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« on: April 29, 2019, 12:01:34 PM »
West District Laws
District Leader Chtahzus'aak

Live as you wish.  If your actions do excessive harm or compromise the safety of the West District community at large, you will be found and immediately escorted to the Block to await trial and punishment when applicable. 


  • Be discrete.  Revealing your supernatural nature can have a myriad of consequences that you will be expected to contain.  If you are unable to do so, report the incident immediately.
  • No needless killings.  Accidents are expected to be reported so that they may be appropriately dealt with.  In light of recent events, any malicious hunting or harassing of fae will not be tolerated.
  • You are permitted to consensually reproduce within reason.  Excessive numbers will be considered a threat.  You are held responsible for the actions of your creation.
  • Any werewolves are to report to the Block for securing during a change. 

Shadow demons and their extensions lurk unseen throughout the district.  These are Chtahzus’aak’s main eyes and ears, and enforcers when needed.  They keep watch on all the streets leading into the West, in addition to more thorough patrols throughout the district.  Other demons are on standby should muscle of a different variety be necessary. 

The Ward is free to move about as they see fit.

Different groups of different species have been encouraged to assemble and elect a board of representatives.  Anyone is allowed to come to the Block to present their issues that they wish to have brought before the board.  Wait time to be seen varies.  District meetings take place bi-weekly as needed at the Zingari Theatre to discuss conflicts and issues in a productive manner.  Meetings are generally open to the public unless conflicts are personal in nature or threaten the security of the district's operations.  Audience members will be allowed to comment and ask questions for a half hour after the meeting.  Issues go to vote among the elected board as needed.  If issues are significant, Zeus will have the final say.
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