result. Tyler finds Dominate to be an effective ability and uses it to right wrongs, demand justice, and advance the agenda of the Anarchs.

A. Command - This power allows for the vampire to issue simple commands in the form of a sentence. This is the most basic form of Dominate and can be learned by even young ones.

B. Mesmerize - Tyler can hypnotize victims and put them in trances. While in a trance the subject will simply follow the vampire and do what they are told. This power also leads to the way to conditioning thralls or servants.

C. The Forgetful Mind - The power of memory manipulation. Tyler can erase memories, implant them, view them without consent, and otherwise do with them what he wants. Tyler has remained a mystery because nobody can remember exactly what they saw.

Be a sadist. Now matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them — in order that the reader may see what they are made of.
- Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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