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Jonathan Hofflan
« on: April 20, 2019, 03:06:21 PM »
Black or White? The Devil of the Major Arcana, Thats what you are.

Birth name: To discover inrp
Aliases/Nicknames: Dr. Jonathan Hofflan
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Asexual
Nationality: European
Age: 714
Looks: 30s Area
Date of Birth: January 28, 1305
Species: Vampire - Tremere Clan
Domicile: Outside of the City
Family: All dead, except Dreki and Emma, his two "Adoptees"

Hair: Short red shaggy with a little curl to it.
Eyes: Emerald Green, perpetually tired looking with dark bags under his eyes
Skin: Pale, nearly translucent, he uses makeup to hide the translucentness of his skin
Shape of Face: Round
Nose: Almost bird like but not quite that big. The bridge has a crooked spot in it as if he had broken his nose before
Mouth: A thin almost no cupids bow upper lip, and a slightly larger bottom lip
Glasses or Contacts?: Sometimes wears glasses, not like he needs them anymore
Hands: Large hands, they seem scarred and rough mostly from his job
Frame: He is athletically muscular under his clothing, however he does wear clothing a size or two too large, mostly to seem like he is smaller or thinner than he actually is. He likes appearing weaker than he really is. He's about 5'10" and 170lbs in actuality, most of his weight stemming from the lean muscles he has.
Marks: Other than the scars on his hands, none of note

Work Garb: Normally a striped button down shirt, a green tie, and black dress pants and jacket. He wears suspenders under the jacket to hold his pants up
To bed: Nothing
Accessories: A pair of glasses he sometimes uses

Education: Been working as a doctor of somekind since 1330, has usually been on the wrong side of history in some of his pursuits given his callous and cold nature to everyone else. It's all what drew the Facility into hiring him

Current Occupation: Doctor at the Facility
Salary: Enough
Previous Occupations: Always been a Doctor throughout the years
Intelligence Level: Incredibly smart in regards to medical information, otherwise has an average knowledge level. But when you've been studying something for nearly 700 years, you're bound to be good at it.

Socioeconomic Level as a child: Poor
Socioeconomic Level as an adult: Above Middle Class. He doesn't spend too lavishly, but for sure has money.

His job. He finds no greater pleasure than experimenting on others, learning how bodies work, and how to use them for his own or the facility's purposes. He likes to cause suffering and pain, but also knows where to toe the line into not killing someone.

Pretty decent for a vampire

Bad Habits / Vices: 
Usually feeds upon his experiments. Most of the time when he draws blood from someone, he draws more than is needed so he can have a snack later. As a result he can sometimes play favoritism in his experiments, treating some better or some worse, almost as if it is their fault on how their blood tastes.

Observable Behavior:
Speech Patterns: Very prim and proper, has a broad European accent, not quite English, but not quite
Words/Slang/Jargon: If mad or not particularly curating what he is saying, he does use some old English.
Eye Contact: Always. He feels as if it is more intimidating for him to stare directly into someone's eyes when he speaks.
Gait: He always walks with purpose, like there is somewhere he needs to be.
Posture: Proper and straight. Makes him come off as more intimidating
Gestures, Quirks or Eccentricities: Acts polite on the surface, as in will hold doors open for others
Mannerisms: Cracks his knuckles almost constantly

Commonly Seen Holding: A Clipboard and a pen

Common Stance: Standing straight up or leaning over an experiment

Likes & Dislikes
Food & Drinks: Blood, particularly those of mixed races or creatures
Music: Older music, like 1330s music
Video Entertainment: Prefers medical documentaries if he watches anything
Books & Magazines: Mostly medical stuff

Pet Peeves: Disobedient experiments, bugs, being told what to do
Major Hangups: Not getting his way
Fears/Phobias: Dying
Dislikes: the Majority of people

Philosophy of life: If they aren't of any use, kill them

Strongest positive personality trait: He is very charismatic
Strongest negative personality trait: He has no source of empathy

Character Strengths: His stubbornness allows him into steamrolling others to get things done or in ways that he wants, sure his powers help too but this is just built into his personality. He also has an ability to hold things over others and use blackmail stratigically.

Flaws: Doesn't understand boundaries and can easily go to far and just not give a fuck. Can get sloppy with how he handles thing, the more things don't go his way. Also isn't very good at physical fights, but is good at dodging

Sense of humor: Cold, Dark, and offensive
Temper: Hot and yet quiet. He will let you know he is not happy with you, but usually in regards to an actual verbal confrontation and not physical. He doesn't like getting physical

Awareness of Supernaturals: Very aware, he basically "creates" new ones for a living.
History and Relationships:
Relationship status: None
Current family: His Adopted kin
Mother:  Dead
Father: Dead
Birth Order: Youngest child of Several, Siblings all dead
Maternal Grandparents: Dead
Paternal Grandparents: Dead
Other Relatives: N/A

Best Friend(s): None
Other Friends: Maybe those whom he works with at the Facility. He's known for being a cold hearted terrifying person to deal with in most cases
Other close relationships: With his experiments mostly. It is almost like a father/child relationship, if the father was a sadist who enjoys abusing his children that is. But he feels a special kind of bond with them thats otherwise hard to explain

Enemies: Anyone who would directly oppose him or the facility

Romantic/Sexual Encounters: None

Relationship Skills: He's a chronic liar and manipulator, has been since he was a child

Basic Rundown of History:
Not much is known besides he got turned during the Black Plague epidemic of Europe, and lived in Europe up until the late 1940s, where he moved elsewhere for a while, then moved to America in the 1980s. Anything further would be found out in RP

Vampire Disciplines:


-Heightened Senses: Raise one of your five senses to superhuman levels. For some reason he only does this to eavesdrop, and super loud noises can hurt him really bad if someone gets a clue and does something about it. Beyond that he doesn't use this ability terribly often.

-An Ear for Lies: Know when someone lies to you. He doesn't really call you out on it if he knows you're lying but he will 100% use it against you at somepoint in the future.

-Aura Perception -> Karmic Sight: View someone's aura, personality, morality, and other karmic qualities. He mostly uses this to sense emotion and personality and from there determines on how to speak to you. Of course as Charismatic as Dr. Hofflan is, sometimes being able to do this isn't an exact science and he gets the wrong result compared to what he wants or is expecting, but can guess on several things.

-Spirit Bond: Create a connection to something so you can find its geographical location. He can only do this with one person at a time as it is incredibly draining otherwise. Dreki is his only experiment who lives outside of the Facility, so in needs of field experiments and it's aftermath, he can keep an eye on Dreki. That being said, Dreki is unaware of this connection.
--Stealing the Mind's Eye: See and hear what a target does. He specifically can only do this to whom he is spirit bonded with. So, Dreki. Dreki is the only target for this.

-Telepathic Communication: Mentally speak with someone, even if they are a great distance away.

- Mirror Reflex: React quickly to an opponent in combat by reading their mind. He cannot really fight, but he can dodge. He's lived this long thus far by his ability to dodge.


-Command Obedience: You no longer require eye contact for Dominate, relying on skin contact or your voice. He does this to his experiments. It's how he gets Dreki and others to do what he wants in order for field tests or for whatever the facility needs someone to do, and can do it just by voice. It doesn't always work unless it is on his experiments given how weak he is in this disciplin he makes up in others.
-The Forgetful Mind: Rewrite the memories of a target. Sometimes he doesn't want his experiments to know what he is trying to do with them, he can only use this on them.


-Thaumaturgical Forensics: Gain information from a tissue sample. He had to hold it between his two hands and concentrate in order to get any information. It can be in a container.

-Supernatural Experimentation: As Human Experimentation, except works on supernatural creatures as well. It's what he does for the facility, him not having this would make no sense.

-Cause Sleep: Force a single target to become drowsy or sleep. He uses this to put being to sleep before experimenting on them, most of the time. Sometimes he doesn't put them to sleep. He places his hand upon their face, and says "Relax and rest well."

-Marionette: Force a target's body to move and act as you desire. For when his Dominate commands don't work out so well for him since it is the weaker of his 3 disciplines. It requires extreme concentration and him to be in a meditation like pose and state in order to pull it off at all. It's not exactly practical so really he uses it not so often.

-Reveal the Heart's Dreams: Learn what someone most desires and fears from their dreams. He uses this against others to get them to willing agree to his experiments. He has to put one of his arms around the shoulders of the subject, and his other hand on their chest at least near if not over their heart and ask "What do you want most out of this life?" He usually follows it up with "How can I help you?" but thats not part of what he need in order to get this to work.

-Learn the Heart's Pain: look into someone’s heart and determine what grieves him the most. Works in the same way as "Reveal the Heart's Dreams" except he asks what pains you and how he can help instead.

-A Taste For Blood: Gather a variety of information from a blood sample. He has to taste the blood and only physical information is revealed, he's like a walking 23&me Database with this.