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Black Moon Blade
« on: April 27, 2019, 09:15:29 AM »
Black Moon Blade

Created by: Astrid Kragen
Owned by: Astrid Kragen

Onyx Obsidian Hunting Knife

Forged by her hands, cooled in a moon water “tea” made with mugwort, garlic skins, sage, rosemary, and witch hazel.  This was the first blade she made herself under the supervision of her village blacksmith back home.  The steel has a black patina that was achieved by soaking in a vinegar and black tea solution.  The handle has a twisted grip that perfectly fits the curves of Astrid’s hand.  Set into the hilt just below where it meets the blade are alternating onyx and obsidian stones.

Everlasting sharpness.
Can open doors (literally or metaphorically), pierce the veil, cut through magical barriers.
Create barriers/circles when thrust into or dragged across the ground.
Cuts the ties of spells (such as between a curse and its target), severs bonds and bindings.
Sends spirits to rest.
The strength waxes and wanes with the moon cycle, strongest at the full moon and weakest at the new moon. 
It must be cleansed with sage smoke and rubbed with a moon-charged honing oil after cutting spellwork or sending spirits to rest.

Alignment:  Very attuned to Astrid's energy and will.  If it is taken from her by force with ill intent, the blade will scald who holds it in protest (she doesn’t know this will happen).  Given enough time with a new owner, it will slowly adjust, but it will never behave the same and may take on different properties.

Enhance and Compete:
Destroyed by Dragon magic/fire.
Destroyed by hellfire.
Competes with demonic weapons/magic.  (will require cleansing if the interaction is survived)
Immune to curses. (requires cleansing, repeated curses can taint the blade requiring complex reversing spells and resharpening in addition to cleansing)
Accepts blessings. (can be removed with cleansing if cast by a weaker individual)
Neutral to Angelic weapons/magic.
Neutral to Fallen weapons/magic.
Competes with Dark Angel weapons/magic.  (requires cleansing if the interaction is survived)

History of Use
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