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Harmon Bennett
« on: May 02, 2019, 07:39:30 PM »
Name: Harmon Neil Bennett

Generally addressed as: Harm

Date of birth: 26th of January

Starsign: Aquarius

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Permissions Given in reasonable Roleplay:
(Yes = you don't have to ask before acting in RP, No = you ask first)
Wounding/Cursing: Yes
Killing: No

Awareness of supernaturals: Aware that vampires and werewolves exist. The city played a tough game but, once Harm started working in the poorer part of town, the jig was up. He'd had some suspicions even back in high school when some of the goth kids made comments just hinky enough to be genuine and again, in college, there were certain cliques that seemed to be living on an edge he couldn't properly explain. Then there was the unnaturally high rate of exsanguinated bodies with bite marks or deep gashes that could only be caused by a huge, rabid animal that turned up in the hospital's morgue. Finally, one night, a hysterical fledgeling vampire had brought in an almost-drained victim - his lover - on the verge of death and been so beside himself with panic that he'd confirmed Harm's theories without any prompting. He'd outed werewolves at the same time. Harm was terrified for a while but eventually realised it was no more dangerous than all the other ways the meth-heads and criminals could kill him in this city so he got on with his life.

Hair: Sandy blond and fabulous. His hair is a point of pride for him. He keeps the sides trimmed but it's long, thick and lustrous on top, styled meticulously every day with wax and other such products into a high, stylish messy look - like he just rolled out of bed (except it's far too perfect for that to be possible). If he plays with it, there's a chance it will fall into his eyes because it's long enough to reach, when it's not styled. He'll never willingly leave the house without styling his hair and he stands in front of the mirror for ages.

Eyes: The colour of clear ocean water, Harm's eyes are pale blue-green with a dark ring around the iris, giving his eyes the appearance of being even paler. He has long black lashes surrounding them that offset them even further (he's frequently asked if he's wearing mascara but his lashes are naturally that dark).
Nose: Straight and regal, narrow and shapely.
Lips: Has a thin upper lip that is barely there in a smile but has a beautiful cupid's bow shape nevertheless. Full, pink and pouty lower lip set above a broad chin and square jaw.

Height: 178cm (5ft 10in)
Weight: 76kg (168lbs)

Frame: Harm is wiry and toned, every muscle in his svelte body is evident beneath his taut skin. He's not malnourished - he eats frequently and heartily - but he has an insanely fast metabolism and finds it difficult to put weight on. He's been accused of being too skinny, equating the accusation with being called weak, which he isn't. He has long, sinewy limbs with veins lacing his forearms and sculpted legs a runway model would envy. He's most proud of his muscular thighs and pert ass, most embarrassed by the fact you can see every bone in his torso if he takes a deep breath.

Complexion: Very fair and quite pale. He gets sun when he can but must lather himself in sunscreen lest he burn. His face gains colour (whether through embarrassment, exertion or merely the temperature) easily and he tends to blush very obviously in his neck and ears. In the heat of passion, his chest area will also flush a healthy rouge. He bruises easily and is always sporting marks he can't identify the origin of.
Voice: A masculine baritone. He has a good singing voice and can carry a tune though sings more towards the tenor range.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Has a pierced left ear (in which he generally wears a silver earring with a simple oval rim surrounding a paua shell from New Zealand - it matches his eyes) and a scar in his right eyebrow where a barbelll piercing grew out.
Usually seen wearing: Scrubs - powder blue at the free clinic in the Brazilian Quarter, teal or dark blue at the hospital. Outside of work, he's a casual dresser most of the time, jeans and hoodies. When he goes out, he likes to dress up in a nice suit or a vest and bow tie. His most understated outfit would be jeans, a polo and a dinner jacket to dress it up.
Usually seen holding: Medical equipment.
Body Language

Common stance 1: Tucked into the corner of a couch or even just leaning against a wall, arms and legs folded and eyes closed because he's been on shift and is frequently worn out, so he'll sneak unobtrusive naps any time and place he can.

Common stance 2: Arms folded, hands gripping his biceps and watching alertly.
Common stance 3: Sitting (he's on his feet a lot so gets off them whenever he can) and leaning his head on his hand (eyes often closed).

Visual habits: He's used to touching people in his work so he's quite tactile in his everyday life - never hesitates to assist people, delivers errant touches during conversations, lightly slaps and nudges people when he's joking with them. Smiles and laughs as often as he can. He's either going full-tilt or dead still, there's not much in between. Alternates eyes when he's really tired, to prolong his participation in activities that interest him. Interlocks his fingers and either rests them on his stomach or wraps them around a knee when he's sitting.
Occupation: Registered Nurse in one of the city's hospitals. Also volunteers his time in the free clinic in the Brazilian Quarter
Personality: Caring, compassionate, optimistic. Friendly and forgiving of most peoples' foibles, generous with his time and an attentive listener. Tends to devote himself to people that don't appreciate - or will take advantage of - his generous nature, will avoid confrontation on his own behalf (but will passionately advocate for those unable to do do so for themselves). Sentimental, romantic and a believer in everything happening for a reason. Staunchly anti-religion, though open to agnosticism and has faith that putting positive energy out into the universe generally rewards you, not punishes you. Critical of abuse, racism and discrimination in any form, intolerant of hate and blatant stupidity. Resigned and somewhat broken when it comes to the ills of society and the struggles he sees less fortunate people enduring on a daily basis (occasionally - like when he's treating a sexually abused child while the adult that brought it in suffers a drug overdose in the waiting room - despairs over the ills of society and struggles with maintaining his optimism).
History: Harmon was born to loving parents, the middle boy of three. He arrived two years after his brother, Quentin and it was just them for many years, until a surprising extra addition came in the form of baby Joseph when Harm was twelve. Harm had a great deal to do with raising his little brother; his parents joked about what a good 'father' he was. From the time Joe could crawl, Harm was there to protect him, buffering him from the world, and that role has only become more important now that Joe's negotiating the confusing waters of teenage-dom.

Harm knew he was gay from a young age and so did his parents. When he finally worked up the courage to come out to them at a family dinner one night when he was sixteen, he got a very underwhelming response of, "Yes, we know, could you pass the salt?" His resulting expression made everyone laugh. He didn't have a very adventurous high school experience but he wasn't unpopular, either. The best he did were a couple of dates with guys from other schools, ending with some hot and heavy making out and mutual head jobs.

When he went to college, Harm was still relatively wide-eyed and innocent. He happened upon the gay scene when a hot blond named Trevor lured him in and his education quickly escalated. He also met Luke Kingston. In the first six months, everyone was busy finding their groove but then people started pairing up and settling in to their studies in earnest. Unfortunately, Harm developed a crush on Luke that only deepened into love and despair as Luke started a relationship with Trevor.

As time went on, Luke's relationship with Trevor fell apart (but never properly ended), with Trevor becoming more and more distant and Luke more despairing. Harm was there to pick up the pieces whenever he was needed, pining desperately over Luke, but it went unnoticed. One day in their third year, Trevor and Luke disappeared from college altogether. The rumour-mill said they'd been hit by a drunk driver and Trevor was killed, Luke injured and returning to his family to be cared for.

Harm was destitute and it took him months to recover from the loss of his first love. He withdrew into himself, leaving every 'scene' behind and concentrating on finishing his studies. He graduated as a Registered Nurse when he was twenty-two and began working for one of the hospitals in the city. He found an apartment in the Mei Jia Apartments and mostly kept to himself. When he found himself with too much time on his hands, he either filled it by visiting his little brother (and his parents, of course) or volunteering at a free clinic in the Brazilian Quarter. Romantically, he had a few short-lived relationships but has never given his heart away again, he's content to live a predominantly solitary existence.

Romantic/Sexual History:
  • 18 - 22 years - Lost his virginity at 18, six other hookups while being in love with Luke at 19, losing him at 21 and mourning him at 22
  • 23 years - fifteen hookups with medical colleagues or guys he met in various social ways
  • 24 years - three month-long relationships (Brett, Jude, Steven) and seven hookups
  • 25 years - two hookups and a four month-long relationship with a guy named Adam. He was lovely at first but became increasingly possessive, jealous and suspicious. Harm ended the relationship when Adam beat him up in a fit of jealous rage (Harm got a black eye, cut lip and dislocated shoulder). When Adam returned to collect the things he'd left at Harm's apartment a month later, Harm had a wardsman friend named Baz at the apartment for protection but Adam managed to corner Harm in the bedroom, gag and attempt to rape him. Baz interceded when he came out of the bathroom and threw Adam out. Harm didn't report it because nothing actually 'happened' beyond him being restrained and his clothes ripped but he was traumatised for quite some time and remained single and celibate for over a year, until he met Luke again.
  • 26 years - (current) two hookups - Luke and Ben - and a Trick

Family Information: Father - Gary, a vice principal at an elementary school, Mother - Fiona, a teacher's aide at the same elementary school, Brother - Quentin (28yo) - sport teacher at a high school, engaged to his girlfriend, Cassie, a hairdresser, Brother - Joe (14yo) - a sporty, mildly academic, blond, curly-headed high schooler at the school where his brother teaches.

Interesting Facts: He rides a bicycle around the city for transport and has been knocked off it twenty-three times but has never sustained a serious injury. He got his driving licence at sixteen but hasn't driven a car since and would be very nervous about going on the roads in the city behind a wheel.

Hobby/Hobbies: Volunteering at the clinic. Playing chess in Pisky Memorial Park with random strangers. Hanging out with his little brother. Sleeping.
Likes: Helping people, eating, spending time with his family, stargazing, rainy days spent in warm beds with nowhere special to be.

Dislikes: Disrespectful and condescending doctors, obnoxious patients, the elitist healthcare system, cars, pollution, loud noises and hectic situations.
Strength: He's compassionate, selfless, kind and considerate. Has lots of energy, is always on the go.
Weakness/Flaw: His generous nature can be taken advantage of and he can be gullible at times. He works himself to the point of exhaustion because there's no-one to take care of him.
Anything Else To Add: His favourite animal is a panda. He thinks those guys have their lives all worked out. Also, he runs hot, meaning that his body temperature is commonly above most peoples' and that he works up a sweat pretty quickly. If you dropped in on him at his place unexpectedly, it would be rare to find him in clothes (underwear is an unlikely possibility).
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