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Note: I’ve redacted things that Theo may be hiding. If there’s something that you think your character would know, feel free to DM me, and I’ll collaborate with how to get your character the information!

Name: Theossa (goes by Theo)
Age [appearance]: Late 20s
Age [actual]: *@$[Redacted]
Gender: Enby (They/Them)
Eyes: Brown
Frame: 5’8”, around 140
Species: Looks human? Smells super human. Tastes? huma? -- no, shouldn't taste them without permission. [Redacted]
Naturally? Brunette. Currently? I will probably not update this every time it changes, so in Theo’s words: “If it isn’t a new color every week, am I even trying?”
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks:
An asymmetrical sapphire crystal, encircled by a thin, silver ring horizontally, dangles from their left ear.
The point of a tattoo sometimes peeks out from shirts with low necklines, but when asked about it, all people get is a melodramatic gasp as Theo accuses you of attempting to see under their clothes.

Awareness of Supernaturals:
Theo has a theoretical knowledge of most supers. They are the entire reason they moved to the city. Theo knows there are plenty here, and they know many of the major species -- but has yet to run into many real life examples. As such, they rely on many superstitions and flat out incorrect assumptions. Theo’s parents were staunchly against the idea of them moving to be around other supers, but Theo couldn’t help but feel that this is where they were needed. 

Most people meet Theo in the midst of their natural habitat. Dim, warm lighting. The scent of jasmine and liquor. The low hum of instrumental music providing background noise for the intimate bar where Theo thrives. Mixing drinks and effortlessly serving patron after patron with a winning smile, they ensure that anyone who steps into their bar, An Tsí, feels welcome. And strangely, they are. It’s anyone’s guess as to whether it’s the impossible vegetation that winds itself around and inside the crown molding of the bar, wafting delicate, soothing fragrances down through the bar, or the drinks they serve, using the fresh ingredients to garnish often plucked from the wall behind the bar. One thing is certain, there are no few patrons who swear by the spirits that they serve.
Theo is everything you want in a bartender. Quiet, when the only self-reflection you want stares at you from the bottom of a shotglass. Rambunctious, when it is the weekend and it’s time to party. Generous, when you’re in need and they have the means. They may not be everything you’d want in a friend, however. They remain elusive outside of their shift, as plenty a scorned suitor will testify -- often simply disappearing when customers have gotten drunk enough to try to follow them home.
Maybe another thing is certain, as well -- Theo prefers keeping their social circle small, and their mysteries to themselves.
(As told by the patrons of An Tsí)

An elderly man, skin resembling leather, nearly falls off his bar stool as he points towards you, “The best damned bartender you’ll find this side of the moon.” He then proceeds to tell you about the bartenders on the other side of the moon. Because he has been there. Truly.

A couple in semi-formal business attire shake their head sadly. The man raises his glass towards the sky as the woman leans in closer, “Don’t get your hopes up, dear. We’ve all tried at least once. Ain’t no one but the barback that Theo bringing to their home.”   

Interesting Facts / Quirks:
Exasperated, a college kid sits back in his booth, his face far beyond flushed with the drinks he’s downed, “No one… NO ONE… can be-beat Theo at drinking.” He shudders, whether from the nausea welling in his gut or the recollection of Theo’s ease with which they drank. “I’m gonna be s-” He runs off towards the bathrooms as Theo waves a damp towel over the bar, threatening him if he ruins their floors.
The barback, with whom you’ve built a small rapport, takes you by the elbow into a more secluded table. He sweeps a hand through his braids and motions towards Theo laughing as the leather-skinned man cringes and sputters as he downs a drink stronger than he had the gullet to drink, but that he had the hubris to order. “Not a lot of people go this long without goofing up, so I’ll just give you a heads-up. Stick with calling Theo they and them, don’t goof and call them him, her, or the like if you enjoy the quality of drinks you’ve been getting. Theo doesn’t take well to folks misgendering others, as well, and there’s a thin line between the concoctions they serve now and the most disgusting swill you’ve had in your life.” He taps his nose, “Only exception being the bar’s benefactor, who has known Theo for quite some time -- so don’t balk if you hear him calling Theo by female pronouns here and there.” The barback’s shoulders raise to the unasked question, “Beats me as to why, but Theo seems to be happy with it.”

“All right!” Theo grins, a strange, weathered deck of cards appearing in their hands. “Who is in the line-up tonight?” The separate conversations die down and new ones strike up -- several people pushing their way away from the bar dramatically as others step up with their chest puffed out.
As you make to approach the bar, emboldened to greet the unknown by your liquid courage or natural curiosity, you are stopped by the barback stepping in front of you. “Oh no, newbie, you’re gonna wanna watch this rodeo before you take a ride.” He motions for a couple unoccupied stools at the end of the bar.
You see various looks crossing the face of the patrons lined up before them: anxiety, pride, anticipation -- disappointment from the college kid as he is decidedly turned away. The patrons do not have to wait long, however, as Theo places a card down in front of each of them. “Y’all know the rules. You guess. You drink. No exceptions!” A visible gulp is seen from a couple of the people, but they all stand firm.
Theo dips their fingers into a strange, viscous liquid that shimmers with a luminous cerulean gleam under the dim bar lights. They run their fingers across the back of the cards, leaving a glowing blue trail where their fingers trace. Theo places a shot glass before each of the customers and assembles several strange bottles of liquor that are most definitely not the familiar bottles of spirits that line the shelves behind the bar. “Ready?” The grin that crosses their face can only be described as mischievous. A final nod from each patron before it begins.
Rapid-fire, Theo points to the group, asking in a voice that is no louder than before, but commands some strange strength behind it,  “Arcana?!” “Major,” a few cry out. “Minor,” yell the others. Some cross themselves, others cross their fingers. They flip the cards individually. The first guessed correctly, as the Wheel is displayed before him. Theo pours a drink from a long, crescent-shaped bottle. The next two hang their head, as their guesses were incorrect. The former received the three of cups and a shot poured from a rusted crimson flask. The latter revealed the Hierophant and is handed a drink that came from a clear glass phial covered in chains. The final patron whoops in success as the five of pentacles is displayed. Theo grabs the smallest of vials and pours but a drop in the glass, before filling the rest with vodka.
Cries of “Thank you, Theo!” ring out across the bar, as each of them down their shot. Those who guessed incorrectly? They take their shot as quickly as possible, gagging and sputtering once the vile liquids are somewhat safely within their stomach. Theo cackles maniacally as they stow the cards back within a velvet bag below the bar. “Thems the breaks, kiddos,” they say to the patrons who are clearly older than they are.
The others who got it right? Their vacant stares, the smallest hints of smiles plastered upon their faces, were uninterrupted as the bar returned to its previous activity. Indeed, they sat there for quite some time afterwards, unmoving but blissfully smiling. 

Making people happy, experimenting with exotic liquor, and dancing with any and everyone.

Transmysogyny, their bar being sullied, seeing people in pain.
Extremely analytical and a shrewd businessperson

In addition to #$(*%#$(#$#[Redacted], they are INCREDIBLY particular. They will rearrange the bottles behind the bar incessantly if something feels even SLIGHTLY off.

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Re: Theo
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Re: Theo
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Thread Chronology:

An Tsi: Description of the bar, and Theo moving in.
Just your average, (super)ordinary Wednesday night: Theo gets welcomed to the city by Lisa-Joe.