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Vexatious Jones
« on: April 30, 2019, 11:24:24 PM »
Name: Vexatious Rebel Jones

Generally addressed as: Vex

Apparent age: Early 20s

Date of birth: 12th of July

Starsign: Cancer

Actual age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Hair: Dark brown and thick. He keeps it short (faded) on the back and sides with longer strands on the top. He has a left part and generally sweeps the majority of his hair to the right (low pompadour), keeping it under control with product. If it's left unsettled, it is just long enough to flop down into his right eye.

Eyes: Dark brown, thin and smiling with dark, thick eyelashes and slightly curved, bushy eyebrows.
Nose: Narrow bridge, broad nostrils.
Lips: Voluptuous and full, Vex's lips are a deep, bright pink and often shiny because he licks them a lot.

Height: 183cm (6ft)
Weight: 121kg (267lbs)

Frame: Vexatious is a large lad, carrying quite a bit of extra weight that never did disappear when he hit puberty, as his mother told him it would. He's not excessively tall, which makes him look even heavier. Still, he's very strong, with shapely arms, chest, shoulders and legs (he carries most of his weight in his tummy).

Complexion: His skin is extremely fair. Although his dark colouring makes him look extra pale, it's mainly because he doesn't go outdoors much.
Voice: Masculine but on the upper register of it.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: None, though he's contemplating getting a tattoo.
Usually seen wearing: Casual but stylish clothing that helps hide his weight; jeans and generous button up shirts over T-shirts, hoodies or shirts with quirky pop culture references, cheeky messages and in-jokes on them. He'll often have three layers going on on his upper body; T-shirt, hoodie zipped halfway and a denim or suit jacket or long steampunk-style coat over the hoodie. Often wears leather straps, chunky watches, friendship bracelets and leather ties around his wrists. Always wears black-rimmed glasses for distance and reading. Often has a variety of chunky or spinner rings on a few of his fingers.
Usually seen holding: A roleplaying book, a TV remote or his phone.
Body Language
Common stance 1: Sprawled on a couch watching TV.

Common stance 2: Hunched over at his computer, reading, or surrounded by a fan of rpg books, creating campaigns.
Common stance 3: In an innocuous space as far away from people as possible (if he's in a group setting) - often near the exit - hands fretting nervously at various parts of his clothing or on his hips.

Visual habits: Licks his lips, adjusts his glasses higher on his nose (wrinkles it as he pushes them up), is quiet and rarely says much. Fiddles with things - rolls dice, flicks keys, twists wrist bands and spinner rings, taps pens.
Occupation: Lovebite Sweet

Residence: Room 402, The Luminary
Personality: Vex is a sweet, shy nerd who is difficult to draw into conversation unless it's on one of his favourite nerdy topics - roleplaying, video games, cosplaying or TV shows. Or sex and vampires  ;)
History: Vexatious is a native of the city. He was born to parents in the know about the supernatural population: Larry and Elizabeth (Bitsy) Jones are devotees and dedicated donors to the Anarch clan. They have an open relationship and enjoy regular donations and hookups with any and all genders of Anarchs. They're White Rabbit devotees. They've always nurtured a strong philosophy of anarchy and rebellion in their home, so Vexatious and his siblings were raised to be wild.

Much to their parents' dismay, all three Jones children are anything but wild, despite their names. Vexatious is the eldest, with seventeen year old brother Radical (Rad) and fourteen year old sister Melodrama (Melly) following after him. All have their own quirks but all retreated from the hedonistic, chaotic lifestyle their parents encouraged them to indulge in (in their own ways).

Vexatious only just recently finished high school and, with no real money in his family, was facing a lifetime of scraping by on minimum wage jobs instead of studying, until his friend, Yash, had a guy named Kerr Galvin call him and offer him a job donating his blood. Although he's never done it before, the moment he brought the offer up with his parents they were so overjoyed and proud of him he knew he couldn't turn it down. They practically packed his gear for him and moved him into his swanky apartment in The Luminary like proud mainstream parents dropping their kid off at college.

Vex is just excited he gets to live right next door to his best friend, spend all his time doing what he wants and is faced with the prospect of maybe hooking up with someone sometime before he's thirty.

Interesting Facts: Vex was a virgin when he moved into The Luminary - mainly because the opportunity for sex had never come near him - but the second vampire to feed from him (Martin - NPC) took his virginity, much to Vex's eternal delight. He's into girls and boys (though he hasn't told anyone about the boys and hasn't had a girl yet). His best friend, Yash, is the reason he's living in The Luminary, volunteering to donate his blood to complete strangers.

Hobby/Hobbies: Playing D&D, video games, steampunk cosplaying, reading, watching movies and bingeing cultural phenomenon television.
Likes: All his hobbies, Yash, feeding vampires and sex.

Dislikes: Aggressive people, being singled out, being teased about his weight/fatshamed, bigotry.
Strength: He is accepting of others, kind, compassionate and intelligent.
Weakness/Flaw: He's bone lazy, unambitious and too accepting of others.
Anything Else To Add: He has an elaborate wardrobe of steampunk clothes and accessories.
Roleplays featuring Vex First Residents (Vex and Yash move into The Luminary and Kerr drinks from them to ascertain their Sweet classification) Coming To Terms (Charon drinks from Vex)