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Fox Jaw Necklace
« on: April 27, 2019, 06:35:03 AM »
Fox Jaw Necklace

Created by: Astrid Kragen
Owned by: Astrid Kragen

The jawbone of a fox inscribed with various runes and sigils with a few stones (fire agate, labradorite, and black obsidian) intricately wrapped with copper wire.  It is worn on a long piece of leather.

Astrid found the body of a black fox in the Redwood Forest of the Pacific Northwest.  While preparing for a ritual to honor the creature, the spirit of the fox came to her in a vision.  It revealed itself to be the mistreated familiar of a recently deceased local witch.  It communicated its appreciation for her respect and the desire to be of service to her, a kinder witch.  She took the body back with her where she preserved the tail, pelt, paws, and bones; saving them until she could decide what to do with them. 

After a run-in with a particularly nasty person during her travels, Astrid took part of the fox’s jaw to make this necklace.  It was completed over the course of a few days and charged under a full moon.

Properties and Limitations:
The necklace's intended purpose is to protect the wearer from hostile magic or intent.  Magic and psychic attack are deflected back to the caster, amplified with thrice the strength.  Repeated attacks will exhaust the charm and it will need to be cleansed by smoke and charged under moonlight. 

As a passive ability, the necklace gives an edge to evading someone (such as slipping into a crowd to lose someone).  The wearer is limited to the evasion skills of a slightly above-average fox, so an immortal will probably be able to follow without issue.

A blessing from the forest: The necklace has an unknown passive effect of amplifying magic associated with the element Earth.  It makes casting easier, requiring less energy and giving a boost to the spell itself.  It also enhances the wearer's connection to the element Earth, and grants the wearer with a green thumb (or makes it greener if there is already one).

Alignment:  The bones have their own sense of morals and will not serve evil.  If the wearer's intent contradicts the bones for an extended period of time, the fox spirit will move on leaving behind a simple necklace.

Enhance and Compete:
It has no magical resistance to being physically destroyed, but it will reflect magical attempts to harm it (including telekinetic attempts). 
Competes with curses. (more often than not they will be deflected, requires cleansing and recharging)
Blessings can be added to enhance its power.  (cleansing can remove the effects if cast by a weaker individual)
Destroyed by Dragon magic/fire.
Destroyed by hellfire.
Competes with Demonic magic/weapons. (will require cleansing if the interaction is survived)
Neutral to Angelic magic/weapons.
Neutral to Fallen magic/weapons.
Competes with Dark Angel magic/weapons (will put up a fight but will most likely be destroyed).
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