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Yash Kumar
« on: April 30, 2019, 11:42:16 PM »
Name: Yash Balamurugan Kumar

Generally addressed as: Yash (means 'fame')

Apparent age: 20s

Date of birth: 31st of July

Starsign: Leo

Actual age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Hair: Naturally black, he wears his hair shaved on the back and sides with a long, thick swoop atop his head. He generally has product in it to keep the wave - from the cow's lick and part on the left side of his head across to the right - tidy. He also gets reddish-gold highlights atop his head, lightening its appearance overall

Eyes: Dark brown and deep set, his eyes have a permanent dark shadow around them. His eyelashes are long, thick and curly and his eyebrows are also thick and bushy - he keeps them manicured so they don't join up across his forehead
Nose: Yash's nose is rather large and somewhat hooked. It dominates his face and he's paranoid about it
Lips: Relatively thin but shapely, Yash's lips are coloured a bright pink, which stands out with his complexion

Height: 175cm (5ft 9in)
Weight: 85kg (187lbs)

Frame: Thin but not toned

Complexion: Due to his Indian heritage, Yash's complexion is a light brown. He has quite oily skin and is still prone to breakouts every now and then
Voice: He has a very deep, masculine voice
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: None
Usually seen wearing: stylish clothes indicative of his heritage - shirts with Nehru collars, loose-flowing shirts and pants, shiny or heavily embroidered vests over long-sleeved shirts and dress trousers. He wears two silver bangles on his left wrist and often has rings and necklaces on
Usually seen holding: His phone, a role-play book or a game controller
Body Language

Common stance 1: Standing with his head tilted slightly back, looking down his nose arrogantly, his hands hooked in his pockets (subconsciously framing his junk)

Common stance 2: Bouncing around, fidgeting, thinking he looks cool
Common stance 3: Sitting back, arm extended along the back of the couch, one ankle resting atop the opposite knee and smirking knowingly

Visual habits: He clicks his fingers and smacks his hands together to make constant, annoying (to everyone else) noise. He has a way of smirking and looking smugly at everyone, enhanced by his sizeable nose and arrogant head-leans
Occupation: Lovebite Sweet
Personality: Ash is arrogant, domineering and obnoxious. He acts as though he knows everything about everything but he's rarely well-informed on anything outside of various gaming rules. He bosses Vex around, taking advantage of his compliant nature and using him to make himself feel better about himself. He's ambitious but has no definite direction in which he wishes to focus his energies; he holds the firm belief he'll be a millionaire by the time he's thirty, he just hasn't stumbled on how... yet
History: Yash was born and has been raised in the city by two traditional parents (they're also professionals, one's a doctor, the other a teacher). He is a typical middle child of five (Sharia, Hemant, Yash, Rashita, Vijay); forgotten in the crowd and sporting a chip on his shoulder because of it. He is the most rebellious out of all the Kumar children, fighting incessantly with his parents over his grades at school. He was only motivated enough to pass rather than excel, which didn't fit with his parents' ethos at all.

His older sister, Sharia, is the one responsible for telling him and Vex about the job opening at The Luminary - she used to secretly be an Oligarchy donor and when she was called about being a Sweet, deflected the caller onto Yash. She's studying to be a doctor now but figured her little brother needed to do something constructive with his time once he finished high school - while he decides what to do with the rest of his life. She and Yash are the only ones in the family that know about the supernaturals in the city.

Yash's parents think he's a live-in gamer, beta testing new video games and being paid a pittance but given accommodation. They wrongly blame Yash's association with Vex for this uninspiring occupation. They're not happy but they can't argue too hard, since he is gainfully employed, for the time being.

Interesting Facts: He's left handed and can solve a Rubik's Cube in thirty seconds - he likes to boast 'it's an Asian thing'. He's hoping the Lovebite job will hook him up with lots of hot vampire 'babes'

Hobby/Hobbies: Playing D&D, video games, steampunk cosplaying, reading, watching movies and bingeing cultural phenomenon television
Likes: All his hobbies, being the best and winning, Vex

Dislikes: Losing, having anyone reference his nose, apologising, having no money, his large family
Strength: He's resolved and opinionated, he'll never let anyone walk over him nor back away from a confrontation. He defends everything he's passionate about (especially Vex, because only he is allowed to pick on his chubby friend)
Weakness/Flaw: His arrogance is frequently blinding, he'll argue until he's blue in the face - even when he has no idea what he's talking about - and is a nasty loser in any situation. He's a lot of bluff and bluster to hide his lack of self esteem (which is, secretly, why he keeps Vex close by, to feel better about himself)
Anything Else To Add: He's into girls and has told Vex he's had sex with multiple women but he's only actually done it once, with a distant cousin of his at a family wedding when he was fifteen. This bumbling, inadvertent experience still qualifies him as the expert on sex in his friendship duo
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