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The Gold Coins of Zagan
« on: April 27, 2019, 12:40:40 AM »
The Gold Coins of Zagan

front, back

Owned By: Chtahzus’aak.  A few have been given to select demons in his employ.
Created by: King Zagan, commander of over thirty-three legions of hell. 

25mm diameter gold coins bearing the seals of Zagan and Vinea.  They feel heavier than they appear.

King Zagan has the power to transform any base metal into coins fashioned from those metals.  These gold coins were created from the treasures of an overthrown demon king, with the first power (spin).  These coins were gifted to the demon Count Vinea, who added an inscription to the back to create the second power (press).  Vinea gifted them to the demon Count Caacrinolaas in exchange for a favor.  Caacrinolaas added an inscription to the edge create the final power to the coins (flip) before passing them to Chtahzus’aak as conditions for a treaty.  There are at least 666 of them.  No written instructions for the coins exist, as all instruction has been verbally passed down.

Conditions and Drawbacks:
Each coin is a one-time use spell, activated by different movements.  They can only be used by the one whom they were gifted to.  If stolen, they will simply be gold coins.  If lost or sold they will eventually find their way back to the last owner.  The coins are essentially ordinary coins until activated by any of the three movements, and only by their owner.  The coins can be destroyed by hellfire and will revert back to their original state (in this case, treasure).  When the spell is spent, the coin will disintegrate into ash.

Spin: Must be spun on a surface like a top.  This creates an irresistible distraction for the duration of the spin.  Those who look upon it will be unable to speak, move, or look away until the coin falls.  The length of time may vary depending on how skillfully it is spun, but it generally lasts longer than an average coin spin.  If the spin is somehow interrupted (for example, by someone entering the room covering their eyes) the coin will disintegrate.

Press: The coin must be pressed into the skin hard enough to create an impression.  This temporarily blocks mental disciplines (i.e. dominate) without alerting the attacker.  The coin is considered "used" only when actively deflecting a discipline, then it will disintegrate.

Flip: When the coin is flipped into the air, it puts out any light in the immediate vicinity.  Celestial bodies are not affected by this.  How the light is snuffed out varies.  Lightbulbs explode, cellphone batteries drain, monitors break, candles and fire are extinguished, magical light is overwhelmed by darkness (temporarily, depending on the power of its wielder).  The coin disintegrates immediately after the light is extinguished.

History of Use:
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